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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - It's My Choice

Fenrir was floating over Cyber City looking out at it. He was amazed that such a primitive species actually lived for so long, and was wondering why they were going through so much trouble over one tiny little planet. If it were up to Fenrir, he would just burn the whole planet into space dust. He wasn't all that smart, he knew that, that's why he liked simple plans. This plan started out simple: just take the devil back to Planet FM alive, but they had all heard from Phantom that Xerox just got a human partner. That meant that the plan just got complicated, which meant that they had to do something about the human.

Normal beings from the planets of AM and FM lost half of their power when they went to Earth due to the lack of EM Waves. Even though the planet had a lot more EM technology now than it did a few years ago, Planet FM still had a lot more since the planet itself was made of concentrated EM Waves. The solution to the power issue, merge with a human with DNA that matched your own EM Wave frequency exactly. That would surrender your power to the human, but that human would have your full power to access at will through EM Wave Change, making you and the human symbiotic beings.

The Four guardians were different however. Thanks to “the master” they were able to alter their own frequency to mimic human DNA. This allowed them to access their full power even on Earth without the need to find a human to merge with. This move wasn't perfect however, as it had flaws. For one thing they couldn't alter their waves to faze into the Real World, so instead they would draw the environment into the Wave World. Second it created a lot of Noise, which meant that all machines next to them stopped working properly. Finally, Harpuia was the only one who could use Final Strike move more than once before losing his altered state. Despite these flaws it was still a devastating move, because they alone could destroy the entire environment by themselves.

Harpuia teleported next to Fenrir, and both of them looked at the city for a while, “So, did Phantom tell you?” Harpuia asked after a minute.

“You mean about Xerox's partner? Yeah, I heard,” Fenrir looked down and smirked, “To think, out of all the people on this planet he chose some skirt to be his partner. What was he thinking?”

“Actually that was wise of him. Women are truly underestimated on the battlefield. Their emotions are intense, which makes them passionate. They rarely fight for pointless reasons. Either to save a loved one, save themselves, prove themselves, revenge, these are but a few reasons for why they fight, and all of them are carried out with passion, a vital trait for a warrior.”

“Whatever,” Fenrir said rolling his eyes, “That just means that she's more fun to fight!”

Harpuia closed his eyes and crossed his arms, “The master has new orders for us,” that caught Fenrir's attention, “He wants us to capture both Xerox and his partner, Zero.”

“Zero huh?” Fenrir looked really intense, “So how are we goin about this?”

“We'll use the same plan as Phantom, take over a large area and draw Zero to it, then we'll defeat her in combat and take her to the master.”

“Heh, is that it? You made it sound difficult! Zero is as good as ours!” Fenrir said confidently. Harpuia decided to leave this area to Fenrir, and teleported away. Fenrir looked out at his target confidently, “Good as ours!” he said again looking at Spica Mall, the biggest mall in Cyber City.

Luna had just told Bud the entire story of how she met Xerox and became Zero. He sat down in front of Luna and was taking in everything she just said. He then glared at Xerox angrily.

“Got somethin to say, pork chop?” Xerox said glaring at Bud. He was floating next to Luna who was looking down at her lap.

Bud was obviously offended by that insult, but he brushed it off and spoke calmly and sternly, “So let me get this straight. You're on the run from these four really powerful FMians who have their hearts set on bringing you in. You come here to our planet, drawing them here and putting all of us in jeopardy. Finally, you turn around and get Prez involved in this mess by Wave Changing with her!”

“Sheesh, you make it sound like this is all my fault,” Xerox stated calmly. Bud stood up suddenly and got fired up.

“It is your fault! Do you realize how serious this is?! We're at war because of you!”

“The Four Guardians would have come here regardless, only they would have brought a lot more weapons with them. Not to mention, I wouldn't be here, and Zero's the best shot you've got at beating them. So if I were you, I'd be a little nicer to me,” Xerox suddenly lost his smile, showing how annoyed he was.

“Do what you want, but leave Prez out of this!” Bud said getting angrier.

“Did you happen to miss the part where I saved her life?!” Xerox said actually getting angry.

“Saving her life would have been getting her somewhere safe, what you did was put her in more danger! She has enough problems without you here putting all of this weight on her!”

Xerox was beginning to really hate Bud, so he got up face to face with Bud, “You know what, I'm really getting sick of being treated like the bad guy here!”

“Then leave! Maybe then Prez can find peace!”

“Maybe she doesn't want peace! Maybe she wants something else!”

“Don't talk about her like you know her! You don't know a damn thing about her!”

“Well, I seem to know more about her than you do right now!”

“You son of a-”

“Stop it!!!” she shouted, startling both of them. Luna had just about enough she could take of hearing all of this, and was getting angrier and angrier by the second, “Xerox isn't to blame for any of this!”

“But Prez!”

“I was the one who ran into the AMAKEN building trying to be a hero. We were surrounded by viruses; there wasn't any place in there that was safe! Wave Changing into Zero was the only way to save me!”

“If he hadn't come to this planet in the first place then none of this would have happened!” Bud tried to explain.

“He was only trying to survive! You don't know what they wanted to do to him! And anyway, it happened! Get over it! I'm Zero now!”

“What if he's a criminal?! You could be defending a monster bent on trying to take over the planet!” he leaned in towards her, “You say he has amnesia, but can you really trust him? What proof does he have?”

“He doesn't have to prove it! I believe him! For one thing, if the Four Guardians are such good people, then why did Phantom hold a girl hostage?!” that made Bud stop, because he didn't know all of that, “And another thing, sure I don't know him very well, but at least he isn't trying to force me to do anything!” she then got up face to face with Bud, making him step back a bit, “Did you ever think that maybe I wanted to become Zero?”

Bud looked down in frustration, “I'm just worried about you Prez. Your safety is all that matters to me right now.”

“Don't you get it Bud? I don't want to be safe!” that shocked Bud when she said that. Luna walked around the table a bit looking up as she continued, “I don't want to sit around on the side lines while everyone else is fighting, and all I can do is pray that everyone comes back safely. I don't want just sit around doing nothing except looking up at the stars waiting for my shooting star to come back. I'm tired of crying, tired of waiting, tired of people telling me to get over him. I'm sick of people saying how worried they are about me, but not trying to see what's really the matter.”

“Prez, listen to me,” Bud said taking her by the shoulders, “You're upset, I get it, but this isn't the way to deal with-”

“No you don't get it!” Luna said pulling away from Bud, “Xerox is the only one who does! You say that I can't trust him, but don't you realize that he's the only one here who's actually see me?!” as Luna said that, Xerox was really surprised. He just met her and it sounded like she already saw him as a close friend.

“Look, I-” there was an explosion head in the direction of the mall. Before anyone could say anything Bud's Hunter VG went off, “This is Taurus Fire. What's the situation?”

Acid's voice was heard on the other line, “There appears to be another virus attack like the one from yesterday. You are currently the only officer there, so get to the mall immediately,” as Acid spoke, Luna and Xerox looked at each other, nodded, and then ran off to Spica Mall.

“Got it, I'll get right on it!” he hung up and turned to where Luna and Xerox were, “Guys, I have to go, just stay...” he saw that they were gone. He was now looking around frantically, until he saw them run off in the distance. Run in the direction of the mall. “Wait! Prez!” he called out running after her.

Pat was watching them from behind a building. He was now wearing blue jeans, a purple hoodie, and his head phones around his neck. He also heard everything, “So, Luna Platz is Zero...” he said to himself.

Hey, Pat,” Pat heard in his head. He looked to his right and saw Rey talking to him through a broken mirror, “What do you wanna do?” he asked.

“Let's follow her for now. I want to see her power before we intervene,” Pat said with a smirk. He then ran after them, careful to stay hidden.

Luna was looking at the entrance to Spica Mall, people crowding to get out. Xerox digitized back into the Hunter VG and Luna was about to walk in, until Bud grabbed her arm, “Bud Bison, let me go!”

“I'm not going to let you do this Prez! You're not a hero, you're fourteen year old Luna Platz!” Bud tried to reason.

“How was Geo any different? He did the same thing I'm doing, but on a much larger scale!”

“I'm trying to save you before his life becomes yours! Geo wouldn't want you in the middle of all of this! He would take a bullet point blank before he would let you do something like this! I don't want you to end up like Geo, because that's where this life of being a hero will lead you!”

Luna was getting really fired up now. She harshly pulled away from Bud, “Geo isn't here right now to save us! As for me, I've been given a chance to make a difference just like him, and I'm not about to pass that up!”


“Transcode 666!!! Zero!!!” in a red flash Luna transformed into Zero. For a second she just stood there looking down, but then finally said, “I'm not 'Prez' anymore, she died four years ago. It's either Luna,” she then turned to Bud and stared at him with a look of passion he had never seen, “or Zero!” and with that Zero ran into Spica Mall, leaving Bud to just stand there in shock.

Taurus came up on Bud's Hunter VG, “What are we gonna do Bud?” he asked.

All Bud did was slowly raise his Hunter VG to his mouth and spoke into it, “Transcode 005... Taurus Fire...” even after changing into Taurus Fire, his expression remained the same, making Taurus worried.

“Um, Bud?”

“We have a mission... Let's go Taurus...” and he ran inside the mall, just as the mall was engulfed into the Wave World.

Pat ran up to the mall right as the field appeared, “I wonder if this'll work,” he said putting his hand on the field. He closed his eyes as electricity appeared over his body, “Transcode 011. Gemini Spark,” he said calmly as he pushed his right hand through the field. On the other side of the field, two hands emerged as Gemini Spark appeared on the other side, both twins had their eyes closed. They opened their eyes, looked at themselves and were happy to find out another way to Wave Change.

“High five!” they both said at the same time giving each other a high five. They then turned and ran inside as well.

End of Chapter 8

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