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Two Years - Chapter 3

Luna took another bite of lunch, trying her best to shut everything out. It was almost like watching TV when every channel had the same exact show and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't turn it off. At least you could usually turn a TV off, but with this, it seemed there was no end in sight. The only time she ever even didn't have Gonta's and Kizamaro's attention was when Misora was doing that concert two years ago. That was a horrible day for so many reasons, her friends abandoned her and some dirty old man looked into her transer without permission. I mean, seriously, how rude is that? The only other time somebody did that was that day. The day she first really started having feelings towards Subaru. Luna paused her musings as she got up to toss the remainings of her lunch. She needed some time to herself to clear her head, and if she had to hear one more "Misora, misora! What's your favorite color?" "Can you sing a song for us?" "Oh, Misora, I love you! You're my favorite singer", she was going to make each and every one of them suffer big time. Heading towards the roof, she was almost surprised at how quiet it was, yet seeing how everybody had been all over Misora, it was no wonder nobody was here. Most of the class would usually come up here and hang out after eating, but now, most of the class was so busy talking to "the pop star", that they hadn't even started eating. Leaning on the metal fence, Luna closed her eyes, letting her head continue reminiscing, not noticing a ceartain boy had followed her.

That day was just so clear to her, that sometimes she would go to sleep and re-dream that day. She was so scared, and yet, he offered to do something, and even though now, Luna figured he just did it because he was Rockman, she couldn't help but think he would've tried to protect her anyway, Rockman or not. But what she remembered even clearer, was when she was at home, and he was there standing over her, concerned about her well-being. He said he looked at it for her address, which she guessed he was telling the truth, but he could've just asked a teacher or Gonta or something... Maybe he just didn't want to make two stops. But that day, she confided with him. It was true, she was used to be alone, but she also hated it. Luna hated the feeling of being abandoned and being forgotton. She was used to it, yes, but it was a cold, painful, feeling. She never understood why she made Subaru leave, maybe because she was still unsure of how she felt at the time, or because of all the "trouble" he was at first. So troublesome and confusing, he was indeed. "Hoshikawa Subaru-kun..."

"What is it?"

Luna jumped at the sound of a reply as her eyes opened rapidly. "What the heck are you doing?!" She exclaimed.

"You seemed stressed again and I seem to be forced to check on you whenever you're that stressed." Subaru explained, his eyes reverting to his transer.

"And you call me a satellite. If anything, you seem to have been following me today."

"Well, see, nothing actually revolves around the moon so technically, that nickname could only apply to yo--"

"You're such a science nerd." Luna scoffed. "I'm perfectly fine anyway, and for the last time, I don't need your company. You need to take a hint."

Subaru just rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but grin a bit as the blonde haired girl continued ranting along, pacing back and fourth. "Not to mention I don't see what me being stressed as anything to do with it. You haven't had problems with me that many times, and several of those times, I was knocked out. Only once was it my choice, okay? And I'm pretty sure that is over. I mean, the plants are all happy and supportive now, right? So why do you need to be making sure I don't get "taken over" or "kidnapped" or something again? I mean, I can take care of myself perfectly fine. I've spent more or less most of my time doing things myself, I don't need any help now."

"That's why you constantly go 'Oh, Rockman-sama, you'll come and save me, right?'" War Rock said, doing a horrible impression of Luna.

"W-well, I just like seeing him, that's all."

"And he's right in front of you." War Rock responded.

"For the last time, just because I like Rockman-sama, does not mean I have any feelings for Hoshikawa-kun, War Rock!"

'Sometimes I wonder if they remember I'm still here...' Subaru thought to himself, watching the two continue to argue. "Look, if you don't want company, then we'll go, okay? Just remember there's always something around, even if it's just a few viruses." Subaru took off his visualizer and handed them to Luna. "Take a quick look."

"Fine, but only if it'll get you to go faster." Luna remarked, taking the visualizer and putting it on. "It doesn't look like any big deal though." She took them back off and handed them back to him. "I just think you worry too much."

"Whatever you say, Inchou." Subaru replied, placing the visualizer back on his head. "See you in class, then."

He began to walk off, when he felt someone grab his hand. "Wait, please." A quiet voice came. Luna hated to ask, she hated herself so much for it, but she didn't want to see him going back around with her and she had to admit, some company would be nice. Subaru turned to look at her, noticing she seemed both nervous and embarrassed to ask. "I could use some company..." Luna continued softly. "So, you can stay if you want." Letting go of his hand, she turned away from him. "Just realize this is a one time deal, okay?! And I'm only being nice and letting you share this space with me because it's so noisy there."

"I got it." Subaru said, taking a seat on the bench.

"Then wipe that stupid grin off your face! You're always going to be a bad egg at this rate." Luna stated as she crossed her arms and took a seat next to him.

Sadly, the small agreement was short-lived, as Misora came bursting through the roof door with Gonta, Kizamaro, and Tsukasa. "There you are! Next time, say something before you run off, Subaru-kun!" The two turned around, Subaru being surprised and Luna being somewhat furiated.

"Sorry, Misora-chan." Subaru said softly.

"So much for a quiet time with Hoshikawa-kun..." Luna mumbled.

"What did you say?" Subaru asked, turning towards her.

"Nothing." Luna scowled, getting up from the seat. "Class will be starting soon anyway, so we should just get to class." Luna pushed through the group and headed down the stairs, just wanting to get out of there.

Subaru got up and headed towards the group, his eyes headed towards the door, but decided he may just need to leave her alone this time. "So, how did you know I was here anyway?"

"I asked Tsukasa-kun. He said he saw you following Shirogane-san and that the only place there was to go was the roof."

"I hope you don't mind, Subaru-kun." Tsukasa said.

"It's fine. But why did they come?" Subaru asked, refering to Kizamaro and Gonta.

"Well, we wanted to check on the president! Afterall, not only is she our good friend, but she is the Class President and it's only right to." Kizamaro replied.

"We figured if you were checking on her, it might've been important so we decided to see if she was okay too." Gonta explained. "But it looks like you took care of everything so it's a good thing she seems back to normal."

'Back to normal...yeah...' Subaru thought to himself, wondering how her being that angry was normal.

His thoughts were interrupted though as the bell rang. Kizamaro, Gonta, and Tsukasa hurried off to class.

"Why did you check on her anyway? There shouldn't be anymore big issues like that whether she's stressing or not." Misora whispered to Subaru as the other three vanished out of sight.

"War Rock said I should, that's all." Subaru responded, as Misora started heading down the stairs.

"How weird. War Rock should work on his senses more if he's going to do costly mistakes like that." Harp said.

War Rock made a nervous laugh as he and Subaru watched until Misora was out of sight. "Why did you say that anyway, Subaru?" He asked as Subaru began heading down to the class.

"What are you talking about?"

"That I told you to check on her. I didn't tell you anything like that, other than that I thought it was funny."

"Well...I just...uh..." Subaru felt blood rush to his face as he tried to think of a response, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think of anything.

"You've been worried about her all day and yet you're putting all the blame on me. I do enough stuff that I don't need you giving people more reasons to hate me, whether I care or not."

Subaru nervously laughed as they headed down the hall to their classroom.


'Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID. How could I even give into that?!' Luna thought to herself. She was sitting alone in the classroom, twirling her pencil, feeling more frustrated than ever. 'It's not like he even cared. It was all his stupid alien's fault! Stupid War Rock. Stupid Subaru-kun. I can't stand either of them!' Luna laid her head on her desk. 'Just END this day already and make it a really bad dream.'

As the door opened, Luna looked up to see who it was. "Ikuta-sensei, Gonta, Kizamaro, Futaba-kun..." Luna started, naming each of the classmates that walked in. A few minutes later, Misora came on through and then finally, right before the late bell rang, came Subaru. 'Honestly, he has way too much luck on his side...' Luna thought to herself, as she took out a piece of paper. Quickly writing down a note, she passed it over to Subaru. He seemed to be a bit confused as he opened the note, and sighed at the message:

Next time, get here early, or at least not that late! You almost missed being on time and you know very well if anybody is late, it's my fault. I have enough things to worry about without your tardiness.

Writing a response back, he wondered if she could ever keep her defensive wall down, however, his mind headed back to what happened on the roof. That was one of the few times he saw her defenseless, feeling scared and alone, not to mention hurt. Looking towards her, he noticed she had been staring at him, and his deep brown eyes meeting hers caused her to quickly turn away, trying not to blush. Subaru tossed the note onto her desk and watched as she opened it and began to read it:

Sorry. Next time, I'll make sure to be 10 minutes early like you, okay?

He couldn't tell if Luna was smiling or frustrated by his response, though, she did throw the paper back at his head. That was Luna, for you.

The day seemed to pass slowly and Subaru couldn't help, but look towards the girl every so often. She was constantly fidgetting, moving her head, resting it on her hands or on her arms. Normally she was very attentive, but Luna just seemed to want to get out of there. When the bell finally began to ring, he was surprised at how fast Luna packed her bag. Normally she'd do it slowly as she always made sure to be the last to leave anyway to make sure everybody left okay.

As Luna tried to be patient watching everybody walk out, she finally got up seeing only Gonta, Kizamaro, Subaru, and Misora left. "Let's go then." She said softly, as she headed out. Watching none of them move and just stare at her, she repeated herself, much louder "Let's GO then!"

"Ri-right, Inchou!" Gonta and Kizamaro said in unison as they ran towards the front of the room.

"Sheesh, I shouldn't have to repeat myself..." Luna mumbled as she looked towards Subaru. "Let's go, Hoshikawa-kun."

Subaru just nodded, as he picked up his backpack and headed to the front.

"Why do they need to go with you, anyway?" Misora asked as she headed towards the four.

"We always walk home together, that's all." Subaru explained.

"Why? I don't think it's an issue to walk home without a bunch of people. Besides, isn't Shirogane-san's home first? Then why does she have to walk each of you home personally?"

"It's a class president thing." Luna stated.

"Then why don't you take all the others home too?" Misora asked.

"They don't live in Kodama Town and I'm only in charge of those who do." Luna said quickly.

"Whatever you say, 'inchou'." Misora responded, going passed the group, and with that, the walk home began.

Luna stared down the road at the giant moving truck and sighed. Right next door to Subaru would be that guitar girl that had walked on ahead. Shaking her head, she decided to put on a smile as she walked everyone home, it was her job, right? Wrong. She only did it because they were her friends, and she liked walking home with them, not that she said anything. Now that she thought about it, Luna couldn't recall telling any of them that, not that they ever asked. It just kind of started and never stopped.

"Inchou! INCHOU!" Subaru exclaimed, waving his hand in front of her face, causing Luna to snap out of her thoughts. They already had dropped off Gonta and Kizamaro, so Subaru was the only one left. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"O-okay...Right. See you tomorrow, I'll expect you ready nice and early, understand?"

"I got it." Subaru responded as he headed into the house and Luna began her trip home. It wasn't really a far trip, afterall, her house was just down the block, but time just seemed slower as she finished going by Subaru's house and now, she also had to walk passed a giant moving truck and Misora's house. She looked at the two to see Misora talking to Cancer about how the moving was going and sighed. Luna was hoping that it wasn't true, but it looked like it was...on the otherhand, Subaru was the one who told her, and he wasn't really one to lie. Heading into her house, she dropped her backpack by the door. She didn't want to see it or think about school. She didn't really want to think about anything. Arriving at her room, she laid back on her bed, hoping a nap would help clear her mind.

Luna woke up a few hours later with a stretch and a yawn. She felt a bit better after sleeping it off, and thought maybe, it really could've been just a bad dream. Looking out her bedroom window though, she realized it was just the truth, as the giant moving truck was still in plain view. Sighing, she took a seat on her couch and decided to put on the TV.

"The Most Popular Girl Ranking is on..." Luna said quietly to herself. It was the show that got her into cooking and cleaning and she did manage to impress Subaru, right? Okay...maybe cleaning didn't go so well, but cooking ended up working out in the end! ...After she made Subaru suffer... But who knows, maybe this time it could work out and she could manage to not torment him.

Today's first place for the Most Popular Girl Ranking is...

The TV began, as Luna watched the images come up. A casual-styled girl!

"A casual-styled girl?" Luna repeated, a bit confused. Typing it into her computer, she found quite a lot of hits of people who agreed.

Yeah, a girl who doesn't dress all formal-like. I mean, not super messy or anything, but like, she has a good sense but isn't all ready for a business trip.

Yeah, I agree! Something casual, but not like crazy themed. I mean, who wants a girl constantly dressed for the same occassion every day? I mean, even Princesses doesn't have the same ball gown every day, am I right?

Luna looked down at her outfit, if anything, she was the complete opposite of that. Blue suit-like dress, white shirt, white collar, blue and green tights... She had to have something that was different! Running over to her closet, she began looking through.,, Class, Bed...Still no, The beach...definitely not. Luna sighed, this didn't seem to go well. Maybe she could just try and change her hair a bit, though, it'd probably help if she did both. She then noticed an outfit in the back that didn't seem to have any sort of category attached. Luna's face lit up as she pulled it out. "PERFECT!"

End of Chapter 3

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