Name: Shirogane Luna
English Name: Luna Platz
Nicknames: Prez/Inchou, Satellite
Seiyuu: Kana Ueda/Melissa Fahn
Age: 10
Hair Color: Pale Yellow
Eye Color: Hazel (Ranges from an Olive Green to a Brownish Shade)
Height: 4'8"/147cm
Weight: That's a secret!
Role: 5th Grade Class President + Major Supporting Character
Transer: Blue
AM-ian/FM-ian: Ophiuchus/Ophiuca (Temporarily)
Random Fact: Luna wears contacts and goes to sleep with her hair down. The curls she wears are done every morning at her vanity. When her hair is down, it goes to her knees.
Favorite Color(s): Pink, Blue, Green/Yellow, & Purple
Bio: Luna is a perfectionist who happens to be the class president of Subaru's class. She's a straight-A Student who can come off as quite bossy, but means well. At home, Luna's life is not as "perfect" as people expect it to be. Her parents are never home (A fact she confides with Subaru/Geo after an incident at school) so she is usually home alone and it has been this way for her since she was a little girl. Luna is more or less a "doll" to her parents, doing whatever they ask and always worrying about not being "good enough" for them (Some things they had her enter tournaments for are Piano, Calligraphy, and Fencing--all which she won with high honors), but when she overhears them wanting to transfer her and feeling all alone when she can find no one to talk to or go somewhere with on her "last day", she is taken over by Ophiuchus/Ophiuca after being caught by both her parents and Geo/Subaru and Sonia/Misora at the mall. Soon after, her parents realize how she had been feeling and thus, Luna lightens up a bit more, no longer having that strain on her shoulders. Despite this, she still tries her hardest to complete her duties and just wants to find true friends, no matter how she may seem.
Things you learn from Luna's Room: She won 1st prize at the 69th annual Piano Competition in the Kids' Division. Her computer has a dark pink color scheme. She has a Frog Plushie. Luna plays the piano often. Her bed smells nice. Luna has a certificate and trophy in a foreign language. She has a mini kitchen area and 5 plants.
Luna's "Secret": Sometimes I act stuck up in front of people, but inside, I'm really scared... All I want is to have true friends.
Luna's Transer Greeting: Welcome! Consider it an honor to be able to see inside my Transer!
All Luna's Transer Messages: "The Student Body Presidency WILL be mine!! And, no 6th grader is going to take it from me! To that end, I must get that "bad egg" to come to school." (First Message, Credit to Ralphrius)
"I just can't get MegaMan out of my head... Ive never felt like this before." (Before and sometime after the Jammer attack at the school)
"I went and became Bros. with him AGAIN. But, if he EVER cuts out BrotherBand again, that's it! We're through!" (After you become brothers again - Credit to Loverly Light)
"All I can do for him now is pray. ...Come back safely!" (Final Transer message)

Game 2

Personal Info Background: A headshot of herself with a bunch of stars.
Bio: In two months, not much has changed. Luna is still Class President and is still known as "The Prez"/"Inchou". She enjoys playing Piano and still has quite a tough front up, despite obviously caring a lot about her friends. One big difference is Luna is much more comfortable with her family, the photos in her room now showing her being happy rather than stiff and nervous. She is also very smart and a quick thinker. However, it's thanks to her that Subaru/Geo can be strong after losses (which really shows in the third game)
Learned from her House: Luna enjoys swimming in her private heated pool. Her condo is also the most expensive in Echo Ridge. Her bed still smells nice. Luna's TV gets international broadcasts due to a really strong satellite on their house. Her dresser holds all her clothes and favorite things. Also, the wave roads in her room make a heart.
Other Random Facts: Luna gets nauseated on buses when writing things and she can't cook (though, she gets better with some help from Subaru). She also has a passport and has traveled overseas several times. It's hard to tell if Luna is kidding because she always keeps a straight face.
Luna's My Page Greeting: Be thankful to even be looking at Luna Platz's My Page!
Luna's secret: "There is a boy I like almost as much as I like MegaMan."
Luna's Diary Entries: Date XXXX (Sunny) There's no getting around it. If there's one thing I'm not any good at, it's cooking... As class president, I can't show weakness. Who will people look up to in Home Economics if I can't cook? I have to set a perfect example as president!
Geo's Comments: I didn't know she couldn't cook...

Date XXXX (Sunny) I realized something. Geo's been reading my Secret Diary!
Geo's comments: Eek!
Mega's comments: Ha!
He probably peeked into my Star Carrier as MegaMan!
Geo's comments: (She's smart!)
How could he invade a woman's privacy like that?
Mega's comments: Kid! Get out of here now!

Game 3

Hunter VG: N/A
Wizard: Mode/Vogue
Luna is still her usual self--but as started her very own "club"--The "Luna Luna Brigade" aka Luna 4 Prez that she shares with Subaru, Gonta, and Kizamaro.

However, we get to see a lot more of her insecurities in this (when she is being brought back to life and when she is talking to Subaru on the pier). Luna mentions how she feels insignificant as she can't do anything special or helpful, only for Geo to reassure her saying how if it wasn't for her, he'd have given up being Mega Man a long time ago.

Luna actually is "killed" in this game, only to be put back together thanks to Dr. Goodall's and Subaru's/Geo's efforts.

Finally, Luna tries for Student Body President, the next step up from Class President and wins~

Special Fact: The hankerchief that Luna goes on to say is expensive was actually a gift from her mother--something she only admits to Subaru/Geo.
Random Facts: Luna fails at coming up with names for things and is afraid of ghosts.


Transer/Star Carrier Color: Red/Pink
Luna is pretty much the same. She is a bit more bossy and self-centered, not to mention she shows off being rich more and is a huge fan girl--even to the point of letting Ophiuchus use her body just so she could see her "Rockman-sama"/"MegaMan". There isn't much else to her other than the fact that she learned to cook from Akane, Subaru's mom, in order to make a meal for Rockman (and also goes to her to learn how to clean as well) in which she eventually succeeds in and has a very special picnic date with him. She doesn't learn Subaru is Rockman until he changes back right in front of her, Gonta, and Kizamaro when he gets knocked out by Andromeda. In Tribe, she still obsesses over Rockman and is in denial about Subaru being Rockman, at least on the outside. She also is shown to have feelings for Subaru as well. It is shown in the end that she DOES accept Subaru as Rockman, she just doesn't admit it openly. Luna also continues to cook and bake which are a big hit at her art class.

Other random tidbits are the fact that Luna not only gets seasick, but she also is afraid of heights. There is also a chance she could be a Leo, due to reading out the fortune/zodiac for it which would make her birthday somewhere between July 23rd and August 22nd.