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Yay! Chapter 4~ My plans for the night ended up not happening, so I decided to write because...I like to, even if I suck and so does my grammar ^_^

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Two Years - Chapter 4

The next day was bittersweet for Luna. She was excited, hoping her new plan would end up okay, but at the same time, she wasn't looking forward to another say with Misora. She looked at herself in the mirror, wondering if she looked okay. It was a bright-colored outfit and she had done her hair a little differently, but she wasn't sure if it really was what the show had meant. Luna wasn't used to a "no occassion" outfit, so this was a first for her. Taking her brooch from the side of her bed, she made sure to pin it on. Even if she wasn't wearing her normal uniform today, her brooch was an important accessory to show she was the class president. Luna grabbed her bag and before exiting, made sure she had done everything, not wanting to end up making a fool of herself again. "Outfit...check, hair...check, ate breakfast...check, homework...check, books...check. Everything's good."

Luna headed out the door and started walking down the block to Subaru's house, trying her best to ignore she'd have to pass Misora's house as well. Luna was beyond nervous though, she felt almost like she went out of the house wearing just a towel, or nothing. It didn't help that the outfit was fairly old and a little tight, despite the fact that it covered her well, partially because she hadn't grown much in the last few years. It felt like all her confidence was in her 'uniform' as without it, Luna felt her wall had broken down and she was just standing there as "nobody special". Reaching Subaru's house, she shook her head, trying to think positive, but as much as she tried, she felt nervous. Taking a look at her transer, she read the time "7:40AM". She was right on time, raising her hand to ring the doorbell, Luna felt herself pause, almost like her arm was frozen in the air. Taking a deep breath, she rang the bell and crossed her arms, trying to be as patient as possible. Looking down at her feet, she felt her rapidly beating and it seemed like she had been there for hours, just waiting for the door to open.

The door opened just a few moments later, despite seeming like forever to the blonde haired girl. Subaru looked at her for a moment and was surprised. She looked...normal, to say the least, which was kind odd for her. Luna's normal double ponytail was a single one today, with a light blue ribbon in her hair rather than her usual orange one. She was wearing a long bell-sleeved light pink shirt, a light blue skirt, pink and white tights, and light blue flats. He just studied her for a second, scanning the outfit up and down, it just looked weird for her. At least to him, of course. "Am I early again?" Luna asked softly, noticing that he hadn't said anything.

"N-no, right on time." Subaru replied, not really sure how to ask about the outfit.

"Is today opposite day?" War Rock asked. "Because I have no idea what's with that get-up."

"What are you talking about?! This outfit is perfectly normal!" Luna exclaimed, before her insecurity came back. "At least it's supposed to be..."

"Yeah, normal for anybody else other than you." War Rock responded.

"Hey, War Rock, just hold off, okay?"

"Fine, fine..."

"What's with all the noise?" A female voice came from behind Subaru. "Oh, it's just Shirogane-san."

"H-Hibiki-san?!" Luna exclaimed. "What are you doing here?!"

"Well, Subaru's mother invited me for breakfast this morning when she heard I moved in yesterday." Misora explained. "Does it matter? And what is what the outfit anyway?"

"It's none of your business." Luna mumbled. "Let's just go to school now." And with that statement, she grabbed Subaru's wrist and started pulling him along.

"What are you doing?!" Misora exclaimed, following the pair.

"School. I'm taking him to school."

"He can walk himself!"

Luna just ignored her, feeling frustrated and continued dragging the poor boy along. Eventually, she stopped and let go of Subaru's wrist, giving him a second to relax.

"Seriously, you drag him around like you own him." Misora mumbled. "Come on, Subaru-kun, let's go."

"We're going to. Just give her a second."

Luna had began dialing Gonta's and Kizamaro's numbers. "Hey, you two, I won't be able to get you guys today, so can you walk yourselves?"

"Yeah, sure, but what's the issue?" Kizamaro asked.

"Just trouble again." Luna said softly.

"We can always help out!" Gonta exclaimed.

"Don't worry, it's fine." And with that, Luna hung up her transer. "Now lets go." And with a quick twist of the wrist, Subaru was back in her grasp and being dragged along.

"Sheesh, don't you think you're a bit old for this?" Misora asked, following the two along.

"Don't you think it's pointless to ask questions that nobody cares enough to answer?" Luna snapped.

"Someone's cranky.." Misora mumbled.

Subaru just sighed. 'Why does this always happen to me?' He thought to himself. He turned to Misora who just seemed aggravated and Luna didn't look much better, though, he had to admit, she seemed nervous too.

They arrived at the school within a few minutes despite Luna's and Misora's on and off bickering during the walk. As Misora took her seat near the front, Luna and Subaru headed towards the back as Luna felt her confidence level deminish even more so hearing all the whispers from her classmates.

"What's with her outfit?"

"I wonder if she ran out of suits..."

"Maybe she has amnesia."

"I bet she's sick."

"She probably decided to retire."

Luna just did her best to ignore everyone as she got to her seat. She looked over to Kizamaro and Gonta who both had the same shocked expression Subaru had at first. Luna let out a deep sigh, figuring this was a stupid thing to try. She couldn't even re-fix her hair and it's not like she had a back-up outfit, but she tried. Maybe she should try for something less bright and something looser next time...if she bothered trying at all. Luna just tried to think positive, it was Friday, so the weekend would start and she'd have a few days to herself to think things out and try to relax...of course, she knew she wouldn't be able to relax much. Luna's eyes glanced over to the boy to her left, and was surprised to see that Subaru had been looking at her. She watched as he reverted his gaze and shrugged it off, figuring he was just wondering the same things everybody else in the class was.

Looking up towards the front of the class room, she watched as Ikuta-sensei was telling a story about what they'd be learning today. As hard as she tried to pay attention, her head was in a completely different zone and it seemed that the world had gone quiet. Luna never wanted to feel this feeling again, the feeling as if she was going to lose everything, all her friends, and the person she cared about with all her heart--the very same feeling she felt when she overheard her parents talking about transferring her. Of course, then it was her beloved Rockman-sama...this time, it was Hoshikawa Subaru. Her eyes headed back towards him. Unlike her, Subaru was actually paying attention and taking notes. Luna sighed, it's not like she didn't want to pay attention, but it just seemed impossible for her at the moment. She was barely keeping track of time and it was almost like the day was a both a blur and a time freeze, moving too fast to notice and not moving at all. Despite that, she felt happy, no longer feeling everyone's eyes on her. Resting her head on her arms, she closed her eyes. She wasn't really tired, but she did feel somewhat drained. All these thoughts had been going through her head and none were exactly enjoyable. She was quickly interrupted though as she felt someone shaking her.

"Hey, inchou..." Luna heard softly, as she slowly began to zap out of her thoughts. "Hoshikawa-kun?"

"Looks like she's down from cloud 9." War Rock said.

Luna looked around the now empty room. "What time is it...?" The confused girl asked softly.

"It's just a few minutes after the lunch bell. Gonta and Kizamaro tried to get your attention, but figured if they tried anything else, you might kill them so..." Subaru shrugged as he watched Luna rise from her seat.

"So, everybody headed to lunch?" Luna asked, grabbing her backpack.


"And you just waited here?"

"Nobody else wanted to and I figured you'd panic if you zapped out of your day dreams and found yourself in an empty classroom."

"Th-thanks.." Luna stuttered. The two began to head to the cafeteria in silence. However, the silence was shattered by the sound of a guitar being strummed along from the one place they happened to be going. Entering the cafeteria, a group of kids were shouting "Misora! Misora! Misora!"

'You have got to be kidding me...' Luna thought to herself, heading over to Gonta and Kizamaro with Subaru following close behind. "What's going on?"

"Oh! Some kids asked Misora if she could play some songs here for us, isn't that great?"

"Oh yeah...great,.." Luna mumbled sarcasticly as Misora finished her last note. "I mean, seriously, what's the big deal?!"

Luna quickly felt all eyes on her again. Did she actually say that aloud? It seemed so, and if that wasn't bad enough, it had to be right when the music stopped.

"I wonder if the class president is jealous..." One of the kids mumbled as more whispers spread through the crowds. Misora headed towards the foursome, placing her guitar on her back, the smile not leaving her face.

"It took you long enough to get here, Subaru-kun." Misora stated, ignoring Luna's presence.

"She didn't bother you, Misora-chan?" One of the kids asked, more quickly joining in.

"I bet she has no musical talent at all." Came another voice.

Luna just stared at her feet. She couldn't feel the courage to say anything, but was surprised when she heard no one other than Subaru standing up for her, being her hero once more. "She has a lot of musical talent, actually."

"Really?" Gonta asked. He may have been Luna's friend, but there were many things that she never told him or Kizamaro.

"Yeah, she can play piano."

"So? I can play guitar, that doesn't mean I'm any good at it." Another classmate chimed in.

"Our class president has all kinds of awards for it, among other things." Subaru replied.

And with that, the whispers turned into something more positive, no longer the taunting gossip and rumors that happened to be spreading around before. As the five headed to a table, Luna took a sigh of relief that she could at least not have to worry about her classmates hating her too.

"Thank you for that, Hoshikawa-kun..." Luna whispered, just loud enough for him to here.

"No problem." Subaru responded, smiling at her. He was always there to help her, it was a shame it took her that long to actually realize how many times he helped her, even when he wasn't Rockman, and despite not having the best first meetings.

"Hey, Subaru, how did you know the president can play piano?" Kizamaro asked.

"Yeah, she never told us that before..." Gonta added.

"Erm...I had to take her home once after she fainted, so that's when I saw her room..." Subaru explained, before turning to Luna. "You never showed them your house?"

Luna looked away as the nervous feeling returned. "I don't really like to show my house or anything..." She said softly. It did make sense though, it'd be hard to find somebody who wanted to be friends with her because of who she is if they saw her house first.

"Can we go over today?" Gonta asked. "I mean, if Subaru saw it, it should be fair that we get to! We've known you forever!"

"Yeah, Gonta-kun is right! And we really want to see it. Please, Inchou?" Kizamaro begged.

"I guess you both can come over today after school, but just realize this is a one time thing!" Luna exclaimed as the two nodded in agreement. Turning to Subaru, Luna quickly said "You could come too, Hoshikawa-kun, if you'd like to, that is..."

"Sure." Subaru responded in agreement.

"Then I guess I'll be coming too." Misora said.

"I didn't invite you."

"But it'd be pretty rude if you didn't invite Misora-chan...I mean, she's right here." Kizamaro pointed out.

Luna wished she could say something, but he was right. "Fine." Luna mumbled. "I guess you can come too."

'So much for quiet time at home...'

End of Chapter 4

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