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Chapter 11 ^_^ A bit more on time now. A lot of this chapter will follow both Misora and Subaru a good amount, as well as Luna. Not much else to say other than that we're reaching the end~ Tomorrow is a busy day though and Sunday might be one, thus, the next chapter may get pushed back until Monday at the latest~

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Two Years - Chapter 11

Misora groaned, crossing her arms at the station as she waited for the monorail.

"God!" Misora exclaimed, happy not many people were around. "This is taking forever and it's not like this week was any good."

"Are you sure you don't just want to use the wave road?" Harp asked.

"You know I'd rather! But I can't when he keeps calling every few minutes! It would just end up taking longer and who knows what he'd do if he saw me as Harp Note."

"Your manager really doesn't relax, does he?"

"Not when it comes to him earning money."

"Well, why didn't you ask Subaru to join you?"

"After Monday, I don't know! He's been distracted with his head up in the clouds more than usual. Plus, I don't care why Shirogane-san has been avoiding him."

"Well, you might want to..." Harp started.

"What? Why?"

Harp motioned for Misora to look at the entrance and standing there was no other than Luna.


"What...? Hibiki-san?!"

"What are you doing here?!" The two yelled in unison.

"I have to go to a recording session, not that it's any of your business." Misora explained.

"Well, I'm exploring." Luna stated simply. "Not that you needed to know."

Both girls just glared at each other as the monorail pulled in. Quickly turning away, they both headed to the opposite ends, not wanting to even be somewhat near the other.

"Seriously, Harp, could this day get any worse?" Misora asked, as she took her seat, the monorail finally leaving the station.

"You know, they say if you think like that, you'll jinx it."

Misora just groaned as she sat back, looking out the window. A long ride of having nothing to do but sit there, not fun.

'Why did she have to be here of all people?' Luna thought to herself, leaning her head against the wall of the monorail car. 'At least I shouldn't see her again unless we're getting off the same stop...'

Luna glanced out the window and let out a heavy sigh. Monday's events had been haunting her since, her heart fighting with her mind. Half of her saying 'Why didn't you just do it?' while the other half was saying the complete opposite 'Why the heck did you even go that far?'. Luna wasn't sure which she agreed with, but knew either way she made a fool of herself. Subaru would wave to her and she'd just run off, scared he might ask. It took a long time for them to get the friendship they had, she didn't want to see it destroyed by her idiocy. Luna's thoughts were interrupted as a huge blast went right through the cart, causing it to hang off the beam, only holding on by the cart behind it. Luna held on tightly to one of the long poles, nervous. Using her free hand, she began pressing onto her transer as fast as she could. After all, the one person who could help was Hoshikawa Subaru.

"Harp! What was that?!" Misora exclaimed, moving out of the way of a laser cutting on through.

"That virus from the night at Subaru's. I'm sure of it. The readings are the same. Shall we, Misora?"

"Yeah!" Misora dodged another, as more were being fired on through. "Denpa-Henkan, Hib--" But Misora didn't get to finish as one laser caught her and she fell to the ground, smashing her head and falling unconscious.

"Misora?! MISORA!" Harp yelled, trying to get the girl to wake. The situation was getting worse as the doors began to open and malfunction. Sending a signal through the transer, she tried her best to get a message to Subaru and War Rock, after all, this was now completely in their hands.

"Plan seems to be working. Both girls spotted, should lure human boy AKA Rockman. Will succeed." The Virus said, logging his progress as he shot more lasers through the monorail. A smirk gleamed across his face, thrilled at how well he was doing.


"Inchou?" A voice came back from the transer.

"Something is attacking the monorail! I think it's the same monster from that night." Luna tried explaining as another laser was fired.

"War Rock sensed the readings. I'm heading over there now. I'll be there in a few minutes, hang on, okay?"

"Y-yeah...I'll be waiting for you, Rockman-sama..."


"So, you better hur--" But Luna didn't get to finish as another laser came through, killing her grip on the pole. She slammed into the back wall, knocking her out. The transer connection quickly became shaky before disconnecting.

"Inchou?! INCHOU!" Subaru yelled as the transer began to disconnect.

"Looks like the situation got worse."

"Is that all you can say?!"

"Look, if you want to save your girl friend, let's get a move on!"

"First of all, she's not my girl friend! And I'm moving as fast as we can!"

At that moment, another call came through. Subaru quickly answered it. "Inchou?!"

"No, it's Harp!"

"Harp? What is it?" War Rock asked.

"The virus from that night is attacking!"

"We heard."

"Shouldn't you and Misora be taking care of it?" Subaru asked.

"We were about to, but she's out cold now..."


"I hope you two hurry up. We're depending on you, Rockman."


"I'll be sending one more call for back-up. I hope it'll help."

And with that, Harp Note hung up, leaving Subaru to try to get to the scene even quicker.

It was only a few minutes later that he arrived and the scene was worse than he thought. The monorail had started losing shape, more cars of it separating from the beam. Sadly, it could only get worse from there.

"The virus should be straight above." War Rock stated.

"I think I see it this time. Looks like he's out in the open for once."

"Yeah, so hopefully this will be quick."

"Shall we then?" Subaru said, getting a determined look on his face.

"We might have bigger problems first..." War Rock said as another blast went off. Subaru watched as he noticed Luna fall out of the car, heading straight down and straight across, Misora as well. Subaru felt panicked, looking at both girls who were helpless.

"War Rock, what do I do?!" Subaru asked, panicked. He never had been in this kind of situation before.

"Well, you better think of something before they both end up dead."

Subaru gave a nod and quickly ran off to his right, where the familiar blonde haired girl was dropping.

"Misora! Misora, hurry! MISORA!" Harp yelled, trying to wake the girl up. There was nothing Harp could do to save her and she didn't want to lose here. "Please, Misora! Wake up!"

Misora started to awaken, just a few feet from hitting the ground. She stared, scared, but quickly she was surrounded by a giant bubble.

"Misora-chi! Are you okay?! Harp gave me a message!"

"Cancer! Perfect timing." Harp exclaimed, happy he had arrived just in time.

They both looked over to see Misora staring straight ahead, where Subaru had Luna in his arms, catching her right before she hit the ground. "Why...did he go after her first?" Misora whispered softly to herself. "He probably just figured I could save myself, right..?"

"Misora..." Harp whispered softly as Subaru ran over. He quickly let a nervous Luna down and looked towards Misora.

"Misora-chan! You're okay!"

"No thanks to you!" Misora remarked.

"Actually, he probably could've gotten to you in time, just it'd be a really close call." War Rock explained.

"Still." Misora said softly as Cancer's bubble popped, letting the girl have a safe landing to the ground. "Don't you have work to do, now?"

Subaru gave a nod. "Stay here, okay?"

"What?! Why?"

"After a fall like that, it's dangerous!"

"Then what do you expect me to do?"

"Could you take care of Luna-chan? If he's after both of you that might be be--"

"Are you insane?!" The two girls exclaimed in unison, but Luna couldn't help but smile softly as she realized what he did. He said her name, not Inchou.

Subaru sighed, they couldn't even get along when in trouble. He decided to just give up this time and headed up to the wave road, to take care of this virus once and for all.

"Subaru-kun! Sheesh...he doesn't listen!" Misora yelled, frustrated with the boy.

"I know that quite well already." Luna said, crossing her arms, despite admiring him at the same time.

"Well, forget it, I'm helping."

"But what about me?!"

"I already told you, just don't get in the way!" Misora declared, glaring at the girl. "Denpa-Henkan, Hibiki Misora, on air!" And with that, Harp Note was on the scene, heading over to help Rockman.

Luna sighed, staring up at the battle. She was alone again and useless.

"I'm still here, buku!" Cancer exclaimed.

"You tortured me too much to care." Luna snapped as Cancer sighed, turning his head to the battle.

"Machine string!" A call came out. Subaru looked up to see Harp Note.

"Harp Note?! I thought I told you to say with Lun--erm, Inchou!"

"Well, I wasn't going to let you have all the fun. Cancer is there with her anyway."

"B--" Subaru sadly didn't get to finish as he was smacked with full force from one of the lasers, right into the ground.

"Subaru-kun!" Luna exclaimed, running over to him. "Are you okay?!"

"I-I'm fine. Just stay covered, okay?"


"I'll be fine, just watch out!" Subaru quickly pushed her as a laser shot between them. Getting up, he headed back toward the wave road.

Misora's words echoed in Luna's mind as she sat on the floor, staring at where Subaru had just been. She had almost gotten them both killed again.

"Inchou, come on, we have to move or we might get hit." Cancer said, running over to the stunned girl.

"R-right..." Luna mumbled softly. She may have not wanted to listen to him, but he was right and she knew there wasn't much she could do.

"Fire bazooka!" Subaru exclaimed as he got a good view of the virus.

"Shock note!" Misora yelled, giving the virus a taste of what she had as well.

"Rockman, I need to talk to you after this, okay?!"

"What?! Is this even the right time to tell me this?" Subaru quickly dodged more lasers as he shot at the virus a few more times.

"It's really important. As soon as this is over, we need to go right to my house to talk, okay?!"

"But what about--"

Misora quickly interrupted, knowing what he was going to say. "Like I said, it's really important." With that, she shot a few more notes at the virus.

"Okay..." Subaru responded in defeat.

"Come on, no time to be down!" Misora exclaimed, tying the virus up. "Hurry!"

"R-Right, Sword!" Subaru quickly ran towards the virus and cut a big slice through him, causing the virus to disintegrate in pain. "Got it!"

"Now let's go, like I said, it's very important."

Subaru sighed, but quickly followed as Misora zoomed off.

"Look! They did it!" Luna exclaimed, but paused as she saw two lights flash on by quickly and leave. "...Where are they going?"

Luna didn't wait for a response from Cancer, and just ran, back home, hoping that's where they were heading. Not only did she want to know why they just left, but she wanted to know if Subaru really meant to call her by her name.

The two landed in-between Misora's and Subaru's houses. It was a small area, slightly shaded, but big enough for them to feel comfortable. They both quickly changed back and Subaru turned to her, confused.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Subaru asked.

"Well, I have to tell you something." Misora started, thinking back to when Cancer had saved her. She was sure it was a fluke, and this would prove it. "You see, Subaru-kun..." She placed her hands on his shoulders.

Subaru seemed nervous, not to mention he was getting more confused at the second.

"You see, I really like you."

"Well, we're friends aren't we?"

"Not like that, I mean I really really like you."


"Actually, like is an understatement..." Misora said softly, moving her face toward his. Subaru just stared, getting more confused by the second if possible.

"Hoshikawa Subaru, I love you." Misora said.

"Y-you what?" He stuttered, in shock about what she said.

"I love you." Misora said once more, with a hint of confidence. At that moment, she pushed her lips to his, causing Subaru to go into complete shock.

'Finally back in town...' Luna thought to herself as she noticed Subaru's house. 'Should I stop by..?' She shook her head. What would she say, anyway? Luna figured it could just wait until school. It was only a few days away after all.

Luna began walking passed Subaru's house when she saw the back of his head out of the corner of her eye. Turning to say something, she ended up stopping when she realized what was happening. It wasn't just Subaru. No, it was Subaru and Misora and they were kissing. Luna just stared, feeling her heart break completely. She had never felt a pain as harsh as this was and tears immediately started flowing. Without a word or even another thing, she felt her feet run, straight to her house. She just wanted to get away. She had lost and in the most important thing of all.

Subaru quickly pushed Misora back, finally snapping back out of shock. "What are you doing?!" He exclaimed.

"What do you mean what am I doing? You're not that dense."

"Why did you do that?!"

"I figured you'd like it, after all, I told you my feelings, didn't I?"

"But you don't know how I feel." Subaru said softly, feeling somewhat frustrated.

" mean?"

Subaru gave a small nod as he turned to leave.

"So, it is her, isn't it?" Misora asked, anger in her voice.

Subaru didn't answer, but just headed to his house, feeling more confused then ever. It was suddenly starting to make sense, everything. If only he realized just how bad it had become.

End Chapter 11~

And that ends Chapter 11! :D Yay! Next chapter will probably be the last chapter (and 12 is my lucky number :D) so yes... Hopefully this chapter will be good enough to tide everyone over until I write Chapter 12 ^^;

Also, a few notes as this seems to confuse everyone. People seem to think Misora and Subaru easily beat a virus that was invincible. To put it simply, no, he was not invincible. In the earlier chapter, the virus was up very high and thus, mostly out of view, making him hard to see and impossible to aim at making the virus seem invisible. Being up that high, the monster was easily able to reflect any attacks that even sort of came close or were head on. Up close and personal, the virus was not very challenging as it was big and bulky.

Because Subaru was busy protecting Luna and some of the virus' shots were aimed at the blonde, Subaru couldn't just leave her. If Misora had woken up sooner, Subaru could have had her watch after Luna while he took care of the virus, but as she did not, he was stuck on the ground making sure she stayed safe.

I also did not describe the fight in full detail. The fight DID last longer than what you see, but as to make sure I centered more on other things, I made sure to not spend so much time focused on that and focus more on other things as well.

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