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Hi everyone ^-^ Jen here. I decided to write a nice chapter story for the site (Even if it is my own) to help lessen the amount of one-shots and to show people chapter stories ARE accepted XD This takes place after the game(s) and thus, goes by that story line rather than the anime's (Well, mostly for plot things. I may include some stuff from the anime that were in filler episodes). Most of the story will center around Luna rather than Subaru, as it's just more fun that way.

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Two Years - Chapter 1

Luna paced around her room, glancing at her surroundings, despite the years that have passed, nothing really had changed. Sure, she was a 12 year old girl and was growing into a "beautiful woman" as her parents put it, but she was still just a child. Her parents may have expected less of her, but that didn't change what she expected of herself and they were still never around. Sitting down on her bed, she laid back, looking up toward the canopy that stayed above her. If there was one thing that did change though, it was her feelings for Hoshikawa Subaru. Even though she still hadn't said his first name, she always said it when alone, when she thought of him, it was always "Subaru-kun", not "Hoshikawa-kun" and her feelings just grew more and more every second of every minute. She could barely form coherent sentences when around him, and yet, deep down, she had a feeling he knew, Subaru may be oblivious, but that day still was clearly in her mind. The day she found out that her Rockman-sama, was known other than Hoshikawa Subaru, the boy she had recently seen as more than just a "bad egg" only a few days before the incident. In a way, it almost gave her a sense of relief, as she wasn't liking two people, but just beginning to like who he really was, and now, she had to admit, that "crush" had seemingly grown to so much more. But, it wasn't even just a matter of liking him, she had to deal with another for his affections. None other than, Hibiki Misora, the pop star. How could she compete?

Luna closed her eyes and shook her head slowly. She never felt so worthless, so pathetic, as when she thought of how she could ever compare to Misora. She had tons of fans, she had a beautiful voice, and she could even fight alongside Subaru. For Luna, all she could do was hide and hope to not cause more trouble than he already had to face. But she had helped him, right? He told her Thanks before... She never really understood though, but he thanked her, as she helped him not only find his power, but how to keep control as well. Despite this, Luna couldn't help but think it wasn't that important, compared to constantly being able to fight side by side and even protect him. If anything, she was worthless to Subaru. Shaking her head once more, she realized she needed to think positive.

A new student was coming tomorrow, afterall. As class president once more, it was up to Luna to show them around the school. She smiled as she thought of how tomorrow would go, afterall, they did get to pick seats this year and she made sure to take the one next to Subaru. It was odd that she wasn't in the front of the class as usual, being the class president, but luckily, Ikuta-sensei seemed to understand and was fine with it. It was always great to have such a cool teacher like him, and Luna had to admit, she loved sitting next to Subaru, she could just glance over and see how he was doing, if he was having trouble, doing well, and even make sure things were okay, plus, she was always his partner as well. Luna enjoyed school so much and even moreso now, because in a way, it was her time to be alone with Subaru, without that girl in the way. Subaru would even be helping her show the new student around tomorrow, so she'd be able to be with him while showing the new kid around. Luna smiled thinking of how perfectly everything could go, and soon enough, fell asleep, the smile still left on her face.

The next day...

Luna woke up early as always and made sure to get her hair perfect, afterall, with Subaru right next to her each day, she couldn't leave even one small strand standing out or up. Packing her backpack, she made sure to charge off right to Subaru's house, afterall, it was her new route: "Subaru, Kizamaro, Gonta", that way, she got a few minutes alone with Subaru, I mean, it worked, right? Right. It's not like she was crazy or anything, she just...wanted to be with him sometimes, because no matter what, she couldn't deny that she almost felt at peace or relaxed when with him, even though at the same time she felt she needed to be perfect for him, she always felt she could be herself too.

Heading out of the large condo, she ran down the street, right to Subaru's house at the corner of the block. Taking a deep breath, she rung the doorbell and waited patiently for Subaru to answer the door.

"I got it!" Luna heard from outside, a faint blush on her cheeks. As Subaru opened the door, she couldn't help but take a good look at him, almost zoning out. He hadn't changed much, other than starting to wear bell bottom jeans and growing much taller, he had always been taller than her by a tiny bit, but now, it was much more obvious that he was taller than her.

"Inchou?" He asked, looking down toward the girl. "It's 7:05AM! What are you doing here at this time? I haven't even had breakfast yet." He sighed, she was always there early. "And school doesn't start for about an hour."

Luna paused, was it really that early? That's when she realized she didn't even have breakfast yet and it just seemed to slip her mind... At least she remembered lunch. She tried to come up with an answer, but could barely say anything, other than mumbling a small "Sorry."

"Would you like to come in?" A woman's voice said. It was Akane, who had decided to see why Subaru was still at the door.

"Umm...Sure.." Luna managed to get out as Subaru moved out of the way for her to come in. Luna looked around the house, despite having been there a few times, she just couldn't help it. Luna was just not used to it.

"We made pancakes." Akane said, motioning Luna to the table. "We have plenty."

"I wouldn't want to imp--"

"It's fine." Subaru said, taking a seat at the table. "You're here this early, you might as well. Did you even eat breakfast?"

" kind of...sort of...slipped my mind." Luna said softly, looking down at her feet as she shuffled over to the table.

"How did you manage to do that?"

"Well, erm, the new student is coming today and I just had to make sure everything was perfect, afterall, as Class President, it is my duty to show the new student around the school."

"Oh, right." Subaru replied. Luna was sure there was something odd about his tone, but decided to shrug it off, afterall, she was at a nice breakfast with Subaru and his mother, might as well enjoy it, right?

After some talking and eating, the two got up to head to school. It didn't take Subaru too long to pack his books and get his backpack on, and with that and wave good bye to Akane, they headed off to Kizamaro's and Gonta's houses. It was a silent walk, neither having much to say. Luna was too nervous to ask anything and sighed. She was alone with him and yet still, nothing could come out of her mouth. Time seemed to pass quickly as she reached Kizamaro's house, as Kizamaro and Subaru soon talked up a storm, afterall, they both did enjoy Science. As they reached Gonta's house, Gonta just joined in with what he could, unlike Luna who stayed silent all the way until school.

It wasn't long before they got to the classroom and everybody had taken their seats. Ikuta-sensei came out, ushering for the new student to come in. As the student walked inside, Luna just stared. This could NOT be happening. "Alright everyone, our new student is Hibiki Misora! I hope you all will be nice to her. Hibiki-san, take the empty seat in the front, okay? Our class President, Shirogane-san..." Ikuta-sensei pointed towards Luna in the back. "...will show you around after first period, okay?"

"That's fine!" Misora responded, taking a seat in the front.

No, no, no, no, NO. This could NOT be happening. Luna didn't know which she was more: Upset, or Angry. She felt her heart literaly breaking in two, this was her time with Subaru. Glancing over to him, she noticed a small smile on his face. It doesn't mean anything, right? Afterall, they are friends, so it's probably fine. She watched as Misora waved towards Subaru, as Subaru just made a small hand gesture back. At least he seemed oblivious to what the hand gesture meant... But seeing his face, she could tell, he knew Misora was coming and he didn't tell her. Why? Why didn't he? Luna felt sick to her stomach, and worst of all, she'd be stuck showing Hibiki-san around and as Class President, she had to be nice and pleasant to everyone. But it wasn't so much that, Subaru was helping her today...So it'd be him and herself... Luna felt like she wanted to cry. This was just not fair.

End of Chapter 1

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