These are awards that When Stars Align has received from contests or people who just thought we deserve them. We appreciate every single one we get and if you want to award WSA for something, just send the award through the Contact Form.

Note: Some Awards may be clicked for a bigger view.

These awards are from the 2008 Megaman Legacy Awards. The first is from participation in it and the second is from winning 3rd place in the 4th category, "Best Staff". We won 4th in the 1st Category, "Best Webmaster" and 2nd Category "Best Design". We tied for 4th in the 5th Category, "Best Community", and in the 4th Category, "Best Overall Content, we won 5th place. Thank you all for voting for us and Thank you to the MLA for the lovely awards!

This award was given to us by Raphrius ^_^ And I think it's pretty obvious as to why. We luff it muchly so a big Thank you to him! <3

This award was given to us by The Anime for hitting 25 members in our fan listing here on WSA :D Yay us! And a big thank you to all those who joined ^_^ If it wasn't for you guys, this wouldn't have been possible~