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Well, with such a rare shipping that people ship, we need a list of people who are openly proud of shipping them together, right? Right! Well, that's where this comes in. You do not need a website or journal or anything to put our banner (Or a support icon/banner) on, you just need to be a fan and let me know, okay? ^_^ Simple as that. Make sure to read the rules for more information and if you really want to join!

Note: If you do not get a reply saying you've been added within 48 hours, please re-send a form! Thank you!

Total Members: 64
Last Updated: December 6th, 2010

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1. You must be a fan of the relationship between Hoshikawa Subaru/Geo Stelar and Shirogane Luna/Luna Platz.
2. If you do have a site, we would appreciate a link back here with the support image. It's fine if not and even if you don't, you can still be accepted.
3. If you do have a website, please make sure it's appropriate material :/ Obviously, it's fine if it's not RnR-related, but no porn sites or anything. You can still join, of course, but I won't be linking your site here.
4. Please put "Denpa-Henkan!" in the "Anything else?" section of the form to prove you've read this.


1. Jennifer
2. Melissa
3. Louize
4. Zero
5. Subaru Stelar
6. Stuart Von Dassamen
7. CBIzumi
8. Rei
9. Giga Crash
10. Captain Deadpool
12. Johan
13. Metastasis
14. Mr. LuLu
15. Shane
16. Alex
18. Drn-000-blues
19. ToadMan SP
20. Niilan
21. Reysa
22. Vance Finiraldi
23. Loco the Exclaimer
24. DDM
25. Fernando Silva
26. Ralphrius
27. King of Everything
28. Ra
29. Smash Brother
30. Shadow Bankotsu
31. Aiko Kanbara
32. Sir Eagle
33. Yorokei
34. Javier
35. Alex Wood
36. Kurou Tenshi
37. Cynthia
38. Darovit
39. ArareUsagi
40. Brendan318
41. Agares
42. Sephie
43. Nyarumi
44. Gabbe-sama
45. Annie M.
46. 0Zero0
47. BattleMan .EXE
48. Anonymous
49. Garuru
50. Train.
51. Mimi
52. Evan
53. LuffyRed
54. Allison
55. Hikaru Sora
56. Eric
57. Hidden Phantom EXE
58. Hannah
59. Meruna Stelar
60. New DCD
61. Meta7
62. Ge0_$+EL@r
63. GabrieliosP
64. Darren

If any of you would like to change your information, just fill the form out again and mention your member number in "Anything else?" as well!

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