So, you want to donate? Yay! That's great. We appreciate all donations! But, we know, a lot of people have questions and things, so this page is made to take care of it before donating. If you already know everything, you can just click the button below. :3

Where are these donations going?

This is one of the most popular questions next to "How do I donate?" and you have complete rights over wondering where the heck your money may be going. You can find the answer to this question in the FAQ, but as this page is completely about donating, we'll answer it here too.

Donations are used for one or more of the following:
1. Paying for the host! WSA is hosted on my own domain, My domain costs roughly 40 dollars a month which is 480 dollars a year. So yeah, not very cheap (and I'd rather not switch hosts as I really enjoy this one, so please no suggestions~)
2. Paying for add-ons. Besides hosting, things like our form system and other fun and/or helpful things are actually quite expensive. Our forms alone cost about 25 dollars a month (and were originally 40... I am now doing the 600 dollars every 2 years to try and save some money) and are quite pricey.
3. Commissions. Subaru/Luna is not a very popular pairing in the RnR World, thus, finding art is hard. As a way to try and build up that gallery of art of the two together, we enjoy commissioning artists to draw them or make things of the two for display here on the site. If the site ever gets popular enough, in the future, we may raffle or auction off things that have been made for the site.
4. Doujinshi. For those who are not familiar with this, Doujinshi is more or less a fan comic that many Japanese artists (and some other culture Artists, but it's a mostly Japanese thing) make and sell for money. Several tend to be hentai (perverted), but there are a few that are actually relatively safe. WSA is looking to buy both to find safe scenes to scan for the site for you to enjoy some of the CUTENESS before/after the perverted stuff (that we will NEVER put on WSA) happens. And in the safe ones, we are hoping to put up the whole doujinshi for users to read and enjoy. We do recommend to try and find a way to buy them, as I'm sure our scans won't do them justice. We will mostly get just Subaru x Luna doujinshi, or at least ones that feature the two.
5. Cels. Cels are quite a bit different than Doujinshi as they are official and actual images rather than just a fan comic. Cels can be anything from concept art of the characters OR actual still animations/cels from the Anime. Obviously, we're hoping to get any Subaru and/or Luna ones we can to put on display right here on the site. ^_^

How/Where can I donate?

Just click the button below!

Donations are done through Paypal. If you have a Credit Card, you do NOT need a Paypal account to donate to us. For bank transfers, you do. You may also leave a message on Paypal if you'd like the donations to go to a specific item on the list.

Do you only accept money as donations?

Nope! If you want to mail us your old doujinshi or cels, let us know through our contact form or by a direct e-mail to and we'll send you our address. Please realize, only physically sent things count as donations. Scans and whatnot are ALWAYS welcome and you will be mentioned a contributor (unless it's actually by you where we'll just say "By *namehere*"), but it is not considered a donation and you won't be listed on this page. ^^;

So...About thanking...

Yep! If you donate, you'll be listed below with a nice big Thank you and the amount you donated and what it will be or has been used towards along with a link (unless it's for server costs--we can't really link that) to the awesomeness. We also plan on giving something special to our donators (and even if you donated before we make this, you WILL be sent one), so look out for that as well ;)

Our Donators

A big thanks to all of you who donated ^__^ We appreciate it very much~

...Of course, nobody has donated yet, but we love you all anyway.