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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Friends 4 Life

Unknown to Earth, a large black fortress was flying to the planet. It was surrounded by a purple aura, and although it looked like it was stone, it was actually made of condensed EM waves. This was the Four Guardians' base.

Fenrir was in the training room punching a punching bag. He was furious, because he felt that Harpuia wasn't being fair. Sure he was outnumbered four to one, but there was a reason that one of his nicknames was “Fighting Fenrir”. He had never in his life retreated from a fight, so that day was humiliating to him.

“That Harpuia! He really pisses me off!” he said as Phantom ported in.

“Your plan failed like mine. There was no way to retrieve Zero, and you were outnumbered,” Phantom said frankly.

Fenrir punched the punching bag so hard that it fell off the hook, “He didn't give me a fair chance! I could have beaten all of them and captured Zero!”

“Well, I'll keep that in mind next time,” both Phantom and and Fenrir were shocked when they heard Harpuia at the door. Phantom bowed to Harpuia, but Fenrir scowled and looked away, “Do we have a problem?” Harpuia asked looking at Fenrir suspiciously.

“Hmph, not at all...” Fenrir said under his throat.

“Good,” Harpuia seemed to dismiss the issue with Fenrir and floated to the center of the room, “The master has told me that he wishes to meet Zero himself,” that caught both Fenrir and Phantom's attention.

“The master's entering the fight himself?” Phantom was shocked.

“It seems so. All he asks of us is to distract Zero and her companions,” Fenrir stepped up.

“Then send me back down there! I'll take them out this time for sure!”

“Actually, the master wishes for Leviathan to handle this one,” Harpuia stated, angering Fenrir.

“Leviathan?! He's sending her?!” as Fenrir spoke, Leviathan floated in.

“That's right Fenrir,” she said confidently, “You and Phantom both got a chance to fight her. I want a turn too.”

“Now Leviathan, don't underestimate her. She is using Xerox's power, so that alone makes her dangerous,” Harpuia stated, even though he knew that she was just as bad as Fenrir.

“Please, like I'm afraid of that devil's power. All I have to do is keep her busy until you guys show up, right?” Harpuia nodded, “Piece of cake,” she said smiling evilly.

Meanwhile at Luna's house, she was in her room talking to Pat on her Hunter VG.

“The beach?” Luna said as she brushed her hair, Xerox helping.

“Well, it's a nice day today and you've been working really hard, so I thought it would be nice to take a break, you know?” Pat had a nervous smile.

“But why the beach?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Sure it was a hot day today, but this was really random, not that she minded. The question caught Pat off guard, and he didn't know what to do.

“Well uh... I just thought... you know... why not the beach?” he hoped that would save him, but Luna was smarter than that.

“You just want to see me in a swim suit, don't you Patrick Springs?” she said with a suspicious smile.

Pat was caught, and he knew it. Even though it was mostly Zack's idea, going to the beach was all Pat's idea. Well, Rey had a lot to do with it too. He took control of the body and took advantage of Zack's ignorance of his existence. He then said the beach as an idea, and Zack was all for it. Pat protested a bit, but he gave in when Rey reminded him of Luna in a bathing suit.

“Um... no... that's not...” he tried to cover it up, much to no avail.

Luna giggled, “It's alright Pat, I'll go. I could use a break from training.”

Pat was really happy, “Really?” he then caught himself before he looked too eager, “Uh, I mean, great. So, where should we meet?”

“How about on the Wave Road above the beach. I don't have a ride there and I don't feel like bringing a change of clothes,” Pat's face turned bright red when he heard that. Xerox noticed that and smirked.

“O...okay... Rey and I will meet you on the Wave Road then...”

“Alright, bye Pat,” she said smiling as she broke connection.

“He is so obvious,” Xerox said smirking, “He looked like such a dork asking you to go to the beach.”

Luna looked at Xerox, who was still brushing her hair, “This coming from the guy who's not only brushing a woman's hair, but enjoying it,” Xerox was frozen when she said that. He was enjoying it. He had been looking for a reason to touch her long blond hair for the longest, so he offered to help her do it in the morning by coming up with this lame excuse about how it was so long, if they both worked together they could get done twice as fast. She bought it, but was obviously more perceptive than her parents.

Luna then got up and walked to the door, “If you don't mind Xerox, I do need my privacy to change into my swim suit,” she said smiling.

“Oh, right. I'll just uh... wait for you in the living room,” Xerox said flying out the room into the living room.

Xerox really liked Luna's house. It was usually so empty because her parents were always traveling and the maids waited until Luna wasn't there to clean. Even still it was a nice place. To Xerox it felt like a base, so he felt pretty comfortable there. As Xerox floated around he found a picture of a ten year old Luna with her mom and dad. He smiled at how happy Luna looked in the picture, but when he looked closely he saw something that made him stop. Luna's mom had red hair, her father had dark gray hair showing that it used to be black, but Luna's hair was blond even then. He looked around at all of the pictures on display and noticed that applied to all of them. Xerox thought that was odd, but he decided not to make a big deal about it.

“Xerox, I'm ready,” Luna called from her room, “Let's Wave Change to meet Pat.”

Xerox took one last look at the pictures, and then flew off to Luna's room. When he saw Luna in her bathing suit, there was only one word to describe how she looked, “Wow...”

At the beach, Zack and Bud were waiting for Pat and Luna. Pat told Zack that they would be using the Wave Road so they would be there pretty quickly. Zack had on green swimming trunks and yellow floaters on his arms. Bud was wearing red and blue swimming trunks. They sort of looked funny together, since Bud was really built and looked tough, but Zack was all skin and bones. Bud looked around nervous.

“I'm really nervous,” he said tapping his foot nervously, “Are you sure this is going to work?”

“That's up to you. All Pat and I did was get you and Prez in the same place together, the rest is up to you,” Zack said crossing his arms nodding.

That just made Bud even more nervous, this meant that he still had to do most of the work. They looked around for a little while longer until they saw them, and they were awestruck. Pat wasn't too impressive in his white, black, and gold swimming trunks. Luna on the other hand was amazing, wearing a red one piece bathing suit that made her look like a model.

“Whoa...” both Bud and Zack said in unison. Maybe it was because they always saw her in long dresses that didn't show off her figure much at all, but in that bathing suit she was actually quite beautiful, sexy even.

Pat and Luna saw Bud and Zack walk over to them. Pat looked happy, but Luna lost her smile when she saw them.

“Well, this is a surprise,” Zack said pretending that it was a coincidence, but Luna wasn't going to be fooled so easily.

“Zack...” she groaned to herself. When she saw Bud there she knew that this was one of his grand schemes, probably to help Bud.

“Hey, Prez,” Bud started nervously, “How are-”

“I told you to stop calling me that!” Luna said harshly, which startled everyone. Pat, sensing that this might get ugly, decided to intervene.

“Hey, let's go find a spot near the water and try to enjoy this time,” he then touched Luna's shoulder, “Alright?” he said mainly talking to her.

Luna sighed, “Alright...” she groaned. They all walked over to the water, Luna and Bud on opposite sides of the group.

Leviathan was floating over the beach looking at all the people with an evil smile, “I think this'll keep Zero and her friends busy for a while,” she said to herself. She looked down and saw something that made her smile. She saw Xerox in the water with Pat and Zack. She laughed at the sight, “So the devil is here, that means Zero must be nearby,” she thought for a second, “I could just capture him now, but I want to fight Zero!” she then flew off to prepare for her attack.

Luna was sitting by herself thinking. She wondered why Pat wanted her to come to the beach so bad. He was probably in on the plan. Thinking about it made her madder and madder.

“Hey,” she looked up and saw Bud standing there.

“What do you want?” she said looking away.

“Can we talk for a bit?”

“You can. I don't have anything to say to you,” that hurt Bud, but he knew that he deserved everything she was giving him.

“That's okay,” Bud said sitting down next to her. He then took a deep breath and started, “Pre- I mean, L, Luna, I wanted to say... I'm sorry,” Luna turned to him surprised, “I've been acting really stupid lately with this whole thing. I just wanted to protect you.”

“Why Bud? Why do you want to protect me so bad?”

“If I tell you, do you promise not to get mad?” Bud asked nervously. Luna just smiled sweetly.

“Come on Bud, what is it?” she asked, but Bud was hesitating, “You know, I could still order you.”

That made Bud and Luna laugh a bit, remembering the old days when Bud was afraid to sneeze the wrong way out of fear of making Luna angry, “Alright, I'll tell you,” Bud looked up and looked serious, “I promised Geo, that I would look after you.”

Luna was surprised to hear that, and for a second all she could do was sit there staring at Bud not sure what to think, “Geo... asked you to do that...?”

“It was right before he left. He told me how important you were to him, and that he wanted me to protect you if anything happened to you. It was that following night that he left for outer space. It seemed almost like he knew that day was coming, and even though he could have asked anyone else he came to me. He trusted me that much, and I couldn't betray that trust,” Bud closed his eyes, so he didn't see Luna, who put her hands over her chest and looked really touched by that. Geo cared so much for her that he asked Bud to protect her in his place if anything happened. She looked at Bud, “Go on, tell me how mad you are. Tell me that you can take care of yourself,” Bud was surprised by what happened next. Luna did something she never did as long as he had known her, she hugged him.

“You know, to this day you are still such a big dummy,” she said, but it was clear that she was smiling.

Bud was really confused, “Um, I am?” he asked. She called him one before, but when she did she would usually yell at him, but hugging? This was unheard of.

“Why didn't you just tell me?” she asked looking at Bud.

“Well, I thought-”

“That I would lash out and tell you 'I can take care of myself!', right?” she said doing an imitation of herself four years ago.

“Well, yeah...” Bud was really embarrassed.

“I told you, I'm not the same girl from four years ago. Things like that don't get to me anymore. Yes, I can take care of myself now, but that's thanks to Xerox, and Pat's training. I can beat Gemini Spark in a Wave Battle now, you know,” that shocked Bud a bit.


“It's not easy, but yeah. Thanks to Pat and Rey I've gotten a lot better. I might be even better than Mega Man now,” she said triumphantly, making Bud laugh, “If you really want to help me, than fight alongside me, just like you fought alongside Geo.”

“On one condition. Can I keep calling you Prez?” Luna raised an eyebrow at that, “I'm sorry, but I've been calling you that since first grade. Even if you're not class president anymore, you'll always be Prez to me.”

Luna thought it was weird, but she understood, “Alright Bud, you and Zack can still call me Prez.”

“Thanks Prez,” Bud said relieved, and they hugged.

Unknown to them, someone was slowly walking over to them from behind. As they grabbed Luna's shoulder, she screamed loudly. Loud enough for Pat, Zack, and Xerox to hear her.

“Luna!” Xerox shouted flying to where she and Bud were, Pat and Zack following.

When they got there they were shocked. Luna did scream, but it was a happy scream as she hugged two people she hadn't seen in ages. One was a girl about her age with long blue hair with a yellow flower in it, and wearing a pink bikini and had a pink guitar on her back with a green screen at the top. The other was a boy with long spiky gray hair, wearing a really cool black and purple male bathing suit with the symbol of Mu on the front. The girl looked really happy to see Luna, the boy looked like he was almost in pain.

“Oh my God! It's so great to see you!” Luna said happily, she turned around and saw Xerox, Pat, and Zack all standing there in shock, “Oh Xerox, these are friends of mine. This is Solo, and-”

“SONIA!!!!!!” Bud and Zack shouted in unison. Even with longer hair in a different color, they knew Sonia Strumm anywhere. Luna and Solo moved out of the way as Bud and Zack ran up to Sonia with hearts in their eyes.

“Hey guys, it's nice to see you two haven't forgotten me,” Sonia said sweetly, she then kissed both Bud and Zack on the cheek, who both fainted promptly after.

“Oh, brother...” Solo said to himself. Luna was also slightly embarrassed to know them now.

Xerox just went over to Pat, “I think I'm missing something here,” he said to Pat, who was walking over to Sonia with a note book.

He then calmly asked, “Can I have your autograph?” Sonia just laughed and signed his book.

“Okay, now I know I'm missing something!” Xerox said shaking his head, he then realized something, “Where did that note book come from anyway?!”

End of Chapter 1

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