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I hope you guys aren't expecting too much for the 10th chapter, as this won't be up to your expectations. It's another semi-filler chapter, though, it has a lot of plot moving stuff including Misora-Luna Rivalry, Mr. Virus, and more of Luna's heart and head fighting. I actually finished 70% of the chapter on Monday (As I had promised to update), but my laptop DIED and I lost all of it... I'm a very persistent person, I'll sit here for 12 hours working on a chapter for you guys, but when stuff like that happens, it breaks me apart and I honestly have to take a break to even get some motivation to finish the chapter. Because of this, not only am I pushing myself to write as to get back into the writing habit (This is truly the only thing that is delaying me right now after my boyfriend left for home and the fact that this chapter seems to hate me as issues keep arising when I go to write it or start to or even almost finish...) and I can't even sleep, so yeah, don't expect this to be perfect -_- But don't flame me about it either. You could skip this if you want, but if I refer back to events in this chapter, not my fault. But yes, I'll shut up now and get on with the chapter...

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Two Years - Chapter 10

Luna sighed as she rolled over and turned off her alarm clock. Sunday was another failure as far as searching came and her thoughts were already starting to override her actions. She took a sigh of relief, after all, it was their first vacation of the new year and it was something Luna definitely needed. Despite this, she still felt somewhat sad, having no reason to stop by Subaru's house at all.

Changing out of her nightgown into her usual outfit, Luna sat down at her vanity to take care of her curls. She couldn't help, but drift her mind back to Hoshikawa Subaru as she smiled, her eyes sparkling. She quickly shook her head though as her eyes widened. 'It's not like he'll be seeing me today...No reason to be giddy or too careful...' Luna scolded herself, finishing up.

Heading to her small kitchen area across the hall, she prepared some pancakes for herself and took them to the table, taking a seat. Glancing over at the empty chairs, a lonely feeling slowly started taking over. Luna could barely remember one time she had breakfast with her parents. She was lucky to get a small lunch or maybe even dinner, but breakfast never happened as they were either gone ahead of time or didn't want to be woken up. She couldn't help but wonder if they understood what spending more time with her really meant.

Luna thought back to her time at the Hoshikawa residence as she took a few more bites of her food. They'd have nearly every meal together, except on week days which only meant no lunch. They got along so well. Luna could only wish she could have a relationship like that with her parents or at least she could eat breakfast with someone, anyone, by her side. Placing her plates in the sink, she headed back into her room to grab her bag before heading out for another search.

Luna headed toward the front door and exited. Her mind quickly darted off to Subaru though, as she headed toward the bus stop. She couldn't help but wonder if she should just tell him, let him know right away, or keep everything hidden away. Hiding her feelings wasn't hard for her at all, but it wasn't something she enjoyed doing either. The first time it really happened was that day two years ago, when she accidentally opened up to Subaru and along with that, gave her heart to him in the process. She let him open her heart and she was never able to close it back up. Luna could lie, she could hide it all she wanted, but she knew deep down when his eyes looked into hers, he could see every emotion she was feeling, maybe that's why she became even more on defense around him.

Luna shook her head quickly, trying to get him out of her mind. Opening her eyes, she quickly froze. Her thinking had caused her to wander off in the complete opposite direction she had wanted to go. Luna was on the doorstep to Subaru's house and had no idea what to do. She felt frozen in time, her legs wouldn't move and her brain had died. She couldn't think of words to say, the poor girl couldn't even scold herself. If that wasn't enough, it was soon going to get worse as she heard the door open.

Subaru stared in surprise as he noticed Luna, making sure to stop himself before he ran into her. Closing the door behind him, he quickly asked "Inchou? What are you doing here? Did you forget that there was no school today?"

"Of course I didn't forget!" Luna snapped, turning her head away from him.

"That still doesn't answer why you're here."

"Well...I...erm..." Luna paused. What was she supposed to say? Heck, she didn't even know. Quickly gaining her composure back, she continued "None of your business! Where are you going anyway?"

"Oh, it's Misora-chan's monthly shopping trip that we go on together. She always asks me, I'm not sure why, so she just decided to make it a monthly thing." Luna quickly twitched as this, anger rising, but Subaru just continued, not noticing. "Normally it's on a Friday, but Misora-chan has recordings later this week, so she suggested Mond--" He paused, noticing Luna's quick change of mood. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Luna snapped, her arms crossed. "Do you even like shopping?"

"It's okay, I guess." Subaru responded, confused over Luna's sudden change. "My mom figured it's a nice thing to do."

"Plus Subaru is afraid of both his mom and Misora when they're angry."

"War Rock!"

"What? It's true."

"So, you're just going on some stupid date with that girl?" Luna asked, ignoring the argument between the two.

"Huh? We're not going on a date."

"Really?" Luna asked, a sound of relief in her voice.

"Yeah...You can come if you want." Subaru said with a shrug.

"Fine, but only because I have nothing better to do." She responded back, trying her best to hide any happiness in her voice. Sure, Misora may have to be there, but at least she'd get to be with Subaru and Luna was sure Misora thought of it as a date which just made it better.

"Wouldn't expect anything else, Inchou." Subaru responded. Her defensive attitude still confused him, but he tried his to at least understand her. It was the least he could do, right?

The two headed next door and Subaru knocked on the door. Luna felt herself slowly attach to one of Subaru's arms, her arms clinging tightly. 'What am I doing...?' The confused girl asked herself, her heart racing. It was almost like she wanted to be near him beyond words, maybe things were really getting to her. The door opened a minute or so later, helping Luna's thoughts cease, at least for now.

"Subaru-kun! Sorry for the delay, I was just finishing up an--" Misora paused as she noticed the blonde haired girl, clinging to his arm. Trying to keep her anger hidden, she looked toward Luna and asked "What are you doing here? Did you forget that there's no school today?"

"No! I was invited."

"By who?"


Misora turned to Subaru, her eyes glowing with anger. "Why did you invite her?" She asked, as nicely as she possibly could at that moment.

"I figured it'd be a nice thing to do." Subaru responded with a shrug. "Is there an issue?" He knew they weren't on the best of terms, but he didn't see any problem with inviting Luna along.

" issue." Misora mumbled, heading passed the two. Subaru and Luna followed closely behind her as she sighed.

"I guess the hints still haven't hit him..." Harp said, only loud enough for Misora to hear.

"Sure seems that way..." Misora mumbled. "The idiot..."

The bus arrived moments later and the three headed on, Luna quickly letting go of the brown-haired boy who headed on in front of her. 'Stupid...What were you doing?' Luna thought to herself as she followed closely behind Subaru. Her feelings were overpowering her common sense and she could feel the tension rising. Taking a seat to Subaru's right, she folded her hands in her lap and looked down, hoping to not further embarrass herself.

Subaru sighed at the silence between the girls, both giving off uncomfortable vibes. Misora was staring out a window while Luna was just keeping as still as possible and he was stuck right in-between them. Subaru never could understand them and at the moment, he couldn't figure out if the silence was better than their arguing or not. Turning his head toward his blonde-haired friend beside him, he began "Hey, Inchou?"

"W-What?" Luna responded, fidgeting in her seat.

"About before, why were you holding on to my arm?"

How she dreaded that question. She didn't know and she couldn't say that. Luna felt the heat rush to her face, unsure of what to say. Surprisingly enough, she blurted out "I was dizzy."

Subaru wasn't completely sure that was true, but decided to shrug it off. "Are you okay now?"

"Y-yes...I'm fine..." Luna said softly. He was always concerned with everyone, she wished she didn't end up just making something up.

The bus arrived soon after, letting the trio and other people off at the stop for the mall. They headed toward the large department store, looming overhead, after all, what better place to start? As they headed inside, Subaru grabbed a flyer to the left of the entrance. Luna quickly stood on her toes to get a better look at the flyer in his hands. "A festival?" The two said in unison, both curious.

Misora just smiled, hoping her plan would still go well even with Luna having to come.

"Let's see..." Luna started, as she began to read the flyer.

Golden Festival!
Kick off your vacation with a fabulous celebration!
Relaxation, Games, Rides, and Food, what more do you need?
Plus, with our grand shows, we also have our main attraction...
With just enough room for two, romance will ensue between you and your special one.
So come now, We'll be waiting on the roof!

'Ferris Wheel? Romance..?' Luna thought to herself after reading aloud. She was quickly caught in a day dream, thinking of exactly what kind of romance could happen, but was snapped out of her thoughts when she remembered Misora was there so the chances of it happening were pretty much none, after all, it was the last day.

"The ferris wheel sure sounds like fun, doesn't it, Subaru-kun?" Misora asked, looking at him, her eyes sparkling.

Luna quickly lowered herself back to her feet and looked toward the girl. It figured that this was why Misora had wanted to go on Monday. She felt her jealousy returning, not to mention some anger.

"I guess so. But it can only hold two people, so we wouldn't be able to go on anyway." Subaru responded, completely oblivious to what Misora really meant.

Misora just sighed, but decided to try again. "I'm sure Shirogane-san wouldn't want to go on, after all, she gets motion sickness."

"I get sea sick, not motion sick!" Luna exclaimed. "And I'm right here!"

"Same thing."

"No it's not!"

"Will you two stop? We can do plenty of other things, all three of us together. We all need to be friends, okay?"

The girls nodded slowly, glaring at each other out of the corner of their eyes. "So, shall we start here or head straight to the festival?"

"Might as well start here." Misora said. "We have to pass through here to get to the festival anyway."

"Then start here it is." Subaru said softly. He wasn't exactly fond looking around at purses and sweaters with two girls, but it was the nice thing to do, so he did it any way. Luna watched as Misora dragged him off toward the purse section and quickly began asking for his opinions on things. Normally, Luna would say or do something, but after humiliating herself twice today, she didn't want a repeat of events. Looking over at some coats, she couldn't help but wonder why she even went. Was it simply because Subaru invited her? Or was it because she didn't want Misora to have another "date" with him? Or both? Shopping wasn't something Luna did that often. Sure, she'd order things from time to time and once in a while have a shopping trip, but most of the time, her parents just bought her things and sent them as compensation for them not being there, so it was rare that Luna would go to the store and see things that she liked that she didn't already have. While she has a good deal of money, she tried to only spend it on things she wanted or needed, and the only time Luna had done otherwise was when she was hoping "her Rockman" would come back with plenty of deliveries for her, after all, she'd give everything just to be with him. It's too bad Luna knew that wasn't nearly enough.

Luna's thoughts were interrupted as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Letting out a small yell, she turned behind nervously to see Subaru, feeling somewhat embarrassed for scaring her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to catch you off guard..." Subaru started.

"I-it's okay..." Luna stuttered, crossing her arms. Making a fool of herself seemed to be becoming natural today.

"Sheesh. Was there any reason to react like that?" Misora snapped.

"I was just distracted." Luna shot back.

"You shouldn't even be here. Like there's anything you need, you're a rich princess."

"Me? I could say the same for you, Miss Pop Star."

"Well, maybe I just want to hang out with my friend at a store."

"Well, maybe I want to do the very same."

The two continued glaring and Misora was about to say something before Subaru stepped between them and pushed them toward the elevator. Sadly, even inside, some bickering remained and Subaru could do nothing, but sigh.

"Hey, War Rock...Why do you think they keep fighting?" Subaru asked. He didn't understand why they wouldn't just get along.

"Beats me. I'm not from here. Females on this planet are weird, not that they're much better in space."

Subaru sighed once more. He figured War Rock wouldn't be able to give him much advice, but he was hoping they could get along at some point. The two girls finally stopped as the Elevator rang, letting them know they had hit the top floor. The trio headed on out, and began to think of where to go first.

"So, any opinions or just anything?" Subaru asked, looking at his two friends, both who still seemed quite angry.

"Doesn't matter." Misora mumbled.

"You can pick." Luna added.

" about games first then?" Subaru suggested, wanting to get the tension removed as soon as possible. The two girls agreed and with that, the trio headed toward the games which might just make things a bit less...tense. The three were finally getting somewhat along, at least for now. Luna was doing well knocking down milk bottles, Subaru could easily get the balls into the baskets and hoops, and Misora took care of balloon popping and various luck-based games. They were finally relaxing and having fun, of course, that didn't last too long.

"Look, it's Misora-chan!" A random kid exclaimed, running over to the pop idol. "I'm your biggest fan!"

"It's nice to meet you!" Misora exclaimed, trying to be as excited as the kid. She loved her fans and all, but she wanted to have her own time too. Sadly, more people kept running over, yelling about "Misora-chan" being there and Luna and Subaru were pushed back from the crowd.

"Should we do something else?" Luna asked, as the crowd became larger by the second.

"Probably...Misora-chan is pretty devoted to her fans so..."

The two were pushed back further until they hit a man. "Oh, I'm sorry!" The two said in unison, as the old man looked over the crowd, not realizing they even shoved into him.

"Huh? Oh right, it's fine. What's the big deal with that? Misora-chan or something?"

"Y-yeah..." Subaru responded.

"Well, how about you two go on my ride if you're not into that kind of stuff?"

"We don't have any tickets." Luna started.

"Yeah, so we can't go on the rid--"

"Oh, please, don't worry about it. The ride will be closed early if nobody is on it, so go ahead." The man said, pushing the two inside one of the small gondolas. "Have fun!"

Luna just stared as the man closed the door and the wheel began to move. They were on the ferris wheel together and she had no idea what to say. Silence had filled the room and the room wasn't exactly that big.

"Are you okay?" Subaru asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Y-yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Luna asked, a bit surprised.

"You do get some motion sickness, don't you?"

"Only a little, I'm fine, really." Luna responded.

Subaru looked toward her, noticing her glance out the window. She seemed to be avoiding his gaze most of the day and he didn't understand why. "Inchou, can you look at me a second?"

"Why?" Luna asked, a bit confused at the request. Nonetheless, she turned her head, her eyes meeting his and her heart beating quickly as she noticed his face happened to be only a few inches away. His hands avoided her from looking away and she had no idea what to do, she felt her heart taking over any common sense she may have had left.

"Are you sure you're okay? You've been distant today."

"I-I'm f-fine..." Luna stuttered, staring into his eyes. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid...calm down, relax...' Luna tried to tell herself, but her heart wouldn't slow down, the beating became rapid and heavier. She felt her eyes begin to close and her face move closer to his. She could feel his breath on her face...but it was all short lived as the ferris wheel came to a stop and the door was opened by no other than Misora.

"What are you two doing?!" She exclaimed, causing the two to jump back. "I thought we weren't going on the ferris wheel."

"The man invited us on because the line emptied up as everyone ran over to you..." Luna mumbled.

"Seriously..." Misora mumbled.

Subaru just stared, the events not really clicking with him yet. Everything just kept replaying back in his mind.

The trio left a few hours later and headed home. Luna got ready for bed and headed under the blankets, resting her head on the pillow. "He didn't realize anything, right?" She said aloud to nobody in particular. She was so close, and she hadn't decided if it was better that nothing happened or not. Shaking her head, she figured he probably didn't, after all, it was Subaru they were talking about...He was far from perfect when it came to these kinds of things.


Subaru stared up as his ceiling from his bed, still thinking over the events that day. It wouldn't leave his mind at all.

"Hey, Subaru..."

"What is it, War Rock?"

"Are you okay? You've been sort of...distracted the last few hours."

"I'm fine. It's just...did she...?" He shook his head, it had been haunting him for the last few hours. What was she going to do? What even happened? It was almost like a dream, it went by quickly.

"Did she what? You mean Inchou?"

"Yeah, Luna...erm...Inchou." War Rock snickered at his use of her name, as Subaru blushed slightly. "What did you think, War Rock?"

"How should I know? I always zone you two out when you start acting funny."

"Thanks a lot." Subaru mumbled, as he closed his eyes. Maybe he was just thinking too much, or hoping too much at the least.

High up in the wave roads, the Virus looked down at them, having watched them for the day. "Research complete. Purple haired girl seen and scanned, seems to have feelings for human boy as well and also be somewhat important. Can merge with Harp. Plan to be prepared, will keep updates posted.

End of Chapter 10~

Yep, that ends Chapter 10. And I'm so happy to get this chapter over with -___- I actually lost it AGAIN, but saved some of it...I took a nap after as to not want to kill people, but yeah, like I said, this chapter was a huge pain. Thank god it's done.

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