Hi there! Welcome to "When Stars Align", a shipping shrine dedicated to the relationship between Hoshikawa Subaru/Geo Stelar (星河 スバル) and Shirogane Luna/Luna Platz (白金 ルナ), or if you're too lazy for their full names, then Celestial Shipping (Or if you prefer name merges, Subaruna, Subaluna, or Lunaru. Your choice). While there aren't too many fans of the two together, there are some and this shrine is meant to give all of them somewhere to know that there is someone else who feels they should be together too. ★ ☆


February 20th, 2010 at 12:41PM EST - Happy (very belated) New Year! :D All of the October updates have been moved to the Past Updates section. Also, 1 new member has been added to the Fanlisting. :) ~ Melissa

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