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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Wave Battle: Fenrir

Zero thought Phantom was tough, which he was. Fenrir fought on a whole different level however.

Zero was running around Fenrir as he fired at her with his cannons. She tried to dash up to Fenrir from behind and slash at him with her Z-Saber, but he blocked with one of his cannons. He tried to punch Zero with his other cannon, but thankfully she flipped out of the way of the attack. He followed up with another punch that hit Zero right into a pipe on the roof.

She fell down to her knees at that attack. She didn't have too much time to catch her breath however, “Kid, above you!!!” Xerox shouted making Zero look up. She quickly jumped away as Fenrir came down punching the ground where Zero once stood. He then continued to punch at Zero who at the moment was just trying her best to dodge Fenrir's attacks. She eventually had enough time to pull out a Battle Card.

“Heavy Ax!!!” she shouted putting the card into the Z-Saber. She was now holding a large ax in both of her hands.

Fenrir raised an eyebrow looking at her as she charged at him. Now they were slightly more even, but Fenrir's defense was a problem. He then punched at Zero's Heavy Ax so hard that it was destroyed, and then followed up with a few more punches knocking Zero away.

Zero slowly got up and looked at Fenrir. She didn't plan on giving up, but at the same time she didn't know what to do, “Kid, you've gotta calm down!” Xerox said catching Zero's attention, “Think how this guy fights. He's got all power, but no control, so you've got to do the opposite,” as Xerox spoke, Zero was slowly nodding, “Even though he's strong, he's got a lot of openings, all you've got to do is find 'em.”

Zero then looked up just as Fenrir ran up to her to punch her. She flipped above Fenrir and saw his back wide open. She quickly slashed at his back with her Z-Saber knocking him away. Zero wasted no time following up while he was still open, “Gatling Gun!!!” she said activating the Battle Card. Fenrir was shocked by the sudden barrage of bullets. He blocked, but it was clear that he took damage from the attack.

That was when Zero had an idea. She used her Z-Mirage technique to create two clones of herself. The clones ran up to Fenrir and began fighting him close quarter, and he was getting frustrated. He punched at them with a fiery fist that destroyed the clones, revealing the real Zero charging up a Mega Cannon. She fired at Fenrir knocking him to his knees. Zero was so tired that she herself fell to her knees in exhaustion.

“Heh, you're pretty good kid,” Fenrir said with a smirk, “Harpuia was right, you've got passion,” he then got up much to Zero's dismay, and got in a fighting stance again, “Yeah! I'm pumped up now! Let's go again huh?!”

Zero felt hopeless right now. She could barely stand right now, but Fenrir was ready for round two. As Fenrir charged at her, she just braced herself for what she knew was coming.

Just then Taurus Fire rushed in out of nowhere and tackled Fenrir away from Zero. She was shocked as the two fire based EM beings fought each other close quarter.

Fenrir jumped up on the Wave Road to get away from Taurus Fire, “Not that I'm not enjoying this bout, but it's time to get serious,” he said pulling out a small switch with a red button.

Zero and Taurus Fire ran up to the side of the roof in front of Fenrir, “Wait! That's!” Zero said looking up at Fenrir.

“That's right kid! Inside of that building is five of my personal detonators! The viruses should have been done installing them by now, meaning with the push of a button that building's gonna go out with a bang!”

“Fenrir!!!” Xerox shouted enraged. First Phantom held a child hostage, and now Fenrir threatened to destroy the mall, Xerox knew that he got Luna involved but at least he wasn't keeping her prisoner. This was just inhuman.

“Have a blast! I know I sure will!” he said pushing the button to detonate the bombs.

“NO!!!!” everyone shouted in unison.


Fenrir looked at the switch in shock, “What's going on!” he shouted pushing the switch a few more times to no avail, “Why isn't it working?!”

“I think we can answer that,” a voice said near the transporter. Everyone looked and was shocked my who they saw.

“Gemini Spark?!” Taurus Fire shouted in confusion.

“Pat! Rey!” Zero shouted partially confused, but also a bit worried.

Fenrir was amazed to see them, and smiled, “Lord Gemini! I had heard that you had died!” he ran up to them and bowed, “It's an honor to be in your presence,” he said looking up at the twins. No one was ready for what happened next, Gemini Black slashed at Fenrir knocking him back. Fenrir was confused, but when he looked up at them, both twins were smirking at Fenrir, “Lord Gemini?!”

“I think this belongs to you,” Gemini White said throwing one of the bombs to Fenrir, it was deactivated.

“Wait, but!” then Fenrir realized what was going on, “You're not Lord Gemini!”

Taurus Fire and Zero were confused by all of this, “Taurus, is that true?” Taurus Fire asked.

“Believe it or not, yeah. I'm not detecting Gemini's signal over there, just the human,” Taurus said.

Zero looked up at them still confused, but then she remembered what Pat said:

Let's just say I have my reasons.

Could he have been talking about this? Was this the reason he didn't get rid of Rey?

Fenrir was furious. He got in a fighting stance and was ready to fight all of them, but then...

“Fenrir! Return to the fortress!” everyone heard. The only people who recognized the voice were Xerox and Fenrir.

“Harpuia!” Xerox shouted catching everyone's attention.

“Come on Harpuia! I can take these guys!” Fenrir protested.

“No Fenrir! The plan's a failure. Return to the fortress now!” as Harpuia spoke, Fenrir got more and more frustrated.

“Understood Harpuia,” he said looking down. He then looked at Zero, “Don't die on me kid! You still owe me a second round!” he said before disappearing in an orange light. Zero then breath out in relief and sat down.

“Good job kid,” Xerox said smiling, “With a little work, you'll be a great warrior.”

“Thanks Xerox,” Zero said smiling. They both lost their smile when Taurus Fire stood over Zero.

“Now do you see how dangerous this is?!” he said to Zero, who just looked away annoyed, “This isn't a game! You could die here!”

“Are you done?” Zero said looking up at Taurus Fire, “You weren't much better when you first started fighting!” she said harshly.

Taurus Fire got on one knee and put his hand on Zero's shoulder, “But I had professional training before I tried to fight for real,” he said calmly.

“Then train me!” Zero said, surprising Taurus Fire, “Teach me how to fight in Wave Form!”

“I... I can't...” Taurus Fire said looking down. He then got up and walked off.

“Why not?!” Zero shouted getting up, “Why is it so hard for you to accept me as a fighter?!”

“I'm sorry Prez... I just can't...” he turned his head to her, “Just leave this to the Satella Police... please...” he then Transed Out, disappearing.

Zero looked down in frustration, “Stupid, stupid Bud! He doesn't understand me at all!” she was so angry right now that she was shaking.

“Luna...” Xerox said looking at Zero.

Zero then felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked and saw Gemini White standing there smiling, Gemini Black behind him with his arms crossed, “Pat?” she said as Gemini White nodded.

“Can we talk for a bit?” Gemini White asked with his usual peaceful smile.

A few minutes later, Pat and Luna were back at Echo Ridge walking back to Luna's condo. The sun was setting and the sky was an even, melancholy orange.

“That's some story,” Pat said after Luna told Pat about Xerox's situation, “But with everything that's happened so far, there seems to be truth to it,” he then looked at Luna, who was looking down, “You seem dedicated to helping him.”

Luna looked at Pat seriously, “Why wouldn't I be?” she said calmly.

“Well, with what happened four years ago, it just seems like a lot to deal with.”

“That's just it! That's the exact reason why I want this!” she walked away a bit as Pat stopped walking, “The last time I saw him was the day I finally told him how I felt. I knew it would be the last time I ever saw him, but I kept looking at the sky, hoping to see him. Then his Brother Band disappeared, and everyone started to say that he was dead,” she then got really emotional thinking about it again, “I cried for weeks after that nonstop. I stayed away from school, didn't talk to anyone, I barely left my room. Even now, I feel like crying. I miss him that much Pat,” she then turned around, “But that's different when I'm Zero. I don't feel like crying. I don't feel weak. I'm strong as Zero, I'm brave, I feel like someone else entirely. Bud says that he wants to help me, but if he really wants to help then he would understand why I need this.”

Pat walked over to Luna and put his hands on her shoulders, “The only reason why he's like that is because he cares.”

“I know that Pat,” Luna said looking up at him, “But maybe I'm tired of people caring so much about me,” Luna turned around and kept walking. Pat thought to himself for a second, and then ran after her.

As they continued to walk, they were silent. They made it to Luna's place right when the sun went down completely.

“Thanks Pat for walking me,” Luna said smiling.

“You're parents are okay with you staying out this late?”

“They're not even home. They're probably still in the air going to their next meeting,” Luna said looking down. She then looked up and feigned happiness, “Well, I'll see you later,” she said quickly turning around.

Right before she went inside, “Luna,” Pat called out making her stop, “I'll train you.”

Luna turned around and looked at Pat in shock, “You'll what?!”

“I understand you're situation Luna, and I want to help. If this is the only way to help you then I'll do it,” Pat then looked down, “That is, if it's okay.”

Luna thought about it, but before she could make a decision Xerox chimed in, “You know, that would be a good idea. If you can learn to fight two opponents that act as one, then fighting one opponent should be cake,” he said in her Hunter VG.

Hearing that Luna smiled and nodded, “In that case, I'd love it if you and Rey would train me.”

Pat was surprised when he heard that, but looked up smiling, “Great! Then I'll see you tomorrow?” he asked hopefully.

“Sure, tomorrow's great,” Luna then waved smiling, turned around, and walked inside.

Pat just stood there smiling for a little while, but then Rey appeared on the the reflective mirror, “Someone's happy,” he taunted.

“Shut up Rey,” Pat said walking off. Truth was though, Rey was right. He was really happy.

Inside Luna's room, Luna fell down on top of her bed. Xerox materialized and flew over to her, “I think he's got a thing for you,” Xerox said making Luna laugh a bit.

“Maybe, but Pat's always been like that for as long as I can remember. He's just a really nice guy,” Luna stretched a bit on her bed and then pulled her ribbon out of her hair letting it flow down freely.

“Nice guy huh?” Xerox said crossing his arms.

Luna sat up and looked at him tauntingly, “Xerox, if I didn't know better, I'd say that you were jealous,” she taunted.

Xerox looked at her and stopped for a second. Seeing her with her hair out like that got to him a bit, but he laughed it off, “Ha, me jealous? Don't forget, EM wave,” he said referring to himself. Luna got up shrugging her shoulders.

“Sure, okay then. Just remember that earlier you didn't even know that you could eat french fries,” she said showing that she wasn't convinced. She then walked out of the room, leaving Xerox by himself to think.

“Jealous! Why would I be jealous? She's a human, and I'm an EM wave. There's no way...” he then thought for a second, “Right...?” he said as he thought about Luna again. The first time they met she saved his life. After that they became really close really fast. He wanted to help her, but was there another reason?

Was he actually........

End of Chapter 1

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