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Well, after talking to a friend of mine and getting my mind cleared, I figured I'd start writing chapter 5 anyway. I have a bit more of a steady mind and everything planned out, so this will hopefully go a bit faster. It just might be short as a majority of it was supposed to be merged with chapter 4.

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Two Years - Chapter 5

The rest of the day went quickly for Luna. Now, she couldn't even relax at home...but, maybe, it wouldn't be too bad...or at least she hoped it wouldn't. Packing her things for the trip home, Luna glanced over to Gonta and Kizamaro talking about "how cool" her house would probably be and couldn't help, but smile a bit. They were a bit odd, but she did care about them a lot and they were always going to be her friends.

"So, inchou, are you okay with all this?" Subaru asked, now standing over Luna's desk.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Luna asked, but Subaru just gave her a 'You know exactly why' look. "I'm sure it'll be fine..." She continued, before saying in a lower voice "At least I hope so..."

"So, are we just going to stay in the classroom, or get going?" Misora asked, up by the front of the class.

"Of course! Let's go, Inchou!" Kizamaro exclaimed as he headed over to Misora with Gonta following close behind. And with that, the trip to Luna's house began.

A few minutes later...

"Here we are..." Luna said softly as she unlocked the door.

The five of them stepped into a large room, with many photos on the wall and a nice warm setting. There were a few couches and a large television, along with one long hallway that had many doors.

"Wow! So which is your place, Inchou?" Gonta asked, looking down the hall.

"This is my house, Gonta." Luna said softly. "The whole thing. My family owns it."

"So, all of this is yours?" Kizamaro asked, looking around the house. "Where's your parents?"

"Business trip, like always." Luna mumbled. "You can all explore if you like. My room is the last one on the left and the kitchen is the second room on the right. The sitting room is the first room on the right while the bathroom is straight across. Most of the other rooms are just guest rooms or other kind of sitting rooms, depending on what we want to watch..."

"Then what's this room?" Gonta asked.

"It's just where my parents usually hold any meetings."

"And you have no maids or butlers?" Kizamaro asked.

"They only work when I'm at school, so I never really see them." Luna replied. "For now, I guess the sitting room would be the best place to start, so follow me."

The group headed through the double-white door to a nicely colored room with light blue walls and reddish orange carpeting. There was a large orange couch in the middle with a table before it and two orange chairs across from it. The windows were covered by orange curtains and behind the large couch happened to be a small black table with lamps on each side and a plant in the middle and a large painting above it. To the side of the couch, there was a large white fireplace with a painting above it and a large grandfather clock to its right. The chandelier hanging above gave most of the light in the room.

"I've been here before..." Subaru said softly, looking around.

"Yes, you have, delivery boy." Luna stated as she rolled her eyes. "I'm surprised you remember it so well."

"It's not like I see houses and rooms like this all the time."

Luna just shrugged in response. "Anyway, I'm going to make some tea, okay? So you four can just have fun here."

"Well, we might as well at least take a look at the kitchen real quick." Misora said.

"If you want to, I guess." Luna responded, as she headed towards the kitchen, the other four close in tow. The kitchen wasn't too impressive, it was elegantly designed and had many counters with several appliances and a large island in the center.

Gonta quickly looked through some of the drawers at some of the dishes. "Wow, these are huge! We could have giant ice cream sundaes!"

The other four just looked at him with a blank expression on their faces, unsure of what to say. "You always think about food, Gonta-kun..." Kizamaro said as he watched Gonta begin to look through the fridge. "Though...giant ice cream sundaes do sound pretty cool..."

"Let's see...cherries, check, whip cream, check, hot fudge, check...." Gonta started. "Ice cream....Inchou! You have no ice cream!"

"Really?" Luna asked. In reality though, she wasn't that surprised. She never really made herself sundaes at home and usually, if she ever had ice cream, it was on some baked good for an " la mode" or just a small cone at an outing.

"We have to buy some!" Kizamaro stated, now getting into the idea of giant ice cream sundaes. He then paused, looking over to his blonde-headed friend. "If it's okay with you, Inchou..."

"It's fine. You two are guests, if you want ice cream, you can go and get it." Luna said simply. Even if she thought they were being insane, they were guests and that didn't change the fact that they were her friends too.

"Then let's go! Misora-chan, you should come too so you can help us decide what ice cream we should get!" Kizamaro said.

"Are you sure? Maybe I should stay here..." Misora said nervously.

"No, it'll be so cool! Going down the aisles, looking for ice cream with you, it'll be great!" Gonta exclaimed.

"Yeah! And maybe we'll even find the ice cream with you on the container!"

Misora laughed nervously as the two excited boys dragged her out of the house, heading towards the grocery store to get ice cream.

"And those two are your friends?" War Rock asked.

"Yep, pretty much. You get used to them...well, sort of."

"Well, you can make the tea now." Subaru said.

"Oh, right..." Luna had almost forgotten about that after the commotion. "Are you going to leave this time, too?"

"I only left because I had other places to go! And I did come back."

"Yes, but your tea was cold and you left right after I signed." Luna responded back, crossing her arms.

'And she calls me impossible...' Subaru thought to himself, before remembering something. "There was something I wanted to ask you though."

"What?" Luna asked, placing the water on the stove to boil.

"What's with the outfit? And the hair?" Subaru asked, studying her once more.

"Nothing really. I just felt like being unique." Luna lied.

"If that's true, then why the change? It just makes you look like nearly everyone else in the class."

"Well, I meant unique for me, as War Rock put it."

"If you say so, but I just think it's odd."

"Why is it odd?"

"Because you're still you and it's easy to tell wearing something like that isn't comfortable for you."

"Not to mention you're not exactly one to go along with the crowd..." War Rock added.

"If you two have to keep arguing about my clothes, then what do you prefer to see on a girl, Hoshikawa-kun?"

"Me? Why me?"

"Because you're the one who had to say something and I don't think War Rock could give a real answer, seeing how he isn't human." Luna stated in a factual tone.

"Erm...well, I don't think it matters. Just something they're comfortable with I guess. I mean, she could just wear a gown or something or a t-shirt and pants or even nothing and I don't think it'd matter. I really wouldn't care." Subaru stated, but his general tone switched to a terrified one as he saw an incredibly angry Luna in front of him.

"N-nothing? How could you list nothing as being okay?! You're a stupid pervert!"

"But I didn't mean it like that!"

"Sure you didn't! First you go and look in a girl's transer without asking and now you say a girl could wear absolutely nothing! What's next? Will you be pinning girls to the floor?!"

"I didn't mean any harm doing that! I just was taking you home, I told you that then! And as I said before, I didn't mean it like that!"

The short argument was interrupted as the pot went off, indicating the water was boiled. Luna turned the fire off and glared at the still confused boy. "I don't believe you, but I'll let you get off easy this time, just don't expect me to forget it."

"I wouldn't for a second." Subaru replied as he sighed in relief.

"Now just to get the tea..." Luna said, as she tried to reach the cabinet they were in. "I guess I'll need a foot stool..."

"I got it." Subaru said, reaching up to the cabinet and taking out the box of tea bags. "Why is it so high up, anyway?"

"Most things are high up. Lots of the people my parents meet with have kids, so they put most of the things on high shelves to make sure no messes are made." Luna explained.

The two began pouring the hot water and placing the tea bags in. As Luna went to get the spoons, Subaru decided to ask once more. "So, what's the real reason with the look?"

"I thought I already told you."

"You did, it's just neither of us believe you." War Rock stated.

"I just want to impress someone, okay?!" Luna exclaimed. As soon as she realized what she said she covered her mouth, her face turning bright red.

"Impress someone?" Subaru repeated. Why did it seem to bother him so much?

"Compared to Hibiki-san, I'm not that special, so I wanted to try and do something that I hoped would get their attention, but I guess it didn't work as well as I wanted to." Luna said softly. "But this is none of your business! And you should just forget everything you heard."

"But Rockman isn't in your clas--" War Rock started.

"Just because I like Rockman-sama, doesn't mean I can't like someone in my class, okay?!"

"Who is it then? The person you want to impress?" Subaru asked softly.

"I believe I said it was none of your business and this conversation never happened."

Subaru just sighed, but decided not to bug her anymore about it, a bit confused about why it bothered him anyway. However, their conversation and his thoughts ended as they heard shouting come through the door.

"We got the ice cream!" Gonta shouted holding a few large bags with Misora and Kizamaro in tow.

End of Chapter 5

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