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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Wave Battle: Phantom

Phantom charged at Zero and they began fighting close quarter. Once the fight began Zero realized the difference between fighting viruses and fighting actual EM beings. The viruses were relatively dumb, and went out in one hit. This guy was much smarter and stronger, and Zero had a hard time finding an opening. Her inexperience in combat really showed here, and Phantom wasted no time exploiting her flaws.

He back flipped away from her and threw a series of kunai at Zero, who flipped aside and hid behind a crate.

“This guy's stronger than the viruses!” she said to Xerox.

“Be glad you're fighting him and not the leader! Just stay calm and focus!”

“Focus...” she said calming down. She then stepped out from her hiding spot and used a Battle Card, “Gatling Gun!!!” she began firing at Phantom, who was actually surprised by the attack. He flipped away from one barrage of shots, but couldn't dodge the second barrage.

“Hey kid, use the Z-Mirage,” Xerox told Zero, who nodded and stood up straight.

“Z-Mirage!” at that instant there were two clones of Zero created right next to her. They all looked at each other, nodded, and charged at Phantom.

Acid Ace was running down a hall firing at some of the remaining viruses. This was the longest he had ever fought, and truth was he was getting tired. He wasn't about to let his men see that though, since he was alone right now though he had no problems falling down on one knee in exhaustion.

Acid materialized next to Acid Ace and flew over to him, “Ace! Are you okay?!” he asked.

“I...need...a Mega...Snack...” he breathed out.

“That's the last thing you need right now Ace!” suddenly Acid detected something, “Ace, I'm picking up two powerful EM waves fighting near the main entrance!”

“Is it Zero?” Acid Ace asked getting excited.

“I believe so,” Acid Ace got up and ran to the entrance, “Ace, wait!” Acid called out before flying after Acid Ace.

In the Cyber Core, Gemini Spark was having a bit of a hard time fighting the virus. Gemini Black jumped up in the air and tried to slash down with his golden arm, which had a laser sword sprouting from the fingers. The attach did nothing though and the virus slashed Gemini Black away.

Gemini White was shooting electric blasts out of his golden arm at the virus, which was walking towards him unaffected by his attack. It shot out a black wave out of it's mouth at Gemini White who flew back and fell to the ground. Gemini Black ran over to him and helped him up, “This thing is tough!” Gemini Black said.

“We'll have to take a slightly different approach to this fight,” Gemini White said looking at Gemini Black. They nodded and then held hands, pointing their golden arms at the virus. They began firing at the virus, but their blasts were bigger than before. The shot caused the virus to roar out in pain, which showed Gemini Spark it's mouth, which was glowing red.

The twins looked at each other, nodded, and then stood back to back holding their golden arms out next to each other. “Gemini Thunder!!!!” they both shouted in unison, firing a large lightning beam out at the virus' mouth. The blast was so big and powerful that it went through the virus, deleting it instantly.

“Good job!” Gemini Black said as their hands met in a hand shake. They then ran over to the control panel.

“Okay, let's see if we can deactivate the security program,” Gemini White said typing on the control panel. The security camera came up and showed them an image of the fight between Zero and Phantom, “Huh?” Gemini White said looking at the fight.

“Who's that?” Gemini Black asked putting his hands on his hip.

“That's him!” the Mr. Hertz said, making both twins look at him, “That's the black EM wave that hacked into the main computer! I'm sure of it!”

“Okay...” Gemini Black said rolling his eyes going back to the fight, “But that doesn't tell us who the red one is,” he said looking at the screen.

Phantom did a whirlwind kick knocking all three Zeros away from him. The two clones disappeared revealing the real Zero. “That was a neat trick,” Phantom said smirking, “But I have tricks too,” he then ran over to Zero, flipped over her, and put an exploding tag on her back. The explosion wasn't big, but it did do a lot of damage, and it sent her flying into a wall.

Gemini Black was still watching this and was getting worried, “Pat, get that door open! I'm going to help them!” he said running off to the exit.

“I'll join you once I'm done here!” Gemini White said before Gemini Black warped outside.

When Zero got up she saw a sight that hit her heart. Phantom was holding the little girl hostage and had a kunai at her neck, “NO!!!!” she shouted.

Phantom was laughing, a dark sort of horse laugh, “I knew you would be affected by this!”

“PHANTOM!!!!” Xerox shouted, “Leave the human out of this!!!”

“Why should I? You got a human involved. I'm doing the exact same thing as you, only from another approach,” when Phantom said that, Xerox felt horrible. He was right, Xerox got Luna involved in this, even though he originally said he wouldn't, “Now here's what we're going to do, both you and your partner are going to come with me, now!”

Zero clenched her fist in frustration. She looked at the little girl, who was really afraid now. How was she going to get out of this?

Just then Acid Ace was seen on Phantom's left pointing his gun right at Phantom, “Let the kid go!” he said sternly.

“I wouldn't shoot if I were you. If you do, I might just slip up and slit the poor kid's throat,” Phantom said holding the kid closer to him.

Acid Ace slowly lowered his gun, and Phantom smirked. Just then a bolt of lightning shot Phantom from behind, forcing him to let the kid go. When the kid was safe behind Acid Ace, Zero rushed forward and slashed Phantom, who flipped in the air and caught himself.

“Pretty good. I don't know what happened, but you're quite lucky it did. Xerox, next time we meet, I will bring you back,” and with that Phantom fazed out. The building exited the Wave World and all of the viruses disappeared.

The girl ran into Zero's arms, “Are you okay?” Zero asked. When the little girl nodded, Zero smiled. Acid Ace walked over to them.

“Um, are you Transcode 666, Zero?” he asked.

“Yeah, that's me,” she said cautiously. She was surprised when Acid Ace held out his hand for a handshake.

“Acid Ace, nice to meet you,” He said with a cheerful smile. Zero shook his hand smiling too, trying her best to pretend he was a stranger, “Why don't you get that girl to safety,” he said, snapping Zero out of her daze.

“Oh, um, right,” she said trying to sound really tough to hide her voice. She then took the girl by the hand and walked to the door, “Thank you for the help sir,” she said walking out.

Acid Ace was waving to her as she walked out. When she was gone, “Did you get her DNA code Acid?” he asked his Wizard.

“Affirmative Ace, you aren't going to believe who that is,” Acid said.

“With what happened last night, I just might believe it.”

Gemini Spark was also watching them leave, “So, who's the new face?” Gemini White asked.

“Apparently her name is Zero,” Gemini Black stated, “As for her human identity, no clue.”

“I see. I don't know why, but she seems familiar to me,” Gemini White said, catching Gemini Black's attention.

“Think she's someone we know?” Gemini Black asked, and Gemini White nodded.

“Definitely,” Gemini White looked around, “They're probably wondering where we are.”

“Think we should Trans Out?” Gemini Black asked.

“Yeah, good idea,” and with that they both turned white and broke up into tiny balls of light, which came together and turned back into Patrick Springs. Pat then walked to another exit as to not attract too much attention.

Outside, Zero led the little girl outside. Once she saw the class running up to her, Zero tried to fly off, but the girl held her hand, “Thank you for saving me Miss,” she said to Zero.

Zero smiled and nodded, but just before she could jump onto the Wave Road the other students ran up to her, along with Arron and Kelvin. All of them were amazed at the resemblance she had to Mega Man, even Bud and Zack took notice. Zero just stood there, hoping that no one here recognized her.

“Um, thank you Miss...” Arron said.

“Zero, my name is Zero,” she introduced herself.

“Zero......” Bud said looking at her closely. Truth was he did recognize her, after all Luna was the only girl he knew with blond hair in that style. Ever since Geo, Bud got really good at observation. He looked over at Zack, who just had a love sick look on his face showing he had no idea who that was.

“Well Zero, thank you for your help,” Arron said shaking her hand, but then looked serious, “You didn't happen to see two other students in there did you? They're teenagers, one's a boy and the other one's a girl?” he asked, making Zero jump a bit.

“Um, I didn't see the boy, but I saw the girl. Her name is Luna right?”

“Yeah, that's her,” Kelvin said nodding.

“She's safe, she should be coming out soon,” Zero said, breathing a sigh of relief when Arron and Kelvin nodded relieved too.

She turned to leave, but one of the kids called out to her, “Um, do you know Mega Man?” when she heard that she stopped.

“Yeah, he's a very close friend of mine...” she said softly, not turning around. What the boy asked next she wasn't ready for.

“Where is he?” when she heard that she couldn't hold back the tears, but she tried her hardest not to show them that she was crying.

“I don't know where he is, I'm searching for him too...” she said through her tears. The boy looked down in sadness too, all of the kids in fact. They knew she was crying, and they all felt her pain, since they all missed Mega Man too.

Zero then flew off and disappeared onto the Wave Road to find a safe place to Trans Out. Kelvin was looking at the sky thinking about what just happened. “Another war is starting, and now this new hero appears that looks like Mega Man. I wonder, did you plan this, Geo?”

That evening, Luna was walking home thinking about what just happened. She looked at the Transcode option on her Hunter VG now, “Zero...” she said to herself. Xerox materialized next to her, now that he was her Wizard he felt that he didn't have to hide too much.

“Hey kid, I'm sorry that I got you involved,” he said looking down. They stopped and Luna looked at him seriously as he continued, “The Four Guardians are after me, and they'll harm anyone near me just to get to me. You seem to have enough problems as it is. I knew that, and yet I Wave Changed with you,” he then looked at Luna apologetically, “I shouldn't have done that, and now that you know about my life well...”

“Oh please, you're worse than Geo!” Luna said walking forward a bit, surprising Xerox, “I'm involved now, so there's no point in getting upset about what could have happened. Besides,” she then turned around with a smile, “You did it to save me. If you hadn't fused with me then I would have been toast.”

“No argument there!” he said smiling too, “You know, according to Phantom I'm a devil. Are you sure you want to team up with a devil like me?”

“Are you sure you want to team up with a crybaby like me?” they then broke out laughing, and then looked into each other's eyes, “My name's Luna, Luna Platz,” she said holding out her hand.

Xerox looked at her a bit, then took her hand, “Xerox.”

That was the start of Luna and Xerox's adventures together. A partnership that would carry both of them farther than they ever thought possible.

End of Chapter 6

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