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Hi everyone. For those who forgot or didn't know, the story was on hold for a bit as my boyfriend came to visit. As it's a long distance relationship, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like to, so I've been trying to spend a lot of my time with him and writing is one of the few things I really need to do on it's own so I can sit down and gather everything together. He actually doesn't leave until the 23rd of this month (This Saturday), but I can't sleep (and he is asleep already) and I rather not cry myself to sleep, so I'm writing instead. Sorry for the wait, but once he leaves, chapters will be back on their usual schedule.

Also, I'd like it to be known I will NOT be writing every single day. There will be a "few days later" chapters and whatnot :P Deal with it.

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Two Years - Chapter 9

"Come on, everyone, wake up..." A voice came to the sleeping group. Two got up quickly, but three still wanted to sleep longer. "Let's go, everybody get up. The pancakes will get cold otherwise."

The voice was no other than Akane. Gonta and Kizamaro had already headed to the table. Subaru sat up and let out a large yawn as he rubbed his eyes. He was quickly followed by Misora and Luna who reacted similar. "It seems some of you didn't get too much sleep." Akane commented, as she walked over to the table, the three following behind her. Taking seats, pancakes were served.

"Sheesh, you three look horrible." Gonta commented, looking over at them. Their hair was a mess, they had bags under their eyes, and looked like they'd fall asleep within seconds.

"I have to agree. We all went to bed together, didn't we? Want the heck happened to you three?" Kizamaro added.

"I was about to ask the same thing." Akane said, a smirk on her face as she served the pancakes.

"Well...I just couldn't sleep." Luna said softly, looking down at her plate.

The other two just pointed to their transers, groaning. "You know how bossy War Rock tends to be, mom."

"And Harp wasn't much better." Misora mumbled.

Akane just laughed. "Well, next time, try going to sleep earlier and it won't matter." She then turned toward Gonta and Kizamaro. "And you two need to realize as soon as you finish, you'll have to head home. I may have let you stay over, but I'm sure your parents will have something to say about staying late somewhere and not calling." She turned back to Subaru. "Similar can be said to you young man."

The three boys blushed slightly and turned to their food, their eating pace sped up rapidly. Luna couldn't help but laugh a bit as she took a small bite. Most of her appetite wasn't there yet, as she was still quite tired.

"Misora-chi!" A voice came. Misora looked toward her transer and saw Cancer waving constantly. "Misora-chi, you have to practice-buku! So hurry up, buku!"

"Oi...Cancer! I told you there's plenty of time! It's not until the middle of this week!"

"Your manager told me to make sure you practice every day-buku!"

"I don't care what that stupid head says!" Misora exclaimed, taking a large bite from one of the pancakes.

"B-but Misora-chi!"

"Fine, fine, I'll be back when I finish breakfast." And with that, Misora hung up before Cancer could get another word in.

The rest of breakfast managed to go by somewhat nicely, with Gonta and Kizamaro finishing first and Misora finishing soon after. Misora headed out, a bit frustrated, as Cancer had constantly called her on and off.

Luna finally finished up and took her plate, bringing to to the kitchen. She was the last one done, probably because she couldn't help but zone out. She figured today would be a good day to start a search for somewhere else to collect her thoughts, one thing she learned from the issue with Ophiuchus and her parents was that it wasn't great to just ignore things and pretend everything was okay, she had to have some time to talk it out with herself. Luna quickly changed, did her hair, waved good bye and thanked them. She then made the trip to her house.

Luna just sighed. She hated how long it always felt making the trip. It wasn't far at all, but it always seemed further when she wished she could just stay longer. Arriving at her house, she opened the door and just dropped her bag, wanting to get a head start. Even though she could look a bit this coming week too, seeing how they were off, it kind of made her sad, after all, that meant one entire week with no excuse to see Subaru at all, and she knew that going to see him for any other reason never worked out well. Luna thought back to that day, the day she thought would be her last there. Even though she went to his door and had done it several times, she couldn't do it again. Instead, she ended up following them and making a fool of herself.

The young blonde looked up, realizing she had reached the station during her thoughts. There were plenty of nice solitude places here, right? Or at least she hoped so. If worse came to worse, she could find some places that were about an hour away. It wasn't always bad riding around with others, after all. Sometimes, company could be good, even with strangers.

All the stops happened to have nice locations on this train, and noticing how it was mostly empty, Luna smiled. After all, it was Saturday, if there weren't many people, it had to be a somewhat quiet place, right?

Too bad logic doesn't always work. Luna got off at the first stop and looked around. It was a playground with lots of little kids running around. She couldn't help but sigh as she watched them run back and forth, playing on many things. Noticing a swing in the corner, she figured it couldn't hurt to at least give it a try.

Luna walked over to it and took a seat. She slowly began to rock herself forward and back, closing her eyes to finally get some peace. Sure, there may have been a bunch of kids running around, but it seemed to be going okay. Luna finally felt at peace...and it quickly ended just as fast as it began. One of the boy's began tugging at her hair, snickering at it.

"H-hey, stop it!" Luna exclaimed, turning toward the boy. She didn't know what to say, after all, the kid looked no older than five.

"Why? You shouldn't be here! Too old!" The boy responded, other kids coming up and nodding in agreement.

Luna just sighed, but decided not to bother arguing with them and just to leave. After all, stress wasn't really needed, now was it? Unknown to her, however, she was being watched.

Up above, the virus from the other night was watching her every move, scanning her actions. "Yellow haired human girl does not equal purple haired one. Purple haired human girl that supposedly is important as well is different person than one located." The virus said to itself as it scanned her. "Seems confused. More to be known before figuring out which to blast."

And with that, Luna was back on the train again. The next stop happened to be quite a bit away, so the girl closed her eyes, letting her mind sleep off.

Luna awoke sometime later, the sound of the bell ringing through her ears. Getting off, she looked around. It was abandoned, completely alone, but it seemed she was in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing off in the distance. Just a cliff. Sighing, she figured she might want to go somewhere a bit...safer and with some sense of life in it. Luna sighed and waiting for the next train, as she watched the sun begin to set.

It had been at least an hour by the time the next train arrived. Getting on, she took a deep sign. It seemed she had wasted a day trying to do anything. Taking a seat, Luna leaned her head back, looking up toward the ceiling of the train car. 'I wonder what he's doing now...' She thought to herself. His dark chocolate eyes seemed to have been permanently left on her brain, that look of concern he's had for her recently.

Luna shook her head, while she'd like to jump to conclusions, or even assume, she knew he was just somebody to worry about people and that it was nothing more, no matter how much she wished for it to be and for once, something that ended up proving her wrong.

By the time the train arrived, it was already dark. The stars had just started showing up, and Luna had started walking home, or at least so she thought. Luna was caught up in so many of her thoughts, when she finally opened her eyes, she realized she wasn't at her house at all.

Luna looked around, wondering exactly where she ended up walking to. The sights were familiar and as she thought about it some more, she realized exactly where she happened to have gone--Vista Point.

'What am I doing here?!' Luna quickly thought to herself, her heart began to race. It was a peaceful place, but this place was his place, not hers, and for that very reason. With a quick note, she quickly began to head off, but was stopped as she ran into someone, nearly knocking them over.

"Inchou?" A familiar voice asked. His arms had wrapped around the nervous blonde girl, keeping them from falling to the floor.

"H-Hoshikawa-kun..." Luna mumbled softly, quickly moving out of his embrace. She wished she could've stayed there, but she knew she couldn't. Trying to hide her embarrassment, she made a quick comment. "What are you doing here?" Luna demanded, avoiding eye contact.

"Me? I come here every night! Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

"I...I...I-umm..." Luna just stood there. Her face becoming hot and unable to even look at him. She stared down at her feet before mumbling an answer. "I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"No, I don't." Luna repeated, finally looking into his eyes. Those deep dark brown pools that she couldn't help but fall into. Shaking her head, she looked away once more. "But I'll be going now, after all this is your spot."

She began to storm passed him, but was stopped as she felt a grip on her wrist. "You can stay if you want." Subaru said softly, looking toward his friend.

Luna paused, not sure what to say. After a few moments, she finally was able to regain her composure. "F-fine, but only because I was here first anyway."

Subaru gave a smile as the two walked over to the fence. Looking up at the stars, no words were said. It was as if just the company of the other was enough to say everything, except of course, feelings that were deep in the heart. A few hours passed, and Subaru decided to walk her home, after all, he did sort of ask her to stay, that was what a guy should do, right? Or at least he thought so.

The walk to Luna's house was almost as silent as the time at Vista Point. Eventually, Luna managed to say something "Thank you for letting me stay and walking me home."

"No problem. It's not really that bad when you're not yelling at me about something."

Luna clutched her fists. "What's that supposed to mean?! I'm not always yelling at you!"

"You just did." War Rock stated.

"Nobody asked you, War Rock." Luna replied.

Subaru just sighed. It was short-lived, but he still found the situation somewhat interesting. "Can you two both just calm down?"

"Fine, but only because it's late." Luna stated softly. Reaching the door, Luna opened the door and began heading inside. Waving good bye and saying Thank you once more, she was about to close the door when she heard one word: "Inchou."

Opening the door slightly, she looked at Subaru who was still there. "What is it?" Luna asked, a bit confused at what he needed to tell her. She felt her heart slightly skip a beat as she stared into his eyes once more.

"Next time, do something because you want to do so, not someone else." Subaru said softly. He felt that was something she needed to understand, that she didn't need to care so much about what other people wanted her to do, but about what she wanted.

He waved to her as Luna closed the door. She couldn't even think of something to say. Luna shook her head as she leaned against the closed door. Looking up, she felt herself slide down to the floor. "Stupid...I don't need any of your advice." She said aloud to nobody in particular. "But..."

Luna let out a heavy sigh, bringing her knees to her chest. "...Subaru-kun..." The young girl whispered softly to herself. "Daisuki."

End of Chapter 9~

And that ends Chapter 9 :D Yay. This chapter is a bit short, but isn't too much of a filler as you can see how much Luna needs to find somewhere to let out her feelings of how much she cares for Subaru. The next few chapters will center a bit more on her looking for a special place along with her heart trying to get her to let Subaru know, without her realizing it.

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