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Two Years - Chapter 12

Subaru let out a heavy sigh as he began to change out of his pajamas. It had been a long weekend. Misora had constantly been trying to get in touch with him, but after the situation on Friday, Subaru felt he still had to think things out. It wasn't only the kiss that caught him off guard, but what she said.

'So it is her, isn't it?'

That simple phrase echoed through his mind, not leaving for a second. He hadn't even seen Luna, who usually would've said something, but, she had been distant from him for most of the week. Two of his best friends, gone within just a week. "Is this why they constantly argue?" Subaru said aloud, as he zipped up his red jacket and put on the pendant beside his bed. War Rock just stayed silent, as much as he wanted to say something, he figured it'd be best to let Subaru figure this out on his own and then he could bother the boy for taking so long.

Sure, he'd admit, he had some feeling that Luna liked him. Just various things that seemed she would. Misora surprised him, though, there were one or two things that hinted as well. He just kind of shrugged them off, after all, they were girls, he couldn't just assume something as it would most likely end up being wrong then and Subaru would end up making himself out to be a fool.

Grabbing his backpack, he headed toward the kitchen to have breakfast with his mom like every morning. Akane saw the stressed and confused look on his face and tapped the end of her fork against her chin, wondering what had been up with him. She had noticed Subaru had been quiet the last few days, but didn't think to ask. However, it had gone on too long for her to not worry, so she figured it was the time to ask.

"Subaru-kun?" Akane asked softly, trying to snap her son out of his thoughts as he took a seat across from her.

"What?" Subaru said softly, taking a few pancakes from the plate in the middle.

"Are you doing okay?"

"Fine." It was a quick response, but it wasn't really a lie. He did feel fine, physically, he was just emotionally confused right now.

"You know, you haven't been out with your friends recently. I'm sure they miss you."

"I just need some time to think."

Akane sighed. Subaru was still as stubborn as ever when it came to his own problems, but she knew he'd find a conclusion eventually and figure out what to do. The rest of breakfast was silent, which was rare in the Hoshikawa household. There was usually laughter and quite a bit of talking, but today was different. Subaru put his dish in the sink as he finished and sat down on the couch, waiting for Luna to arrive like every morning. She should be there in one minute, after all. Subaru felt he needed to talk to her, from what happened Monday, to what Misora mentioned, to just abandoning her on Friday... He figured that would help solve it all, especially his feelings.

But one minute passed, and there was no sign of her. Luna wasn't one to be late. 'Maybe she is still avoiding me?' Subaru thought to himself, as he continued to wait. Five more minutes passed, and still no sign of the girl. He tried giving her transer a call, but no answer, so he quickly dialed Gonta's and Kizamaro's numbers.

"Hey Subaru!" The two quickly said in unison.

"Did Inchou get either of you?"

"Nope. We were just heading to school by ourselves." Kizamaro explained.

"Yeah, she said if she is ever more than five minutes late, she usually has class president stuff to finish." Gonta added.

"R-really?" Subaru asked, a bit relieved that Luna should be fine, but also confused as why he never knew this.

"She probably never told you, as it was before she kept trying to get you." Kizamaro continued.

Subaru had a sigh of relief. That explained it.

"So, we'll see you at school!" Gonta said as the two boys hung up.

Looks like he had no choice. He was walking to school by himself today, which was a first in a long time. But at least this also explained why she hadn't answered her transer. Subaru figured he would just talk to her at school.

It didn't take much longer for him to get there, after all, the school wasn't that far away. Heading to his classroom and taking a seat at his desk, he noticed most of the class had already arrived, minus the teacher, but Luna still wasn't there. Her desk empty and completely untouched. Subaru had to admit he was a bit worried, but just shook his head, assuring himself that she was just talking to the teacher.

More students strolled in and still no sight of her. Time seemed to move at a snail pace for Subaru. He didn't understand why he almost felt sick to his stomach out of worry or why he had to talk to her so badly, but he did. Sadly, it seemed his worst fears would be visited as the teacher came in alone.

He looked down the rows, checking each seat and eventually came to Luna's. "It looks like the class president is absent today." He whispered. However, that quickly headed around the room, with various gasps and confusion. What could have happened that would ever make Luna stay home from school? She had come even when she had the flu, Luna would never stay home, no matter what.

"Well, would anybody like to take the assignments for today to her and fill her in for today's cla--" The teacher didn't even get to finish as Subaru rose his hand. "Alright then, Hoshikawa-kun." The teacher quickly wrote down a memo and then began the class.

Subaru turned toward Gonta and Kizamaro, who also seemed very confused. Even they could never think of a time Luna had ever missed a day of school. It was practically her life. Today was going to be a long day, no doubt about that.

Finally, the classroom day was over and Subaru quickly ran out of the classroom, heading toward Luna's house as quick as his feet could carry. Ringing the doorbell, he waited, but nobody came. The pattern repeated a few more times, before he figured there was only one thing to do. He quickly ran behind a car, not wanting to be seen by anyone.

"Denpa-Henkan, Hoshikawa Subaru, on air!"

"What are you doing?" War Rock asked, as the green light engulfed the two before revealing Rockman.

"I'm going to head through the door and unlock it. I can't bring the backpack with me, after all."

"Actually, you could. It's not that big." War Rock explained as Subaru nodded. "Still, don't say I'm the one who's being bad anymore. You're the one breaking into a girl's house."

"Shhh..." Subaru said softly. "Do you want everybody to know that?"

"Whatever. I'm just stating the facts."

Subaru just sighed as he headed into Luna's house and down the hall, leading to her bedroom door. Knocking, he heard a strained reply back.

"I told you to take the day off! Just leave me alone, please!" Luna yelled, or at least tried. Her voice had been slowly leaving.

"I guess she really is sick..." Subaru thought softly, heading through the door. He knew it wasn't right, but he wanted to check on her. Changing back to normal, he quickly became shocked as he looked around. The room was trashed. There were clothes everywhere, pictures broken on the floor, plush dolls with parts of them ripped. Her computer was ready to delete almost 2,000 photos, but when he took a closer look, the photos were not just general, they were of him. Whether Subaru being himself or him of Rockman, it was all him. Rockman plush dolls, folders full of pictures, everything. And there, laying on her bed shaking, was Luna.

Her hair was a mess, half done, half not. She was laying in her nightgown, an empty bowl of cereal by her bed. This might have been a normal pre-teen's room, but for Luna, this was beyond abnormal. Subaru had to admit he was a bit nervous, he had to have done something to her to make her practically kill everything "Rockman". Walking toward her, he quickly froze as he stepped on one of the picture frames.

Luna's eyes shot open as she sat up. Turning her face toward the doorway to see who was there, Subaru's eyes widened. Her eyes were completely bloodshot and puffy. Not only had Luna not been getting much sleep, but she had been crying, possibly non-stop.

"What are you doing here?!" Luna yelled. Loud enough that you wouldn't even realize she had been crying. "Actually, HOW did you get in here?!"

"Well..erm...actually...." Subaru started, the nervous feeling has risen quickly. He just pointed to his transer.

"Oh, so you really do break into a girl's house to watch them change, don't you?" Luna snapped. "You dirty pervert."

"H-hey, that's not true! I was only bringing you your assignments because you missed school..." Subaru said softly, showing her his backpack.

"Then drop it and leave." Luna said coldly, turning back away from him.

"They're my books, you know. I figured we could do the work together an--"

"Well, you figured wrong. I want nothing to do with you, Hoshikawa-kun."

Subaru turned to leave, but stopped, as he heard crying. He turned back toward her, as he watched her pull her knees close to her. Subaru quickly headed toward her, placing his backpack to the ground and taking a seat on the bed.

"I thought I told you to leave!" Luna exclaimed, as she turned to see him sitting there, as if it wasn't a big deal. Subaru examined her face, now being closer to it. It was beyond tear-stained and Subaru had never seen her like this. He thought her being stressed that one day was as bad as it could get, but this had proven him wrong.

"Get out!" She exclaimed once more, as he didn't move, trying to push him off the bed. Normally, it wouldn't be hard for her, but she had barely eaten and was at her weakest after mostly just staying in her bed, crying her eyes out.

Subaru just looked at her, not saying a word, before laying back on her bed.

"This isn't somewhere for you to sleep! You're just an ignorant fool."

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what is with you." Subaru stated, kicking his shoes off. He had to admit, he wasn't exactly confident with what he was doing. He was just trying to think of the stupid things War Rock suggested, figuring she'd either kill him, tell him to get rid of him, or possibly both. He was hoping for the middle choice.

"If you want to relax, why not go on your girlfriend's bed?!"

Subaru quickly sat up. "Girlfriend?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I saw it all." Luna lectured. "Hibiki-san."

"What?! She's not my girlfriend!"

"Oh, sure, you two just make out and you don't ask her out? You expect me to believe that?!"

"What are you talking about?!"

"I saw you both. You two kissed, outside her house."

Subaru didn't answer. She had seen that? He watched as more tears feel from her eyes.

"So, don't act like you don't remember it."

"I didn't kiss her." Subaru said softly.

"What are you talking about?" Luna asked, her anger lessened. She could feel the change in his tone, almost like he felt miserable as well.

"She kissed me. Misora-chan told me she had something important to say and she kissed me."

"...So that's why you left?"

Subaru gulped. Why was he feeling so nervous all of a sudden? Everything seemed so quiet, like time had been frozen and they were alone in a whole different dimension. "Y-yeah... She said she had to tell me right away so..."

"But why didn't you do anything? Why did you just let her kiss you?" Luna asked.

"He was in shock." War Rock quickly stated. "Even I didn't know what to do and I wasn't even the one kissed. When he snapped out of the trance, he pushed her away."

"So...I just didn't see everything." Luna mumbled, feeling foolish, yet still hurt.

"Are you okay?" Subaru asked softly. Her crying out slowed down, but the girl still seemed shook up.

"I should be."

"What was the problem anyway?"

Luna paused. Looking at his big brown eyes. Her heart beating faster every second. "None of your business!" She quickly exclaimed. The defense had awoken. Subaru just sighed, but smiled slightly. It was good to see her be a bit like herself again. Despite that though, his heart seemed to have been beating faster. Subaru had no idea why he was so nervous and the nervous feeling just kept rising."

"Could you leave the room for a bit, please?" Luna asked softly.

"Hmm? Why?" Subaru asked.

"I need to do something and if you stay, I'd have to kill you." Luna stated.

The worst part was, Subaru couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. He just nodded slowly as he slipped his shoes back on and headed out the door. Luna smiled to herself, as she began to clean up and get some stuff out of the closet.

Subaru sighed as he leaned his ahead against the wall next to Luna's bedroom door. It had been nearly an hour now and he had resulted to sitting down next to it instead of standing. Finally, the door began to open. "You can come in now." Subaru heard and with that, he headed on through the door. The room had been completely cleaned. Photos re-fixed, her computer turned off. The cereal bowl gone. Plush dolls back on their shelves being held together just barely. Luna was sitting on her bed, all dressed, her hair back in perfect curls.

"I would've helped you clean." Subaru stated as he looked around, heading towards the blonde haired girl.

"I wanted to do it myself. I made the mess after all." Luna said softly. She motioned toward the books laid out upon the bed. "You wanted to do our assignments together?" "Y-yeah." Subaru stuttered. He never would understand how a girl's mood could change so fast. First she hated his guts and now she was starting to tolerate him again. Subaru took a seat beside her on the bed.

"Oh and..." Luna started looking toward him. "...your mom called."

"What?! What did she say?" Subaru asked.

"Something about you moping and that I should see if I could talk sense into you seeing how I did get you to school."

"Just barely!"

"I still did!"

"Did she actually say that?"

"I paraphrased."

"Well, I'm fine. I'm just going to go to Vista Point and think it out there."

"Then I'll go with you."


"Because, I was given an assignment and I have to take care of it."

"I'm an assignment now?"

"Pretty much."

Subaru let out a heavy sigh and started on his homework. Luna had already begun and seemed to have understood most of what they learned today, casually glancing at his notes. Subaru couldn't help, but notice that Luna still felt upset, her eyes still showing large amounts of pain.

"Are you sure you're okay now?" Subaru blurted out, causing Luna to pause and look at him.

"Why?" Luna asked simply, ignoring the question.

"You just still seem bothered, that's all."

"It's nothing."

Subaru let out another sigh and went back to his work, feeling that any other attempts would be just as useless.

The two finished their homework in a few hours. It wasn't so much hard as it was the large amount of work sheets and their random minutes of talking.

Subaru had packed up his books and put his backpack on, leaving to head to Vista Point, with Luna close behind. They arrived soon after, the night sky just revealing itself as the sun finished setting. The stars glistened over their heads and silence had surrounded them.


"What is it?"

"I thought you liked Hibiki-san." Luna said softly, causing Subaru to turn his head from the sky to the blonde haired girl's olive eyes.

"I do. But as a friend, like how you feel about Gonta-kun and Kizamaro-kun."

Luna's nervousness increased as she realized he didn't mention his name. Sensing it, Subaru quickly continued. "Seeing your room today, I'm not sure what our relationship is."

"I was just mad, that's all."

"Who would've thought you had a shrine to Rockman?" War Rock said.

"I-it's not a shrine! It's just a few custom things plus a few of my own projects." Luna stated. "I told you, I have very special feelings for my Rockman-sama which do not include you."

"Well, if he doesn't count, why did you trash all those Rockman things if Subaru is the one who hurt you?"

Luna froze. "Th-that's because I was upset with Rockman-sama for leaving me there and just running off and the two merged! That's all!"


"It's true!" Luna crossed her arms and turned her head back to the sky.

"War Rock. Be nice." Subaru quickly said as he turned his head back up.

"It's not my fault she's in deni--"

"I can hear you, you know! And I'm not in denial, I'm just explaining that I only have feelings for Rockman, not Subaru-kun."

"Subaru? You just said his name."

"Th-that's because you kept saying it and it threw me off!"

War Rock just grinned as Subaru sighed. War Rock always seemed to enjoy picking fights. However, Subaru's mind immediately changed as he noticed something in the sky. "Hmm?"

"A shooting star!" Luna exclaimed.

"Well, I guess you two should make a wish then. That's what humans do when they see one, right?"

Subaru nodded as both he and Luna closed their eyes. They opened a few minutes later, to see the star had now vanished from sight.

"Well, that was lame. Nothing even happened."

"You have to wait, War Rock." Subaru explained. He turned to Luna, noticing she seemed beyond nervous and was now staring at her feet. "Umm...Inchou?"

"Hoshikawa-kun...No, Subaru-kun." Luna started, looking at him right in the eye.

"W-What is it...?" Subaru asked. He couldn't help but feel a little scared, but at the same time, he felt relieved. His heart was beating fast, but he almost felt calm.

"I...umm....I..." Her eyes seemed to be pleading, almost wishing he could understand what she wanted to tell him. "I really..." Subaru just stared, trying to get the message. He had never seen her this nervous before and when it came to telling people something, it wasn't very hard for her, at least not usually.

"Do you remember that day, two years ago at school?"

"When I hid you in a classroom?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"What about it?"

"Do you remember what you said to me, right before you left?"

Subaru thought for a second. Did she really expect him to remember that? Sure, he had a good memory, but he didn't remember every single word he said to her. Not to mention that day he was in his own sense of panic, worrying for Luna's safety.

Luna just smiled softly, not surprised he'd have trouble thinking of the exact words. "It'll be alright. I'll protect you." Luna said, the same tone he had used that day. "That was the first time I had seen you in a new light. Not so much a bad egg, but somebody I actually wanted to know more about and be friends with."


"You reminded me of Rockman then. I even though you could be, before I actually found out, after all, you said the same thing when we were trapped in the classroom. It was after those instincts that I felt a feeling I hadn't normally felt. Even if you were a pervert for looking into my transer..."

"But I needed your address!"

"You still offered to stay with me that day and the feelings I felt for the first time that day remained."

"Well, we're friends now, aren't we? Unless you still hate me..."

"N-no, we are friends! Even if I'm still a bit mad..." Luna reassured him. She normally would've just said something cruel or had already gotten defensive about it, but she felt the last thing she should do is ruin the moment...if there even was a moment. "What I'm trying to say is..."

She paused once more. Why couldn't she find the words? Why was she so scared? And yet, Luna knew why. She didn't want to go back to everything before that, when they were barely friends. They were more like enemies. Luna shook her head, she had to tell him. She had gotten this far, hadn't she? "I...I..."

At that moment, Subaru's mind lit up and he finally had an idea what she was trying to say. Adding together everything, from the events two years ago to now, he was finally understanding it all.

Luna took a deep breath and finally blurted it out. "I love you, Subaru-kun." She paused, her face red. "Or, if that's two strong, then I really really like you...or if that's too much then--" But she was cut off, as she felt a pair of lips push onto hers. Closing her eyes, Luna kissed him back, enjoying the feeling she had dreamed about for years. The two separated and turned away, both blushing madly.

"So...Luna-chan...You'll be at school tomorrow, right?"

"Y-yeah...So I'll see you then, right?" She then paused. "Wait, I never said you could call me by my first name!"


"I'm kidding." Luna said softly, a smirk on her face.

"Who would've thought you could kid." War Rock commented.

"Nobody asked you!"

War Rock just sighed, deciding not to kill Subaru's moment completely.

"So, I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow, then?" Subaru quickly said, hoping War Rock wouldn't start anything anymore.

"Yes...Good night, Subaru-kun."

"Night, Luna-chan."

Luna began to leave, but stopped right before the stairs. She quickly ran back toward Subaru and gave him a tight hug. "Thank you for everything, Subaru-kun." She whispered softly as Subaru hugged her back.

Even if they hadn't asked verbally, their actions said it all, as they walked away from Vista Point, hand in hand.

Up above on the Wave Roads, Misora sat, letting her legs hang off.

"Are you sure you're okay seeing this, Misora-chan?" Harp asked, noticing the girl still seemed angry.

"Just because I lost doesn't mean there is any reason to stop trying, is there, Harp? You always say not to give up."

"But Subaru is your friend. Maybe sometimes giving up is good."

"Maybe. But for now, I'll wait and see." And with that, she headed off, to see where her determination could take her.

End of Chapter 12 and Two Years

And yes, that's the end. I couldn't just leave off without adding some of Misora's thoughts. For those confused, she was more or less saying she still wanted to try and win Subaru, but at the same time she was happy he's happy because Subaru IS her friend, so she isn't necessarily going to do anything. She had things in her head, but for now, she's just going to go clear her mind.

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