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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Gemini's Power

After Luna and Pat left school they went straight to Vista Point. This had been going on for about two weeks now. They would meet after school on weekdays, and in the afternoon on weekends. They chose Vista Point because it was a place that they both knew, and not too many people went there, perfect for training.

Luna and Pat were standing a good ways away from each other, Luna holding up her wrist that her Hunter VG was on, and Pat throwing his up and down (they had different types).

“So Luna, are you ready?” Pat asked with a friendly yet confident smile, Luna just nodded. Pat closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them they were less friendly and more confident, showing that he was Rey now. Rey snatched the Hunter and pointed at Luna with a confident smile, “Pat and I aren't going easy on you this time!”

“That's okay,” Luna said as Xerox materialized next to her, “I think we're ready,” she then put on the Visualizer getting ready to Wave Change. Through the Visualizer Pat looked weird. Luna would see what looked like two Pat's overlapping each other, sometimes in the same position and sometimes not, almost like the Visualizer could see both Pat and Rey at the same time. Apparently even if Rey started out as just a form of schizophrenia, now he was just as real as Pat.

Rey then closed his eyes and began screaming in the air as electricity formed around him. Luna and Xerox looked at each other and nodded, then Xerox flew behind Luna and held his arms out like he was getting ready to embrace her from behind. Rey (or Pat, they couldn't tell anymore) then shouted, “Transcode 011!!!! Gemini Spark!!!!”

Luna held her arm up in the air and shouted “Transcode 666! Zero!”

Pat and Rey fazed apart into two glowing beings and vanished in a bolt of lightning, at the same time Xerox completely embraced Luna and they both vanished in a crimson red light.

On the nearby Wave Road Gemini Spark appeared in a bolt of lightning, and in front of them Zero appeared in a red light. They wasted no time rushing at each other with their swords out. Zero kicked Gemini White away, but just barely dodged Gemini Black's slash. As Gemini Black and Zero continued to clash swords ferociously, Gemini White came up behind Zero and pulled out a Battle Card.

“Plasma Gun!” he shouted as his golden left arm turned into a Plasma Gun. Zero and Gemini Black both jumped away from the shots. When Zero landed she saw Gemini Black still in front of her, and Gemini White behind her.

“Kid,” Xerox said on Zero's arm, “Remember, we're not limited to one Battle Card at a time. Try that move they showed us.”

“Right!” Zero said pulling out two Battle Cards. Both twins charged at her as she activated them, “Long Sword!” both of her arms became Long Swords which she used to block both assaults at the same time. She pushed them off of her and jumped behind Gemini White to get both twins in front of her. They both ran up to Zero with their swords activated and began slashing at Zero, who was blocking and slashing at them with both swords at once. The twins jumped away and stood side by side with their golden arms forward. Zero braced herself for what she knew was coming next.

“Gemini Thunder!!!” They shouted as a large lightning blast shot out from their arms at Zero, who used Z-Mirage to break up into three Zero's, one dashing left, one dashing right, and one jumping up.

Gemini White shot a Plasma Gun at the one in the air destroying it, Gemini Black saw he one that dashed to the left try to attack both of them and slashed at it destroying it, but before they could even react the real Zero came up from behind them and held a Cannon to Gemini White's back, and a Wide Sword to Gemini Black's neck. Both twins were shocked.

“I believe that's game,” Zero said with a smirk. Gemini Black smiled.

“Hey Pat, I think I'm in love,” he said looking over at Gemini White, who just rolled his eyes.

It was night time when they stopped. Pat and Luna were now back in their human forms and were lying down together in the grass resting. Luna of course had the Visualizer on while Pat just closed his eyes.

“You've really improved,” Pat said with a smile, “You've started using you're clones smarter, using more than one Battle Card at a time, and you fight at smarter angles. I'm really impressed,” Pat said opening his eyes and turning to Luna, who had a sort of sad look on her face as she looked at the night sky with the Visualizer. Pat stopped smiling and looked worried, “See anything?” he asked on impulse.

“No, not tonight,” she said taking off the Visualizer and looking away, “Sometimes I wonder if he's ever coming back.”

“He will,” Luna looked over to Pat when he said that, “I believe in Mega Man's power. He'll be back soon, I know it.”

“Pat...” Luna smiled when he said that. She was happy that she found someone else who believed in Geo as much as she did. She then looked up at the stars again, “Hey Pat, how are you able to Wave Change still? Xerox mentioned that you don't seem to have a Wizard, and the only two things he senses when you Wave Change are you and Rey, so how are you able to turn into Gemini Spark without a Wizard?”

“I don't really know,” Pat said closing his eyes, “I noticed that I could about four years ago when Geo went up in space the first time. I had just saved him from the FMian Gemini's attack. After that I began to have moments where my heart would start pounding, my vision would blur, and sometimes my head would hurt. Then one day...”

Pat was walking down an alleyway when his chest started hurting. The pain was already unbearable, but this time it was getting worse and worse.

“Wh, what's happening?!” then his head started to hurt, and electricity was converging around him. He couldn't take it anymore. Holding his head he screamed out in pain as the electricity got bigger and bigger. He then disappeared from the Real World in a bolt of lightning.

When he opened his eyes he saw three things that shocked him. First that he was standing on the Wave Road, second that he was now Gemini White. The final thing had him plainly horrified. He looked to his left and saw Rey of all people standing there too, as Gemini Black.

When they both noticed each other they immediately got into fighting stances, rushed at each other and began fighting each other.

“At first my changes were spontaneous, and every time Rey and I found ourselves fighting each other. That went on for about a year, until...”

During one of their fights, they were attacked by a large wolf virus. They immediately turned to face the virus and fought it off, not known to each other, but together. They instinctively joined hands and pointed their hands at the virus, “Gemini Thunder!!!” they shouted before firing at the virus, deleting it in less than a minute. They turned to each other, got in fighting stances again, but slowly lowered their weapons.

“Hey Rey, why are we fighting like this? Look at us, we're two halves of a whole, yet we're fighting each other,” Gemini White stated, Gemini Black just looked down.

“I don't even know anymore. It's been so long, I forgot why I even hate you,” Gemini Black said calmly, and a little sad. Truth was, neither one of them wanted to fight, they just did. Gemini Black looked up with a smile, “Hey, did you see us take out that virus just now? We were awesome!” he stated confidently.

“I have to admit, we were impressive,” Gemini White said smiling too. They looked at each other smiling, “You know Rey, we're strong alone, but I bet if we were to combine our power, we would be near invincible,” Gemini White stated.

Gemini Black had to think on that for a second, but then looked at Gemini White and smiled, “You and me, a team? Hm... I think we can give that a try,” they then shook hands and agreed to work as a team from then on.

“After that Rey and I began to work on controlling our new powers, and working together. We had to compromise on a few things, and it wasn't easy, but we got through it. Now look at us, we're a perfect team, and Rey's one of my closest friends now.”

Luna and Xerox (who materialized somewhere during the story) were amazed by what he had to go through. Luna was really happy that Pat and Rey worked out their differences, but Xerox was more amazed by how they got the ability to Wave Change by will alone.

“That's some story,” Luna said.

“Seriously, but you two seem to make a pretty good team,” Xerox added.

“A lot like you two if you ask me,” both Luna and Xerox were shocked at that, “You've only known each other for a few weeks, yet it seems like you two have known each other for years. At least to me.” Luna and Xerox had to think on that. He was right, their bond was already pretty strong, and in only a few weeks. Luna really enjoyed Xerox's company, and Xerox was having fun on Earth with Luna. Pat then got up, “It's getting late, we should probably get home,” he said.

“Why don't you go on ahead, I think I want to stay here for another few minutes,” Luna said looking up.

“Will you be okay?” Pat asked looking down at her.

“Don't worry,” Xerox stated, “I'm with her, she'll be fine.”

“Well then, I'll see you tomorrow,” Pat said waving to them as he walked off, leaving Luna and Xerox there alone, lying together.

“We are a really good team, aren't we?” Luna said looking at Xerox.

“Hey, I always thought we made a good team,” Xerox said looking at Luna, “But hearing it from someone else did feel good.”

Luna giggled a bit at that, then looked at the night sky with a smile, “Thanks for entering my life Xerox,” she said in a wistful tone.

Xerox just nodded smiling and took her hand, thinking of the promise that he made to her mother.

As Pat walked down the street, he had this feeling that someone was watching him.

“Psst!” he heard from behind him. He turned and saw a shadowy figure standing next to a street lamp.

“Yeah...” Pat said cautiously.

“You're friends with Luna Platz, right?” the figure whispered.

“I would like to think so,” Pat said slowly pulling out his Hunter VG.

“Good. In that case, I think you can help me out here,” the figure whispered as he walked out into the light...

Revealing Zack Temple...

End of Chapter 1

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