Name: Hoshikawa Subaru
English Name: Geo Stelar
Seiyuu: Fuyuka Ōura/Jason Spisak
Age: 10/11
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Height: 4'7.5"/145cm
Weight: 85.8 Pounds/39kg
Role: Main Character -- Rockman/Megaman
Transer: Blue
AM-ian/FM-ian: War Rock/Omega-Xis
Random Facts: He's afraid of ghosts. Geo also doesn't do well with losses (though, Luna helps him get through that in the 3rd game unless the person truly is gone like with Ace) due to the loss of his dad at age 7.
Favorite Color(s): Blue & Red
Bio: Subaru is the main character of the series and starts off as a very...gloomy kid to say the least. He is still getting over the disappearance of his father that happened when he was seven. Subaru loves the stars and knows quite a lot about space (and machinery as well) and always heads up to Vista Point to watch them, hoping he'll see his father one day coming back to Earth. After an incident at Vista Point that caused him to meet an "alien" named War Rock/Omega-Xis (Depending on if you're playing the dub or original), he gets sucked into all kinds of adventures and becomes a hero with the name Rockman/Megaman. On his way, he learns the true meaning of friendship and finally starts to get over his father's disappearance, just trying his best to save those he truly cares for.
Things you learn from Subaru's Room: Despite having a baseball glove and ball, he rarely plays. Most of his books are about space...and well, his whole room is space themed.

Game 2

Star Carrier: Blue (Before Tribe ability), Silver and Gold (Zerker/Bezerker), Green (Ninja/Shinobi), Red (Saurian/Dinosaur)
Random Facts: This marks Geo's first time seeing snow. He's not a big fan of chocolate and has a big love for museums--art, natural history and other kinds because his dad would take him to all of them. This is also his first time traveling overseas.
Personal Info Background: His pendant.
Bio: Not much has changed in two months. Geo still loves looking at the stars and tinkering with machines, not to mention, he is still afraid of ghosts and isn't crazy about fighting. He's much more open though, now, and very happy to have his friends, though, he does prefer to keep to himself most of the time as he hates being the center of attention. He is still hoping for his father to return one day. However, he isn't crazy about being a hero because he's always worried he can't meet people's expectations and will let them down.
Learned from his House: Subaru enjoys playing games (and has a Wii), but doesn't like playing Sports much which is why he doesn't use his baseball glove much. His room is still space themed and his telescope is very special to him as it was a gift from his Father.

Game 3

Hunter VG: Blue
Wizard: War Rock/Omega-Xis
Subaru is his usual self, but a bit more...happy. He's in the "Luna Luna Brigade" aka "Luna 4 Prez" with Luna, Gonta, and Kizamaro and is brothers with Luna right away (and Gonta and Kizamaro soon after).

He has managed to get a lot stronger emotionally, though, still is hurt upon losing someone. Over all thoguh, he's grown quite a lot.

He also starts the Life 4 Luna Team when Luna "dies".


Geo/Subaru is pretty much the same. He's a bit more open quicker, but other than that, he hasn't changed much at all.