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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Attack on Spica Mall

Zero ran into the central plaza of the mall. The entire mall was filled with fire based viruses, and since the mall was just pulled into the Wave World they were able to do some serious damage.

“Fenrir!” Xerox said on Zero's wrist, catching her attention.

“The one of fire, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, he's a real hot head! He's probably on the roof!”

“Why would he be there?”

“It's the only place here that's shaped like a battlefield! He's probably just putting these people in danger just to draw us out!”

“Just like Phantom...”

“Come on kid! We gotta get to the roof!” Xerox shouted, but Zero shook her head.

“What about the people still trapped in here? We can't just leave them!” Zero said.

“That's the thing kid! That field he put up draws the environment inside into the Wave World,” at that Zero looked up and was surprised to see the Wave Road projected near the ceiling like it would look through the Visualizer, “As long as that field is up the humans are trapped in this mall!” Xerox continued.

“And defeating Fenrir is the only way to remove it, right?” Zero stated confidently.

“Looks like you've got the right idea!”

“Then let's go!” Zero said running forward. Xerox thought the contrast between Luna and Zero was interesting. As Luna she was moody, depressed, and easily upset. As Zero, despite her inexperience, she was strong, confident, courageous, a true hero. He wondered if she took on the persona of this “Mega Man” character from her past.

She ran up to the elevator to use it and go up to the roof, but to her dismay it didn't work, “Damn it! Why isn't this working?” she asked in frustration.

“Beats me. Either way that just means that we'll have to find another way to the roof,” Xerox stated.

For a second Zero thought, until she got an idea and looked up, “Think we could use the Wave Road to get up there?” she asked Xerox, who just shrugged.

“Well, I don't see why not. But that Wave Road is pretty high, is there a way to get up there?” he asked. At first Zero wasn't sure, but she then saw a large green terminal with a yellow arrow pointing up on it.

“I got it!” she said running up to it.

Xerox was confused, “How is this thing gonna help us?” he asked as Zero began typing on the keyboard.

“I've seen Geo use this trick all the time when he had to get on the Wave Road quickly. These things send information to each other and are all over the place. All we do is travel on the Wave Road using these to carry us.” she explained, “Even if we're cut off from outside we should be able to travel between these terminals.”

“And since we're already in the Wave World, once we find Fenrir we just jump off and attack,” Xerox added. Zero nodded and pushed a few buttons on the terminal. A few seconds later Zero disappeared from the surface and reappeared on the Wave Road, where she wasted no time running off to the roof.

Taurus Fire was running through the mall fighting the viruses on the surface. There were a few people trapped in the stores, but Taurus Fire got them out and lead to safety as best as he could. Problem was that there was no end to the viruses, “They just keep coming!” Taurus Fire said in frustration.

“This won't end until we find the leader!” Taurus said in Taurus Fire's ears.

“Yeah, but where is the leader?” Taurus Fire asked. He then looked up and saw Zero running on the Wave Road.

“How much you wanna bet she knows?” Taurus asked Taurus Fire, who was now running after Zero on the surface.

“Hey, wait!” Taurus Fire shouted as he ran after her. She ignored him and used the nearest transporter to go up to the next floor, “Damn it Prez! Why are you being like this?!” he shouted punching a wall.

“Bud, we can't worry about her!” Taurus said to his emotion partner, “At least the leader isn't being ignored! Why don't we let her and Xerox handle the leader and we'll protect the civilians? Rather than working against her why don't we work with her, at least for now?” as Taurus spoke, Taurus Fire calmed down a bit, but it was still evident that he was annoyed by the whole situation.

“Damn it! My...promise...” he said slowly as he turned around to face the viruses again.

On a higher floor, Gemini Black was fighting a group of viruses while Gemini White was fiddling with a small machine in the corner next to the fight.

Even though alone each twin was strong, they were strongest when they were together since they were actually both two halves of a whole. It still wasn't known why Pat and Rey split up like that when they transformed, since the FMian they drew from was one whole. Maybe it was the fact that the two personalities were so distinct, along with the power of Gemini referring to “the twins”.

“Almost done over there Pat?!” Gemini Black asked in frustration, since he was sort of loosing.

“Yeah Rey, just hold on for a few more minutes,” Gemini White said as he continued, “Okay, done!” he shouted turning around and firing a bolt of lightning at the viruses to help his partner. Together, the twins made quick work of them.

“Two down, three more to go, right?” Gemini Black asked Gemini White.

“Yeah, let's get to the next target,” Gemini White stated, and they both ran off, leaving a red bomb in the corner.

Zero appeared on the Wave Road near the roof. She jumped off and walked around the roof a bit, “Is he here?” she asked Xerox as she walked.

“He has to be. We didn't see him anywhere in the mall,” Zero just continued to look around. Eventually a barrage of blasts shot down at her forcing her to take cover.

“What in the world?!” she shouted in disbelief. She then heard laughter above her on the Wave Road. She looked up and saw a man with dark skin and long orange hair like a lion's mane, wearing a bright orange body armor shaped similar to Phantom's armor but bigger, and a matching helmet that looked like a lion's head, his face coming out of the mouth. He was holding these strange weapons in his hands that looked like big cannons that could also be used for punching, he had piercing red eyes and a confident, toothy grin that showed his sharp teeth.

“Don't tell me that you're Zero! You're the broad that took out Phantom?! Don't make me laugh!” the man shouted in a booming voice.

Zero slowly stepped out and stared in shock, “Xerox, is that...” she asked afraid of the answer.

“Afraid so kid. That's definitely Fenrir of the Flame. Even in that form I'd recognize that maniac anywhere,” Xerox stated.

Fenrir jumped off the Wave Road onto the roof in front of Zero, shaking the whole roof when he landed, “Come on Xerox, I expected better from you! At least pick someone older! This kid's got to be, what, fourteen, fifteen? She's never had real battle experience!”

“There you go again Fenrir! You're always underestimating your opponents! You did that to me the first time we fought, and what happened?” Xerox taunted, getting Fenrir angry.

“Shut up devil! That was just a fluke and you know it!” Fenrir shouted.

Xerox rolled his eyes, “Suuure it was Fenrir. You keep telling yourself that. Anyway, I think I made a pretty good choice picking her. The kid's got spirit, I like that,” Xerox said smiling.

“Xerox...” Zero was touched to hear that. Hearing that Xerox believed in her inspired her even more and she looked up in determination.

“That's what Harpuia was babbling about earlier. Doesn't matter to me,” he said getting in a fighting stance, “As long as you give me a good fight!”

Zero activated her Z-Saber and pointed it at Fenrir, “You want a good fight, then you've got one!” she said with confidence that even surprised herself a bit.

“Don't disappoint me kid!” Fenrir shouted.

“Don't worry, I won't!” Zero said, she then got in a fighting stance and shouted...

“Wave Battle! Action!”

End of Chapter 9~

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