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Chapter 8 now! Yay! This chapter will be one of the first to have a bit more of the plot development besides just the romance stuff because I said so :P And that's how it goooes~ After all, just romance isn't that much fun without comedy, adventure, STUFF! So on with the fic :P

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Two Years - Chapter 8

"Would you rather just go to bed, then?" Subaru asked before yawning, staring at his blonde-haired friend.

"I'm not tired yet." Subaru just let out a sigh as Luna continued. "I don't need your company, so you're more than welcome to go back to bed."

"But you're in my room."

"Then I'll stand in the hallway." Luna replied simply, walking passed him, but she suddenly paused when she heard War Rock.

"Hey! Subaru! That feeling is back."

"What is he talking about?" Luna asked.

The lights quickly began to flicker on and off. "What's going on?"

"It's a virus, and a big one too." War Rock explained as Subaru ran up the stairs. Luna quickly followed him.

"Inchou." Subaru started as he turned to her. "Stay here, okay?"


"It's too dangerous."

Luna just sighed. This one at least one thing she had to listen to. Stepping away from him, she just watched.

"Denpa-Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!" And with that, Subaru was engulfed in a green light. When it separated, Rockman was standing there and Luna felt her knees go weak. As much as she could deny falling for Hoshikawa Subaru, how much love she felt for 'her beloved Rockman-sama' was undeniable. Even if she knew her feelings has transferred over, seeing how Luna knew that her Rockman and Hoshikawa Subaru were one of the same, she was just hoping no one else would make that connection, at least, not until she was ready to tell him. Luna watched Rockman go out the window, hoping everything would be okay.


"Are you sure this is a virus?" Subaru asked, looking at the large figure. He couldn't really make out what it was, as it seemed to be hiding it's appearance.

"It's definitely giving off more power than one, but that's what my readings are telling me. Just give it all you got, Subaru!"

The virus looked at the boy and began to scan him. "Human Boy. Merged with War Rock. Supposedly Powerful." The virus mumbled to itself before letting out a laser right toward Subaru.

Subaru quickly jumped out of the way, missing the laser by a few inches. "His attacks are fast..."

"Well, don't worry about that now, just attack!"

"R-right! Gatling gun!" Subaru called, his hand changing form. Holding it steady, he began to shoot at the virus. "It doesn't seem to be doing anything!" Subaru exclaimed as he began to run out of ammo.

"Try something else then!" War Rock exclaimed.

"Fire Bazooka!" Subaru let out a few charged blasts, but they still seemed to be worthless. "Flame wheel!" Yet again, no luck. It seemed to go right through it, yet not leave any pain or effect.

"Whatever it is that it's using to hide it's appearance might be the cause of that..."

"You could've told me that!"

"Seems to have many abilities...and the tendency to talk to himself." The virus mumbled again as his scan continued. He began to shoot another laser.

"Well, it was worth a sho--Subaru watch out!"

"Wha--" Before much could be done, Subaru had been hit by the laser at full force. Screaming out in pain, he landed with a large thud.

"Rockman-sama!" Luna's voice called as she exited out the window. Running over to him, she bent down by his side." Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine.." Subaru started as he began to sit up.

The virus stared at the two and looked toward Luna, it's scan starting up again. "Human Girl. No other data known." And with that, the virus shot another laser.

"Subaru!" War Rock called. Subaru quickly saw the laser and pinned Luna down.

"What are yo--" But she paused as she saw the laser fly right over them.

"I told you to stay inside!" Subaru exclaimed as he got off her and stood up.

"I couldn't just stand there and not make sure you were okay!" Luna yelled back as Subaru helped her up. "Did you expect me just not care?!"

The virus quickly began to shoot more lasers. "Can't you two finish this later?!" War Rock exclaimed as Subaru grabbed Luna's hand. "Just run!"

"There isn't exactly much room to run, War Rock! And I can't just leave her!" Subaru responded trying to dodge as many as he could. Eventually the lasers stopped and the Subaru let go of the blonde's hand. The two stood there, catching their breath.

The virus looked at them once more and scanned Luna again. "Seems to be important to human boy." It began charging up a shot, aiming much more carefully this time.

"Do you think it's gone?" Luna asked.

"Ye--" But Subaru paused as he saw a laser much bigger than the ones they had dodged heading right towards them. He quickly enclosed Luna in a tight embrace. "Barrier!"

And with that shot, the two fell to their knees as the barrier vanished. "It's gone." War Rock said as Subaru changed back.

"Are you okay?" Subaru asked, looking at the shaken up girl still in his arms.

"I'm fine." Luna replied softly. She didn't mean to cause more trouble for him, and yet, that was exactly what she did.

At that moment, Harp Note came out from the window. "Is everybody okay? What happened? Did I miss anythi--" She paused when she saw Subaru and Luna on the ground, still in the tight embrace. "What are you two doing?!"

Subaru quickly let go of Luna, a tint of pink on his cheeks, as he stood up. "She was fired at twice."

Luna sighed softly, not even sure of what to say as she got herself up.

"What took you two so long anyway? We could of used the help!" War Rock said.

"She was fast asleep! And besides, I don't get readings as fast." Harp explained.

"Why is she here anyway?! She can't do anything!" Misora exclaimed.

"She was already awake. She couldn't sleep, so she went to my room."

Misora groaned as she changed back. "Did you at least take care of it?"

"It got away. I couldn't do anything to it anyway." Subaru said softly.

Misora turned to say something to Luna, but noticed she wasn't there. "Where'd she go?"

"I think she went back inside." Subaru replied.

"She really needs to get her act together."

"Inchou was just worried."

"Yeah, but she's just made it harder for us. You need to be harder on her."

"She just wanted to try and do something."

"But you and I both know it's a waste."

"No effort, no matter how small, is a waste, Misora-chan."

"Subaru-kun.." Misora said quietly, only loud enough for her to hear.

And with that, the two headed inside. Subaru made sure to close the window behind them.

"So, let's get to bed before we end up not getting any sleep tonight." Misora began as she headed down the stairs, Subaru not far behind. "Your mom won't be happy if she sees us still up and it'll be obvious if we didn't get any sleep." She turned to look at him, but noticed Subaru seemed to be distracted. "Are you even listening?!"

Subaru snapped out of his thoughts and looked over to Misora, who seemed to be annoyed. "Sorry. I was just wondering about that virus. I'm not sure what was with it."

"Yeah, it was weird. It didn't even seem to actually be there when you attacked, but it attacked back no problem." War Rock added. "There's also the fact that it's last two shots were aimed at that girl rather than you."

"Speaking of Inchou...I should probably look for her."

"She probably just went back to bed, so let's go." Misora said simply.

Subaru sighed, but decided they should at least check first before he looked a bit. The two headed down the hall, making sure to be quiet as to not wake Akane.

Looking over at Gonta and Kizamaro, Gonta was still snoring away and Kizamaro was drooling. Subaru couldn't decide if he was surprised or not, afterall, they managed to sleep through three people getting up, not to mention both War Rock's and Harp's yelling.

"Okay, so maybe you were right thinking she wasn't here." Misora said, noticing the empty pink sleeping bag on the floor.

"She had said she wasn't tired, so I didn't think she'd suddenly be tired after that." Subaru thought back to a second. She didn't say a word, not even when Misora had shown up. Being quiet was odd for her, especially when Misora was starting to argue. Subaru headed back down the hall before Misora could get in another word, heading to the bathroom. He knocked on the door and waited, knowing there probably wasn't anywhere else in the house she'd be.

"Come in." A voice came. It was barely audible and the sound of running water soon followed. Subaru opened the door to see Luna, washing her face at the sink. "What is it, Hoshikawa-kun?" Luna asked, looking over to him at the corner of her eyes.

"You ran off when Misora-chan showed up and you didn't seem well either time when the virus fired at you..."

"Oh, yes, because when a monster fires at me I should be smiling, waiting for me demise."

"That wasn't what I meant.."

"If you want to just lecture me some more, than do it!" Luna exclaimed, her voice sounded raspy and Subaru could swear she had to have been crying. "How many times has it been now? That you'd had to go and save me after I did something stupid?"

Both looked towards Subaru's transer, almost expecting something from War Rock. "What?" A voice finally came. "I'm not that bad."

"See. Even War Rock doesn't want to say anything." Luna remarked, turning away from him.

"Look, it might've been a reckless thing to do, but I'd have done the same thing."

"Would you have really? You're Rockman, you've always protected me."

"Even as Rockman, there are times I wasn't able to help until the very end, and you know that. I didn't get to stop you from Ophiuchus or when that one Jammer had you surrounded."

"I don't think you would've been able to stop me from that. But you still tried with the Jammer. You went off to protect me...And I thought you were really cool when you did that." Luna paused, turning towards him. "Would you have still have tried? Even if you weren't Rockman?"

"I probably would have, afterall, what I said wasn't a lie."

Luna let out a small smile, wiping out any tears that were left in her eyes. "In that case, you shouldn't say anything to me if I try to help!" She exclaimed, her stubbornness suddenly coming back.

"I'll still say something."

"Well, be nicer about it."

Subaru just stared, but couldn't help and smile as he could see she was beginning to calm down. Luna let out a small yawn, finally starting to feel somewhat tired.

"Are you ready to sleep now?" Subaru asked, noticing as her expression on her face changed. She nodded slowly. "Then let's get to bed before my mom gets up."

And with that, the two headed back to the living room, not realizing something was still watching them.

End of Chapter 8

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