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Every so often, the Moon (Luna) crosses the Pleiades (Subaru) in the sky! - This fact contributed by tricky77puzzle

An interesting fact, no? For those confused, Luna means Moon and Subaru, in Japanese at least, directly refers to the cluster of stars called the Pleiades. This actually reminds me of how they kept crossing paths coincidentally in the anime and how Luna kept trying to follow the boy around in the game. They would constantly cross and butt heads, resulting in some fights, but becoming friends too. But with the game based so much on radio waves and having many references with Space, maybe this isn't just a coincidence? After all, it seems Luna and Subaru really do align~ Even on Luna's kimono XD

One odd thing I noticed is that both Luna's and Subaru's hair is somewhat space-related. Subaru's hair, when combined with his head, can actually form a comet/shooting star, which is kind of amusing. Luna's hair looks like a set of rocket boosters XD But can also resemble rabbit ears similar to the "Bunny of the Moon" look. Most of the other characters don't seem to have this space-related look, so it's interesting. Even their names are very closely space based, as mentioned in the Proof section.

You have to think about it. Luna has unlocked Subaru's full power in the games and is even the one who ends up leading Subaru to start referring to himself as "Ryuusei no Rockman" when she says he's like a shooting star. With so much she has contributed to him, could it really just end up being a "friend" thing?

The issue is, most people consider that means she is ashamed of her feelings, but that's not true. If you liked a friend of yours, would you really want him to just know right away after you fangirled his "alter ego"? It'd make things pretty awkward and for a girl at that age (or even at any age), telling a boy how you feel, especially a friend, is hard--not only is there the fear of rejection, but when friends as well, it could screw up the friendship.

Plus, having two parents who were barely around for her for the first 10 years of her life, even though she loves them, she has that still scared feeling of being all alone, so she's not ready just yet to let him know and it's really understandable. And with friends like Gonta and Kizamaro, I wouldn't feel too comfortable telling them I liked one of our other friends--especially when that insecure overall.


Here's something to think about! Misora, of course, took the first shot at Subaru during the time Luna didn't know of Rockman's identity. So Luna does have to play catchup.

HOWEVER! Misora has a known habit of dropping out, such as when she quit being a music star in RnR 1. And as we all know, Luna's persistent as hell. Thus, it's only a matter of time before Misora gives up on Subaru and Luna wins by default! Her persistence will eventually reach Subaru, once he starts noticing girls more as a romantic interest and starts opening up, and by then, Misora's out of the race! Thus, there can only be one option! XD

Another reason Subaru should avoid Misora like the plauge: She has a known history of going on homicidal rampages. Subaru had to beat some sense into her in the first game, but the potential to snap remains. For his own safety, he should be with Luna. After all, Luna only wanted to show her parents the pain she was feeling! That's nothing compared to Misora's attempted genocide of her fans!

Each time those two go on a date, something bad happens and Subaru has to save the day (Ophiuchus event, OOPArt event). It seems like even GOD is against the two going out... I mean, seriously! Something bad has happened EVERY TIME!

Loverly Light

I was just thinking about the first season of the Ryuusei anime, and, from what I can remember, even though Misora (annoyingly enough) is more popular as a character, there are more episodes focused mainly on either Luna or LunaXSubaru/Rockman. As far as I can remember, there are only two episodes focused mainly on Misora (one of them mostly MisoraXCancer), while there are... three focused just on LunaXSubaru, and four focused on LunaXSubaruXMisora, and you could also count episodes 4, 8, and 9 a lot about LunaXSubaru also. AND, there are no episodes focused mostly on MisoraXSubaru. (Yay for THAT!)

Just to let you know, this is based off of the first season of the anime and the few episodes of Tribe I have seen. All but two of the Tribe episodes I saw had not been subbed yet. I am going to break this in three sections for why I like LunaXSubaru better: Whether Luna or Misora is better as a person, generally their relationship with Subaru, what seems more canonical (and what I think Subaru thinks), and then my personal opinions.

Luna vs. Misora:


Okay, Misoraís personality is pretty straightforward to me, while Luna has more character depth. It seems weird, but it seems obvious to me that thereís more to Luna than meets the eye. She changes her attitude frequently enough it seems obvious to me she hiding who she really is.


I know very well that looks arenít everything, I just figured I should bring this up as well. I suppose you could find Misora cute, but Harp Note really isnít. Luna has really pretty eyes, and there are times when she looks really cute, usually when sheís thinking about Rockman. (Iím thinking particularly about the time in episode 47, in the park.)

Their Relationships with Subaru:


Yes, Iím doing this first. Okay, my main point is this: I see very little evidence to suggest Misora thinks of Subaru romantically, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show that Subaru thinks of Misora romantically. He even says definitely that he does NOT think of Misora romantically. Their relationship more points to partners, but more like friends or siblings. I can definitely see the two thinking of each other as a sibling. Misora supports Subaru, both in battle and when Tsukasa betrayed him, but not in a particularly romantic way. I donít think Iím explaining myself well, but the simplest way I can summarize it is that Subaru does not think of Misora romantically, and I have not even seen evidence to think that Misora thinks of Subaru romantically. The only parts it seems like they could be a pairing is Cancerís antics to make Luna mad, and the girlís bickering in that same episode.


Okay, itís pretty obvious Lunaís in love with Rockman. But it really seems like she truly loves him with all her heart. Think of this: Misora has a lot going for her; sheís pretty (apparently), is famous, sheís a great fighter, etc, etc. However, thereís nothing particularly admirable in being good at something. Whatís really commendable is being bad at something, but trying your best to improve, and itís even more wonderful when someone like that succeeds than the person who comes by it naturally. Also, not only did Luna go from being a terrible cook to a great one for Rockmanís sake, but also she would obviously risk her own life to cheer him on. I bet sheíd be more than willing to help him fight the FMians as well, and she even has tried on occasion, but even the Satellite Police canít do anything against them. Luna would do anything for RockmanÖ and then thereís the relationship with Subaru himself, but Iíll handle that in the next section.

Canon and Subaruís thoughts:

It seems to me that even in the anime itís more geared towards LunaXSubaru, from what Iíve said. Like I said, Subaru said he didnít like Misora (like that), but also, he seems to care about Luna. I may be mistaken, and it might just be he changed his personality since the series started, but he doesnít seem like the kind of person to care about a lot of people, only the ones close to him. That group consists of his mother, Tsukasa, Amachi-san, Misora AND LUNA. Note this doesnít include Gonta and Kizamaro, which means he is closer to Luna. He shows a certain softness to Luna that he doesnít show to Misora, and seems to act kinder to her than others. Also, Luna seems to have a small crush on Subaru as well, I just get the feeling she tried to smother it since she fell in love with Rockman. That would explain why she seemed happy to find Rockman and Subaru were the same, but also that she got too used to thinking of Subaru and Rockman as separate entities, that she keeps denying that it might be true. (Too good to be true, maybe? XP) And, as far as the canon goes, as I said, it definitely seems like Subaru likes Luna more, which is what really matters, particularly if both girls like him. Also, look at it this way: Subaru does call out Harp Noteís name often in battle, and he tries to protect her. But, in the Rockman.EXE anime, crossfused Netto and Enzan didnít act all that different. But, as is pretty obvious, even though some pair the two of them together, Capcom was pointing at NettoXMeiru as the canonical pairing. I mean, they get married at the end of BN6. So, I donít think how they act in battle hints at SubaruXMisora and more than Rockman.EXE means to hint at NettoXEnzan.

My Personal Opinion Okay, even though most of this was my opinion, I was mostly just writing down the facts as I saw them. Now, Iím just saying a few things that I saw in the ďsubtextĒ, I guess you could call it. First, Iíve noticed that Subaru nearly always refers to Misora as ďHarp NoteĒ, which seems to me he thinks of her more as Harp Note, his partner in fighting evil, not Misora, a potential love interest. Also, in Tribe, it seems like Misora cares for Cancer Bubble at least somewhat, and she got mad when Burai hurt Cancer for protecting her. Also, Iím going to post how Luna and Subaru progresses in my mind:

1. Luna and Subaru meet, and gradually become friend throughout the whole time.

2. Luna is saved by Rockman (Which, if you think about it, itís really Subaru saving her. It sounds obvious, but it just shows that Subaru cares about her himself) and falls in love.

3. Luna and Subaru become closer friends.

4. Subaru, whether he fully realizes it or not, gets a crush on Luna. However, he thinks she only has feelings for Rockman.

5. Luna gets a crush on Subaru, but thinks she canít since she loves Rockman.

So, thatís my reasoning. Iím not sure if Iíll change anyoneís opinion, I just hope to show the SubaruXMisora fans that LunaXSubaru makes sense as well. Thank you for reading!

Luna and Subaru's outfits and looks go perfect together! Subaru has mostly red clothes, and a blue Transer (officially, I think, but I know he does in the anime *needs to stop procrastinating and play more MMSF2...*), while Luna has mostly Blue clothes and a red Transer. Subaru's hair is dark, Luna's is light. There are many other nuances in their outfits I can't think of how to explain, but basically, they look close to opposite (which, of course, attracts. ^^), while looking good while doing so, but also there are similarites. Just another reflection of their personalities and relationship~ (Also, I think Misora and Subaru's outfits clash. Badly.)

King of Everything

One of the biggest (and only) reasons that GeoxSonia is so popular is because people see Sonia as being the Starforce equivalent of Mayl. I disagree. The equivalents that I see most often in this series are Geo=Lan, Sonia=Mayl, Luna=Yai, Bud=Dex, and Zack=younger Higsby. After close inspection however many of these equivalents make no sense at all.

For example, other then his intelligence and a bit of his looks, Zack has little in common with Higsby. Higsby was a villian in the beginning for one thing which Zack never was and Higsby also ran the card shop which has no connection to Zack. Surprisingly much more can be found in common with Zack and Yai. Both are very smart, both are short, both are members of the group that never fight, and are somewhat less important then the other members of the group.

If Zack's typical equivalent is wrong then could others also be? Yup! I am convinced that even though Harp Note's form is the Starforce equivalent to Roll, Sonia and Harp's role is actually the equivalent of Chaud and Protoman. Both are the "other" hero, both have in the past appeared at the last minute, both are capable fighters who often go into battle alongside Megaman, both come into the games later and are not part of the main group. The parallels are overwhelming.

Bud is of course Dex, that is undeniable, just as it is undeniable that Geo is Lan. There is no arguement about that.

But if Sonia is Chaud, then who is Mayl? Luna of course! The only reason that people think that Sonia is the equivalent of Mayl is because they have a few similarities in looks but that doesn't mean anything. I sort of look like Harry Potter but that doesn't mean I am an exelent flier or can kill giant snakes. Luna always believes in Megaman no matter how much the odds are stacked against him. Luna takes care of Megaman even when he doesn't really want to be taken care of. Luna is the person that inspires Megaman to be a hero and keep trying what he has lost all other hope. Just like Mayl.

So if Luna's role in the story is the same as Mayl's then it stands to reason that she will end up with Geo, just as Mayl ended up with Lan.

I'm really surprised by how few people understand Luna's character. She does not just care about Rockman, she loves Subaru, but like most people her age who she is afraid of her emotions and it is easy to say that she loves a hero because that seems logical to her. If she wasn't head over heels in love with Subaru (rather then Rockman) then there would be no point in her constant (and pathetic) denial. Think Hermione and Ron, except that in this case it is the guy who understands everything much better (and that is saying something considering that Subaru doesn't understand in very well either).

The only (and I mean ONLY) reason that MisoraxSubaru has a higher following then LunaxSubaru is because Misora looks like Mayl (even though if you are going by roles in the storyline she is actually more similar to Chaud while Luna is closer to Mayl). But what does that mean? If you saw me you might think that I look a lot like Harry Potter, but that doesn't mean I can fly on a broomstick or am unusually talented at killing enormous snakes with ancient magic swords. Character-wise and role-wise it is Luna who is more like Mayl. There are a thousand and one reasons that Misora and Geo's relationship is much more brother-sister and Luna and Geo have shown to actually have some sort of romatic affection with each other. You want all the reasons why? This site as more than enough reasons for anyone who seriously wants to debate the romance in Ryuusei even if they don't think Luna should be with Subaru.


I was going to wait until I could do more research on this, but I'm having trouble getting a hold of the books I'd like to, so I think I'll just post a little about this now! Today I'll be quoting Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore by Norman A. Rubin, which had some very interesting points about snakes in Japanese folklore. I'm only quoting the parts that are particularly relevant. There's not an entirely lot, but it's still something.

"In Japanese folklore there are tales told of people who turned into snakes after death because of their evil ways and their miserly habits....A female snake appears as an attractive woman who marries a human: if rejected by her lover, her jealously will cause disaster. Women are often associated with snakes because of tales told of them being fierce and possessive towards their lovers."

Hmmm...Luna was overtaken by Ophiuchus while stalking following Subaru and Misora as they were on their "date". I realize it was because of her parents, but it's still possible that it could have relevance, yes?

"Children born of the union of a snake with a human may either appear as a serpent or as a human with snake-like qualities. They appear in the dreams of their family and friends, asking them to pray for the release of their souls from their snake-like bodies. ...Some people are reborn in the guise of snakes after death when they wish to avenge wrongful deeds. The avengerís ghost in Japanese lore is usually considered heroic. "

Ophiuchus!Luna never asks to be released from her snake-like body - but she doesn't she want to be released from something else? Like...oh, say, her status as a "doll"? She was also "reborn" as "Queen Ophiuchus" for this very reason and for vengeance. Luna, as Ophiuchus, seems to represent the snake as a whole - but based on this article, but also represents certain traits of a human-snake union. Both of which make sense, since Ophiuchus and Luna merging is effectively a union between human and snake (snake charmer? well, whatever).

"Snakes were not always thought of as symbols of evil, but also of love with no bounds.", I mean, Luna obviously loves both Rockman and Subaru. I know they're the same person, but fandom does not seem to be able to digest this, so I thought I'd throw that out there. Anyhow! For that reason it's relevant.

If I find anything else, I'll be sure to post it here with my obnoxious babblings about it. Then eventually I'll make one big, nice theorized post about it. Hopefully. Also, in b4 "GAME CREATORS DON'T RESEARCH THESE THINGS"--since it's Japanese folklore we're talking, it's more likely to be common knowledge to them. I won't say for sure it is, but I think it's likely enough - such stories are probably the equivalent of the folklore we jackedknow - Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, etc, etc.

Jen's Note: Not to mention this game heavily relies on space and knowledge of EM waves with lots of references--not to mention Capcom's tendencies with puns. It's very likely for them to research some things to make sense (and to give even more to people who look beyond the cover) and it gives a reason for Luna to become a "snake".


Many people say that SubaruXLuna is not plausible because Luna obviously does not like Subaru. She only has affection for Rockman. Well, you can look in the Proof section, and see that is clearly not the case for both the games and the anime.
Lunaís bossy and independent front is a result lack of affection she receives from her parents, who are never there for her. It is a defense, and a way to possibly gain othersí respect. However, it is a front. Luna is broken and lonely inside and needs someone she can depend on. She finds that security in Rockman, and therefore sweats every waking moment over him. When it is revealed that Rockman was Subaru, she was happy, but her security was threatened. Subaru was human; Rockman was superhuman. Therefore, she denies the truth in an attempt to regain that security. However, she, deep down, admires Subaru, and eventually admits to the facts.
With such deep emotion involved in their relationship, how can LunaXSubaru not be?

Pope Kinsei XXVI

King of Everything--he knows what he's talking about. Also, a lot of the comments I've seen on forums about Luna not being a suitable match is because, "Lol, she's mean to Subaru." Apparently no one pays attention to character types. Luna is delicious tsundere. If she wasn't mean to Subaru at least 60% of the time, she wouldn't be a very good tsundere. And this fits in even better with them being younger children. Haven't you ever heard of both boys and girls picking on the people they have a crush on? Srsly.

Her meaness could also be interpreted as an attempt to get Subaru to act more like the hero he is when he's Rockman in real life, as opposed to the (first game) emo kid and (second game) generic classmate. And you can't tell me her post-game mission in RnR2 wasn't extremely cute. If you can, you, sir/madame, have no soul.


I think one of the flimsy "arguments" was that Luna was too much of a fangirl. Most of the time, "rabid fangirl" is merely a phase a girl goes through in their lives. They grow out of it eventually.

As KingofEverything pointed out, they're so young that their real emotions don't come out as easily. Also considering that they are still in elementary school, liking a classmate would warrant a LOT more teasing than liking a superhero because probably everyone likes that same superhero too.


Even Misora wants Subaru to be with Luna. When he cuts the BrotherBands, then decides to re-add everyone, Misora is the one who first tells him to go add Luna back. And the way she says it somewhat implies that she thinks they're cute together.

Annie M.

I was looking through a magazine the other day, and saw an article about movie star relationships. The basic summary was that people who become famous usually have weak relationships that break apart easily. Then I thought of the GeoxMisora argument. The same would obviously apply. Getting involved with a pop-idol would put unnecessary stress on the relationship and cause them to break apart! Meanwhile, Luna is not world famous! Geo would not be pressured by the press or anything if word got out they were in a relationship.


I know that this has been said on more than one occasion briefly, but seriously, the games focus on Luna and Geo more than Geo and Sonia. When I saw the anime (first I might add) I thought Luna would be the Amy Rose of the story (Geo/Megaman being Sonic) but when I started playing the games I instantly fell in love with her as a character. The games make Luna a much more deeper character. Not to mention we see Luna MORE! In every game Luna is first, just like Mayl in Battle Network. Sonia doesn't appear until much later in the games. I'm telling you, the series ends with Geo together with Luna, which is why I made Megaman Star Force Zero (actually, that was to show off how much I love Luna, but still...).


The whole Ophiuchus arc from the first game reminded me of The Little Mermaid. Luna (like Ariel/Marina the mermaid in the Toei anime version based on the original the HCA fairy tale) is opressed by her family and follows Geo (MegaMan in the anime) (our Prince Eric/Fjord) then makes a Faustian deal with a purple witch/devil creature Ophiuchus (like Ursula/Sea Witch) when she feels too repressed in exchange for using her voice/body for evil purposes (though instead in this version, Luna goes from human to naga instead of a mermaid to human reversing the process, but nagas are related to mermaids in some South Asian cultures according to "Mermaids: The Myths, Legends and Lore" by Skye Alexander and I think also in "The Mermaid Handbook" by Carolyn Turgeon). Though in the end, people will say Geo will end up with Sonia (Vanessa/priestess/princess of Suomi) anyways like in the original fairytale but the fact is that weíre cheering for Luna/our mermaid princess heroine to get her MegaMan/prince like in the Disney version, which is more widely known. Maybe its just my love of all things oceany and mermaidy seeing this but its this small connection what made me start to like Luna after initially hating her for how she treated Geo. Plus, the moon and the ocean have a lot to do with eachother too! Controlling the tides and all...

Follow up thory for MMSF2: This time, I feel like Luna is "playing the role" of Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera (I mean, they are against Dark PHANTOM who is obsessed with stageplays and wears a white mask, sooo...). At the end of the Broadway show (I never read the book), The Phantom puts Christine under his spell (like Luna transforming back into Queen Ophiuca, she's under his control) and kidnaps her. Then our hero Geo (Raoul) has to save her nearly dying in the process (OoPArt possession/Phantom hanging Raoul). In the end, the hero gets the girl back. (It isn't as extensive as my Little Mermaid theory since its more straightfoward...also I thought it'd be kinda cool to point out that Sierra Boggess has played both Ariel and Christine on Broadway!)

Unfortunately, I donít have any fairytale connections for MMSF3 other than maybe Alice in Wonderland with Luna being a blonde in a blue dress and now having a rabbit companion as well as the playing card motif of the bosses. The only ďlandĒ she goes to is wherever Joker sent her and...well, it wasnít very ďwonderfulĒ other than her wondering where she was.