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Yay! Chapter 6. Mostly because my cousin is mean and is keeping me up. So yeah, beware of grammar and spelling issues >_>

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Two Years - Chapter 6

Subaru carried out the last sundae, placing it on the table and turned to look at Luna. "Are you sure you don't want one?"

"I'm fine. I need to finish my homework anyway." Luna stated as Subaru took a seat next to her. Gonta and Kizamaro had taken the chairs while Misora was on the otherside of Luna, much to both girls' dismay.

"Inchou! Why are you doing homework? It's the weekend, you can do it Sunday. You should just be enjoying ice cream with us!" Gonta exclaimed.

"Well, unlike you, I don't enjoy putting things off." Luna said, watching Gonta play with the remote again. He had been changing the channel every so often, causing Luna to sigh. In a way, she liked the noise, afterall, it didn't feel as empty as usual, but at the same time, she was so used to lack of sound, it was somewhat annoying, especially when she was trying her best to work on her homework. Eventually, she couldn't take it anymore and stood up. "I'm going to head to my room, okay? I'll be back when I finish up."

And with that, she left the room. The four just stared at the door, wondering if they should check on her or not. "Gonta, why don't you go?" Kizamaro suggested.

"Me? She hates when I bother her. You go, she can stand you more."

"Why me? She'll be able to throw me out of her room with no effort!"

"We could just leave her." Misora suggested.

"That just might make her more angry though." Gonta stated.

"Yeah, she's confusing." Kizamaro added.

Subaru couldn't agree more with that statement, but the grin on his face quickly vanished upon the next suggestion. "Subaru-kun, you should go!"

"What?! Why me, Kizamaro-kun?"

"Well, I don't think she'd respond to Misora-chan well and you're the only one left."

"I think I bothered her enough today though..." Subaru said softly.

"Yeah, but she doesn't usually hate you as much when you bug her."

"I beg to differ."

"Like I said, you could just leave her alone." Misora repeated.

"We'll wait a bit and if she doesn't come back, I'll check on her, okay?" Subaru suggested.

The three decided to agree and with that, continued their little "party".


Luna laid on her stomach, quickly going through her homework. It didn't really take her long to do and even though she was able to work best in quiet areas, Luna had no problem with noisy ones either, most of her homework had been finished in class. As she answered the last problem, she rested her pencil down between the book and laid back on her bed, thinking of what Subaru had asked her earlier.

"So, Inchou, are you okay with all this?"

That line kept repeating. She should be, right? Luna had known the two boys for years, but she was afraid, the last thing she wanted was some of her best friends suddenly only liking her because of her house, but they liked her before then, right? So it shouldn't make a difference... At least, Luna hoped it wouldn't. Getting up from her bed, she started putting her books away. She only had to do one more thing and then she figured it'd be best to head back. It was pretty rude of her to just leave them there, but she wanted some time to clear her head. Heading over to her piano, she lifted the cover, revealing the ivory keys. As she sat down, Luna heard a knock on the door. "Come in." She said softly as the door opened.

"Gonta-kun and Kizamaro-kun asked me to check on you." Subaru said. "Are you busy? I can tell them you're praticing."

"I just sat down. And it's only scales, nothing too much. C Scale, D Scale, E Scale, F Scale, G Scale, A Scale, and B Scale." Luna explained, her fingers quickly going over the keys. "It helps with coordination."

"So...nobody did anything wrong?" Subaru asked.

"No. I just practice piano in my room is all. Plus, I was just finishing up my homework too." Luna replied. Finishing up within a few minutes, she closed the piano once more, pushing the seat under it. "But honestly, what is with everyone worrying about me lately?" She asked, heading out the door.

"Well, you're the one who decided to change your whole look to begin with and seeing how it's their first time in your house, they're probably both a little nervous." Subaru responded, following her making sure to close the door behind him. The two began walking down the hall back to the sitting room.

"Were you nervous when you first came?"

"Not until you started yelling at me for looking at your transer."

"Well, it stopped you from looking again."

"Seeing how we became brothers soon after, it's not like I had to look in again that way..."

"But you did remove it at one point and threfore, you would've had to."

"But I also apologized and re-added you, didn't I?"

"That doesn't mean you won't do it again though." Luna said, turning the knob to the sitting room.

"It's about time you two got back!" Misora exclaimed. "What took so long this time?"

"Someone is overly stubborn..." Subaru mumbled as he received a swift kick to the leg. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"You know what." Luna responded, shrugging her shoulders as she took her seat back on the couch. "I think we know eachother well enough that I can consider you on the same level of Kizamaro and Gonta, Hoshikawa-kun."

"Then why do you keep calling me Hoshikawa-kun?"


Subaru sighed in defeat. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered arguing with her. She was the only one who didn't call him by his first name, on the otherhand, it wasn't like he called Luna by her name either...on the otherhand, he couldn't think of anybody who did. Even to most adults, she was either "Shirogane-san" or "Inchou".

"So, what would everybody like to do?" Luna asked.

"Video games! On that giant big screen! With surround sound!" Gonta exclaimed, excitement in his voice.

"Yeah, with lots of music and stuff!" Kizamaro added.

"And Karaoke!" Misora stated.

"Game room, then." Luna said softly as she started picked up the empty bowls. "I'm just going to take these inside and then you can all follow me, okay?"

The other four nodded as Subaru stood up, taking two of the bowls to help Luna carry into the kitchen.

"I could've got all four myself, you know." Luna said as she pushed the door to the kitchen open.

"I know, I know." Subaru responded, as he rolled his eyes. The two placed the bowls into the sink and headed back to the sitting room.

"So, is everyone ready?" Luna asked, only to receive several nods from Kizamaro and Gonta. "Then this way..."

And with that, the group of five headed down the hall. After passing a few doors, they finally stopped at a large double door. Opening it, the other four couldn't help but stare at their surroundings. It was like a giant party room and yet, it didn't seem to be used much. Several game systems sat at the foot of a large television on the wall. A few smaller TVs were on the left so if anyone wanted to play a different game, they could. To the right was a mini stage with a small karaoke set. Luna took a seat on the couch in front of the large TV as the other four started looking around.

"This is awesome!" Kizamaro and Gonta said in unison. "What should we play first?"

"I want to play Cows R Us." Gonta said, picking up the game from the pile.

"That's a dumb game." Kizamaro said as he pulled out a game. "How about this? Math Century?"

"Why would we play that?! We're not in school!" Gonta exclaimed.

"Well, I want to play this..." Subaru said, holding up a game.

"Everlasting Space?" Kizamaro questioned. "I don't know, Math Century would be so much better..."

"Pfft...Cows R Us is better than both those games put together!" Gonta exclaimed.

"You can each play the game you want. You just need to decide who gets this television and who has to play on the smaller ones." Luna shrugged. Misora, meanwhile, was perfectly fine over at karaoke, afterall, music was her passion, especially when she got to do it for fun.

"Well, how are we supposed to decide that?" Gonta asked.

"I'll think of a number between one and ten and whoever gets closest will use this TV, okay?" Luna suggested. The three agreed. "Alright then." Luna took out a piece of paper and a pencil from the corner which they had in the case of keeping score. She quickly wrote down a number and folded the paper. "Okay, so each of you guess. Kizamaro?"






Luna unfolded the paper to show she had written the number "1" on it. "So Hoshikawa-kun gets it."

"Yes!" Subaru cheered. He hadn't been able to find this game anywhere and now, not only did he get to play it, he got to play it on a screen like this. Gonta and Kizamaro sighed, but began to set up the games for the smaller television.

Subaru took a seat next to Luna, who watched as he started the game up. She smiled as everybody seemed to be having fun. Misora was out of her hair, Gonta and Kizamaro were having fun with the games, and she could just see the delight on Subaru's face when it came to anything space-related. Luna let out a small yawn, feeling somewhat tired. She had been feeling so stressed lately that now that she had finally started to relax, the stress had worn her out. Watching Subaru play the game, she felt her eyes grow heavy and her head fall onto his shoulder. Subaru looked to his left as he felt a thud on his arm to see his blonde haired friend fast asleep and smiled softly as he headed back to the game, unaware just how late it was becoming...

End of Chapter 6

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