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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Leviathan's Attack

After Luna introduced Xerox to Solo and Sonia, everyone split up again. Xerox went with Pat to discuss battle strategies, Bud and Zack pretty much dragged Solo with them to the water, while Luna and Sonia sat under Sonia's umbrella to talk.

Bud and Zack were splashing each other in the water, but Solo just stood there with his arms crossed glaring at them. Bud looked at him, “Hey Solo, what's wrong? Afraid of water?” he asked Solo, who just turned away.

“Please, I'm not afraid of anything. I just don't want to stoop down to your level,” Solo stated harshly.

“Oh come on and act your own age,” Zack said splashing Solo with a lot of water. For a second they all just stood there too afraid to move. They both were afraid when Solo started shaking.

“Okay then, fine. You want to play? Then let's play!” Solo looked up at them almost enraged. He then kicked enough water to create a small wave and splashed both Bud and Zack at the same time.

Luna and Sonia were watching them together. Luna was shocked to see Solo carry on like that. Four years ago he tried everything in his power to stay away from everyone, and now here he was playing and almost having fun.

“It looks like Solo's enjoying himself,” Luna said looking at them, “I'm surprised.”

“Well good,” Sonia said harshly, “He knows he just needs to have some fun here. We're at the beach for cryin' out loud,” Luna laughed hearing Sonia talk like that. She was always quite the tomboy, but hearing her talk like that never got old.

“By the way Sonia, I love the new look,” Luna said referring to the hair, “What made you change?”

“Well, I wanted to step out of the lime light for a while, but I didn't know how. Solo told me that all I had to do was change a few things and no one would recognize me, so I grew my hair out, dyed it a different color, and no one ever caught the difference.”

“Just goes to show you how dumb some people are.”

“Well, Bud and Zack could tell who I was despite the change, so not everyone's easily fooled.”

“That's because those two are die hard fans who even know you on a personal level,” Luna was shaking her head thinking of how they always turned into fan boys at the sight of her.

“Speaking of new look,” Sonia said turning to Luna, “Someone's grown up physically,” she continued.

Luna's face was bright red and she turned away covering her chest, “Sheesh, is it that noticeable?” she asked. Sonia slowly pulled her hands down.

“It's nothing to be ashamed about. I think you look fantastic Luna.”

“Um... thanks?” she said not entirely sure how to take that.

Sonia then looked up in sadness a bit, “So, any sign of 'you-know-who'?” she asked Luna, who just looked down in sadness herself.

“No, not yet. I'm still waiting though,” Luna turned to Sonia, “Do you think he's still out there?”

“I know he is. Our bond was a strong one, so I can feel him,” she put her hand over her heart, “He'll be back one day, I know it.”

Luna looked down thinking about that. Now she was okay, but when she was younger, she always knew that Sonia liked Geo too, and it bothered her a lot then, “Hey Sonia, do you still have feelings for Geo?” that surprised Sonia, who never told anyone how she felt about Geo.

“Ah, I was that obvious huh? Yeah, I still care about him, a lot. Truth was, I was sort of always in competition with you,” that shocked Luna, who thought that Sonia had the best chance.

“Wait, you were competing with me? But you and Geo could both Wave Change. You were his first Brother for God's sake.”

“Well yeah, but even though I could Wave Change too I couldn't fight alongside him all the time. You on the other hand were always there for him, always giving him support. Not to mention although I was his first Brother, you were his first real friend. By trying to get him to come to school you showed him that you cared. There was that time four years ago, when Geo saved your handkerchief over my bag, and then right after that he dedicated himself to saving you after Joker almost killed you. It was those events back to back that showed how much he cared for you, and while I was steamed that he didn't save my handbag, I knew why he chose your item. It's no wonder he chose you in the end,” Sonia almost looked sad when she said that.

“Sonia...” Luna had never heard Sonia talk like this. She almost felt bad for her.

“I lost Luna, I'm willing to admit that. I lost Geo to you,” Sonia looked at Luna seriously, “But it's okay, because while I loved him, I also wanted him to be happy. He was happy with you, that I could tell.”

“Thanks Sonia,” Luna said hugging Sonia. She saw Sonia in a whole new light after that.

After Xerox and Pat finished with battle strategies, Xerox looked up. He seemed really tense. Pat was worried about him, “Hey Xerox, are you okay?”

“I'm just wondering what the Four Guardians are up to. It's been weeks since the last attack,” Xerox said looking around.

“I wouldn't worry about it. If they try anything then you'll know, right?”

“I guess... huh?” he looked and saw Sonia and Solo's Wizards, Lyra and Laplace floating over to him.

“So, this is the new face,” Lyra said floating around Xerox, “You look a lot like Omega-Xis, right Laplace?” Laplace just slowly nodded making a slow sighing noise.

“Um, who are you two?” Xerox asked.

“Oh sorry, I'm Lyra, Sonia's Wizard,” she turned to Laplace, “Tall, dark, and handsome over here is Solo's Wizard, Laplace.” Laplace slowly nodded again making the same noise.

“Oh, nice to meet you Lyra... Laplace...” he said looking at them. They were both the epitome of their operators, Lyra obviously bright and social, and Laplace serious and quiet. Pat walked off deciding to give Xerox this time to socialize with some other Wizards for a change.

“You're Luna's new Wizard, right?” Lyra asked, making Xerox jump.

“Yeah, that's me. Met Luna a few weeks ago,” he said trying to play it off.

“Since when did Luna decide to get a Battle Wizard?” Lyra asked looking at Xerox suspiciously. He broke out in awkward laughter.

“Well, things change, you know...” he looked around trying to find a way to change the subject, but instead saw dark storm clouds forming over the beach. The weather report said it would be sunny all day, and the clouds were too dark to be normal. That only meant one thing, “Leviathan!”

“Who?” Lyra said, both her and Laplace were confused. Xerox then flew off to Luna, surprising Lyra and Laplace even more, “He's even more tense than Mega,” she said to Laplace, who just slowly nodded in agreement.

Solo, Bud, and Zack also saw the dark clouds too, and were looking up at them too.

“What's happening?” Bud asked.

“The weather report didn't say anything about rain today,” Zack said looking at his Hunter VG, “Right Pedia?”

“That is correct Zack, there was only a 5% probability of rain today,” Pedia said.

“Hm...” Zack looked over at Solo, “Hey Solo, what do you think?” he asked, only to see Solo running over to Luna and Sonia, “Solo?”

“The Four Guardians!” Bud shouted running out the water. Saw Pat walking around by himself, and ran up to him, “Pat, where's Luna?” he asked.

“I think she's with Sonia right now, why?” Bud pointed to the dark clouds, “Is that...?”

“I think so. And looking at it, this one's stronger than the others.”

“What are we going to do?” Pat asked looking back at Bud.

“If what Xerox said about them is true, then I never thought I'd say this, but we need Zero!”

Xerox flew over to Luna and Sonia and warned them about Leviathan.

“Leviathan?!” Luna shouted, Xerox nodded.

“Yeah, definitely!”

“Um, who's Leviathan?” Sonia asked Luna and Xerox. Neither one of them knew how to answer that since they weren't to sure if they wanted Sonia to know about them being Zero.

“Um, well...” Before Luna could finish, Solo ran up to them.

“Sonia, we have a situation,” he said catching their attention.

“I heard, but what I want to know is how do you two know what's going on?” she asked as they both looked at Luna and Xerox.

“That is suspicious,” they heard to their right, where they saw Lyra and Laplace floating there looking at them, “Well? Just who are you Xerox?”

“That's a complicated question,” Xerox said. Just then Luna's Hunter VG went off. When she activated it, Bud appeared on the holographic screen.

“Luna, is Xerox with you?” he asked.

“Yeah Bud, where are you?” Luna asked.

“Zack and I are with Pat right now. Meet us in the parking lot, and prepare for battle,” Bud said right before hanging up. Sonia and Solo were really confused.

“There's something you're not telling us, isn't there?” Solo asked. Luna looked down thinking about how she was going to explain this one.

On the Wave Road over the beach, Leviathan was standing in front of an army of viruses getting ready to attack, “Okay then Zero, get ready,” she then held up her staff and a green beam shot out. The beam then spread out into a green dome made of EM waves that covered the entire beach, trapping everyone inside. The beach had just been pulled into the Wave World.

The field didn't go into the parking lot, so Luna, Bud, Zack, Pat, Sonia, Solo, and their Wizards were safe. Luna just finished explaining the situation to Sonia and Solo as the field appeared.

“So, the beach is now inside the Wave World?” Zack asked, scared out of his mind. This was the first time he ever had to deal with something like this.

“Afraid so, kid,” Xerox said floating over to the field, “Any human inside of there is trapped.”

“Then why did we leave?” Sonia asked, thinking it would have been wiser to stay in the field rather than get stuck outside it.

“We left because no electronic devices work inside that field, meaning you guys wouldn't be able to Wave Change and fight,” Xerox explained.

“So how do we get in there?” Bud asked putting his hand on the field, unable to put his hand through.

“We Wave Change out here,” Pat said walking up to Bud, “Then we can safely enter the field.”

“Of course,” Sonia said realizing something, “When we Wave Change we're a mix of human DNA and EM waves, so we can exist in both worlds.”

“Then can we cut the chit-chat and get in there?” Solo asked getting impatient.

“Hold on Solo,” Bud said stepping forward, “We need a plan. Luna, Xerox, you two know more about this situation than we do. How do we take down that field?”

“I think we need to take out the Guardian,” Luna said, remembering when they took out Phantom and Fenrir. Both times after they left the field vanished. They all looked into the field and saw the viruses herding all the people together in a group.

“That's horrible...” Sonia said looking at the people. They all looked really scared.

“Those people are just bait,” Solo explained, “Whoever the leader is they're using those people to draw us out.”

They were all shocked to see the leader walk out. She looked about their age with long blue hair, a blue circlet with spikes on it in her hair, and was wearing a suit of armor similar to Phantom and Fenrir's armor after they Wave Changed but tighter and more feminine looking, high heeled boots, blue lip stick, and was holding a golden staff. The girl had red eyes like Phantom and Fenrir, and while her demeanor seemed calm, she had a very evil air about her.

“Xerox, is that her?” Luna asked her Wizard, who nodded.

“She's already Wave Changed, but yeah,” that caught Sonia's attention again.

“Wait, she Wave Changed? But I thought the Four Guardians were FMians,” she said. This whole thing was really complicated to her.

“Apparently the Four Guardians are so powerful that they don't need human partners to access their full power,” Bud explained. They all turned when they heard Leviathan call out.

“Oh Zeeerrrooo! Come out, come out, where ever you are! I know you aren't going to leave these people to die!” she called out in a pure evil tone.

Luna was getting angrier by the second, “She wants Zero? Then she's gonna get her!” she turned to Xerox, “Xerox, let's go!”

“Right!” Xerox nodded. Luna and Xerox both ran away a bit from the field and got into position to Wave Change.

“Transcode 666! Zero!” Xerox embraced Luna from behind and they were both engulfed in a red light. When the light disappeared they were replaced by Zero. Both Sonia and Solo were surprised to see Luna Wave Change.

“Shut... up...” Sonia said in shock. Solo just raised an eyebrow looking at Luna, now Zero.

Zero activated her sword and ran into the field. Bud and Pat looked at each other and nodded.

“We're going in too, right?” Pat asked.

“You know it!” Bud said holding up his Hunter VG as Pat charged up his energy. “Transcode 005! Taurus Fire!” Bud shouted.

“Transcode 011!!! Gemini Spark!!!” Pat shouted.

After Wave Changing Taurus Fire and Gemini Spark turned to Zack, “Get in touch with Ace and fill him in on the situation!” Taurus Fire said as he and Gemini Spark ran into the field.

Zack quickly pulled out his Hunter VG and tried to get in touch with Ace. As he did that, Sonia and Solo looked at each other.

“Solo! We're going too!” Sonia said getting her guitar/Hunter VG ready.

“I was planning on doing that with or without you,” Solo said pulling out his Hunter VG which had a stylus like pen. He then used that pen to draw the Mu symbol in front of him as three more symbols formed around him.

“Transcode 004! Harp Note!” Sonia said as she played a loud note on her Hunter GV.

“Transcode 002! Rogue!” Solo said as he held his hands out at his side.

Sonia was surrounded by light pink ribbons flying upward in a pillar around her. A symbol shaped like a musical note appeared in front of the pillar as it vanished revealing a glowing figure. The musical note disappeared as the figure stopped glowing, showing Harp Note standing in Sonia's place.

The symbols around Solo began flying around him at high speed, at the point where they all looked like purple lights. Solo's entire body turned into quicksilver and began to take on the silhouette of Rogue. The lights flew into the quicksilver and gave it a purple glow. The glow then began to part from the head to the feet, revealing Rogue.

Harp Note and Rogue both ran into the field. Zack turned around and saw that he was alone.

“Be careful, guys...” he said, partially glad he was safe, but partially wishing he could fight too.

Leviathan was watching the viruses taunt the humans. She was getting impatient waiting for Zero, “Ugh, where are you Zero?! It's rude to keep people waiting!” she said tapping her foot.

“Leviathan!!!” she heard from behind her. She turned around and saw Zero standing there with her Z-Saber pointed at her, “Leave the humans out of this! This is between you and me!” Zero proclaimed strongly. Leviathan laughed, a high pitched, evil laugh.

“So you must be Zero. I've been looking forward to meeting you.”

“Let them go!” Zero demanded harshly.

“I don't think I want to Zero. In fact, I think I want to kill them all right now and make you watch,” Leviathan said with an evil smile. She snapped her fingers and half the viruses ran towards Zero, and the other half began to slowly close in on the humans.

Zero was outnumbered a good few hundred to one, but she charged through, the only thing on her mind was saving those humans. Unfortunately Zero knew that she was never going to get to Leviathan at the rate she was going.

“Xerox, what are we going to do?!” she asked while fighting.

“Got me kid!” just as Xerox said that, Taurus Fire charged through the army deleting a whole line of viruses.

“Taurus Fire!” Zero called out happily. She then saw two lightning bolts jump up and fly toward the fight. At closer inspection it was Gemini Spark, who landed in the middle of the fight and fought of the viruses back to back. Harp Note and Rouge ran in too to help, Harp Note actually using her guitar as a sword, and Rogue using a large saber revealed to be Laplace transformed.

Leviathan looked annoyed, “Ugh, this just got harder,” she said floating onto the Wave Road. Zero saw that and looked up at her.

“Hey, Zero!” Taurus Fire called out getting her attention, “Go after her! We'll protect the civilians!”

Zero nodded and jumped onto the Wave Road running after Leviathan. They stopped over the ocean, “What are you planning Leviathan?!” Zero asked harshly, making Leviathan laugh even harder.

“You are so demanding! You really need to relax a bit,” Leviathan said with an evil smile.

“I'll relax when you leave Xerox and I alone, and stop putting innocent lives in danger!”

“You really are a piece of work Zero! Trying so hard to sound tough, even though you're just a human yourself under that armor!” that remark made Zero even angrier, “But I'll make you a deal Zero. If you beat me in a Wave Battle, then you might just find out our plan.”

“Then get ready to loose Leviathan!” Zero said pointing her Z-Saber at Leviathan. She then got in a fighting stance and shouted confidently...

“Wave Battle! Action!”

End of Chapter 1

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