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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Transcode 666

The next day, Luna's school and a number of kids from Echo Ridge Elementary were going to the AMAKEN space station and EM laboratory for a field trip. Everyone was excited on the bus, even Bud and Zack.

“You've seen a lot of the stuff here already, right Bud?” Zack asked Bud, who was sitting with his arms crossed and an important smile on his face.

“Yep, Mr. Boreal even asked me to help with the tour,” Bud stated nodding. It was clear that he enjoyed being so important, after all he was a commander for the Satella Police, and at such a young age too.

“He could barely sleep last night he was so excited,” Taurus said in Bud's Hunter VG.

“Heh, yeah, that's right...” Bud said looking at Luna, who was sitting in another seat by herself. The truth was that the real reason why he had such a hard time sleeping was because of the fight he had with her yesterday. He knew how she felt about Geo, and deep down he really hated to see her in so much pain. All last night he was beating himself up inside for sounding so insensitive to her feelings, knowing full well how sensitive she was. Right now he wanted nothing more than to go over to her and apologize, but she hadn't said anything to him or Zack all day, so he figured that she was still steamed.

Luna pulled out her Hunter VG and looked at the message the AMian from last night left:

Sorry to leave without an explanation. I wanted to make sure that you knew how grateful I was for what you did for me. Not too many humans would hide me in their personal terminals like that, not to mention you lied to the police for me. I am really grateful to you for your kindness to me.

I don't know when, but we will meet again someday. On that day I'll return the favor. Until then, try to stay safe.



“Xerox...” Luna said as she read his note over. When she woke up she partially thought it was a dream, but when she saw the mysterious note on her Hunter she figured that the AMian must have left it. She wondered why he left, and where he was now. She pulled the Visualizer from out of her purse and looked out the window with it on, partially hoping to see Xerox flying around. She then felt someone tap her shoulder from behind. She turned around and saw a friendly face from her past standing behind her seat, “Patrick Springs?” she called out happily.

“Hey Luna. Long time no see, huh?” he said with a friendly smile.

“I'll say! It's great to see you!” she got up and hugged Pat. He looked different somehow. Physically he still had the same long green hair and bright expression. The only physical difference was that he was taller and along with wearing the boy's uniform had a pair of green headphones hanging on his neck. Luna couldn't tell what it was, but he seemed brighter than usual.

Pat sat next to Luna, “So, how have you been holding up?” he asked Luna.

“Well, generally okay,” she said looking down.

“It's Geo, isn't it?” Luna looked up at Pat when he said that.


“It's okay Luna. Geo saved my life too. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Mega Man,” he said looking down too, but with a wistful smile.

“How are you doing, anyway? Do you still have that 'you know what'?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“Oh, you mean Rey?” Pat asked, referring to his alternate personality.

“Yeah, he's gone, right?” Luna was starting to get concerned. She heard from Geo about Pat's other half, which manifested itself into another person inside of Pat's body. This personality, named Rey, tried to force Pat to hurt Geo when he had first started to become Mega Man.

Pat looked really nervous as he braced himself for the answer, “Well... no,” Luna got really scared when she heard that, “But, it's okay now! Rey's under control!” he quickly said trying to calm her down.

“Really?” Luna wasn't fully convinced.

“Really. He knows that he can't hurt people for no reason now, and he and I are starting to get along.”

“Prove it,” she said, partially playing around, and partially serious.

“Okay,” Pat said closing his eyes, meditating. After a few seconds, he opened them again, but something was different. He was darker, and looked more serious, “What?” he asked harshly when he noticed Luna staring at him.

“Um, Rey?” she asked shaking, she was really nervous about being this close to Pat's other self.

“Yeah, I'm Rey,” he stated in a less friendly tone. While he looked and sounded just like Pat, it was quite clear that they were both two different people, “Sheesh, I ain't gonna hurt ya,” Rey said, seeing how scared Luna was.

“O, okay,” she calmed down a little, realizing that he wasn't going to do anything.

“I'm bringin Pat back out here. Later,” and with that, Rey closed his eyes and in a few seconds, turned back into Pat, “So, believe me now?” he asked.

“I'm convinced he's under control, but why not just get rid of him? I mean, it had to have been hard to control him like that.”

Yeah, it was. Let's just say, I have my reasons,” he said, clearly ending it there. Luna nodded at that, even though she was really curious why he took that approach.

On top of the AMAKEN building, Phantom was watching the buses enter the parking lot, “I know how to draw that devil out,” he said to himself, “All I have to do is cause enough destruction and he'll come out of hiding,” he then flew inside of the AMAKEN building. No sooner than that did Xerox fly by also looking at the kids exit the buses and go inside the large building.

“So, those are 'students'?” he asked himself, trying to familiarize himself with the terms on earth. He decided to go inside to watch them, since he saw no signs of the Four Guardians.

Inside, Arron Boreal and Kelvin Stelar were giving the students the tour. They passed by an open gymnasium and saw an army of Satella Police standing in a line, “Um, what are they doing?” one of the students asked.

Arron looked inside and smiled, “Ah, right. Kelvin, we should show them that,” he said to Kelvin.

“Good idea. Come along kids,” he said leading everyone inside of the gym.

Inside, Ace was standing in front of the army, “Alright men, on my signal, now!”

“EM Wave Change!!!” all of the officers said in unison. At that moment, all of them turned into tiny squares and fazed out for a second. When they reappeared they all looked like futuristic police officers in dark blue armor, red visors over their eyes, and machine guns replacing their right arms.

All of the students were shocked. One of the students raised his hand, “Yes?” Kelvin said pointing to the student.

“What happened to them?” the student asked.

“I think Bud can answer that question, right Mr. Bison?” Kelvin said.

Bud stepped forward and faced the class, “As you know, EM technology is constantly advancing, but there was a problem with EM Wave Change, which is turning a human into a living EM wave. Up until recently, you could only Wave Change if you're Wizard was a natural EM wave like my Wizard Taurus. However, after studying Taurus we were able to make Wizards that could Wave Change with humans safely. Now it's customary for all officers to be able to Wave Change and hold Wave forms.”

All of the students were amazed by his knowledge, especially Zack, “I can't believe he's that knowledgeable about the subject,” he said to himself.

Another student raised her hand and asked “Can we see your Wave Form?”

Bud looked at Arron and Kelvin. When they nodded he smiled, “Alright, but step back. This is going to be big,” all of the students stepped away. Bud then took a deep breath, “Transcode 005!!! Taurus Fire!!!” Bud was then engulfed in a large red flame that was twice his hight. Inside of the flame his eyes glowed white and his human body disappeared. The flame then took the form of Taurus Fire. Taurus Fire then punched the ground and the flames dispersed, completing the transformation. All of the students were clapping, even Luna. She remembered when Bud had trouble holding his Wave form for longer than a minute, and now he looked like a pro, even adding a bit of style to the transformation.

Xerox was above the crowd also clapping, “So, EM wave Change is actually used normally here? I guess that makes things a little easier. I won't have to be too mysterious once I find my partner,” he looked to his right and saw Phantom fly by, “Phantom?! Don't tell me they found me already?!” he looked around, getting really tense, “Damn it! I haven't even found a partner yet! If they catch me now then I'm toast!” he then flew off to hide.

After leaving the gym, Arron and Kelvin lead the students to a large computer room, “This is the main computer room,” Arron said, “This computer is the brains of all of our machines here.”

“Arron and I are the only two people in this building who know how to work it, and it takes both of us just to turn the thing on,” Kelvin said laughing a bit.

“Why is that?” Pat asked.

“Well, with it being such a powerful computer it takes two activation codes to turn it on,” Arron said, he then stepped forward and whispered loudly, “His is the name of his old pet goldfish,” he said playfully, making everyone laugh.

“It is not!” Kelvin said in retaliation, “And for your information kids, there is nothing wrong with using pet names as passwords. I still use Mortimer's name on occasion,” Arron gave Kelvin a “you've got to be kidding me” look, “What? Don't knock the name. He was a good goldfish,” on that note Arron just shook his head, while all of the students laughed.

Luna thought it was interesting seeing Geo's dad like this. She really saw a resemblance between him and Geo, which made her cry a bit thinking about it. Pat saw that and put his arm around her, “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I'm okay,” she said, even though she was really emotional. It didn't take much to get her sad about the whole thing.

“Hey Arron, why don't we show them how it works?” Kelvin asked Arron, who smiled.

“That's not such a bad idea,” he said. They both went over to the computer and typed in their activation codes. But then something happened that no one was ready for, the computer began sparking. Everyone was scared, and Kelvin pulled out his Hunter VG, “Arron, it's viruses! There's a ton of them!” he said.

“Alright everyone, exit in an orderly fashion!” Arron said, as Bud took lead in getting everyone to the exit.

As Luna ran, she put the Visualizer on and was shocked. The whole building was filed with Mattaur and Zapper viruses, “This is insane!” she said to herself as she ran.

Pat looked into a reflective wall next to him and saw Rey running too. He nodded to Pat, who nodded in agreement and ran away from the group. Behind a wall Pat looked around to make sure no one was watching, “Ready Rey?” he asked.

Do you even have to ask? Rey said in Pat's head. Pat then took in a deep breath and began screaming in the air. As he screamed, electricity began to cover his body. After a few seconds he screamed, “Transcode 011!!!!! Gemini Spark!!!!!” the electricity go bigger, and suddenly it looked like Pat was a mirage. The mirage then fazed apart into to Pats standing next to each other. The two Pats disappeared except for their outlines, and the Gemini Spark armor materialized over both of them. There was a large bolt of lightning and the transformation was complete, Pat becoming Gemini Spark White, Rey becoming Gemini Spark Black. The twins looked at each other, nodded, and faded into the Wave World.

Outside, Kelvin and Arron were checking the list of students. Luna noticed that they looked nervous and went over to them, “Is something wrong?” she asked.

“One of the elementary students is missing. We think she's still inside,” Kelvin said to Luna, who then looked really worried.

One of the high schoolers ran up to them, “Pat Springs from class 1-A is missing!” everyone was worried when they heard that.

“There are two student's missing?!” Arron asked. Just then Luna ran back inside of the AMAKEN building, “Hey, Luna! It's too dangerous!” Arron called out, but Luna didn't listen. Arron and Kelvin tried to follow her, but the building sealed itself shut as soon as she got in, “Damn it!” Arron turned to Bud, “Contact Ace and Acid and tell them the situation!”

“Yes sir!” Bud saluted and then ran off. Kelvin and Arron just looked at the building, feeling hopeless, and remembering the blue shooting star who would have saved them from this four years ago.

“Mega Man... This looks like the start of another great battle... Where are you, son?” Kelvin asked himself.

Inside, the Satella Police were trying to fight the viruses, but they were horribly outnumbered. Ace had Wave Changed into Acid Ace and even he was having a hard time.

“Acid! There are way too many of these things!” Ace said.

“Taurus Fire contacted me just now. Apparently two students are missing in the building,” Acid said in Ace's ears.


“Also, Miss Platz ran into the building just before it sealed itself.”

“Tell Taurus Fire to Wave Change and help us!”

“Negative Ace. Not only are physical people sealed off, but EM waves are too. Nothing is getting in or out.”

“Damn it!” Ace then continued to fire at the viruses.

Luna was running through the halls with the Visualizer on. She saw a whole line of viruses in front of her, and all of them were looking at her. She stopped and pulled out a Battle Card, “Wide Sword!” she shouted as she inserted the Battle Card into her Hunter VG. The viruses were all deleted and she continued to run down the hall.

Xerox was fighting viruses too. He looked through a window and saw Luna running, “What is she doing here?!” he asked before flying after her. He flew in front of her and held his arms out blocking her path.

Luna stopped when she saw him, “Xerox?! Why are you here?!” she asked.

“I could ask you the same question! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!”

“There are two people trapped inside here, and I have to help them!” Xerox shook his head when he heard that.

“Use your head, kid! These are viruses directly from the Planet FM, and you're just a human with a few Battle Cards! If you go in there you're going to get yourself hurt!”

“That's a chance I'm willing to take!” and Luna pushed Xerox aside and ran into the next room.

“Hey! Wait!” Xerox called out flying after her.

In the next room, Luna was surrounded by viruses, a lot more than before, “Wide Sword!!!” she said putting in another Battle Card. She killed three Mattaur viruses, but there were still a ton more, “I don't have enough Battle Cards for all of these guys!” she said to herself, beginning to wish she had taken Xerox's advice.

Five of the viruses were about to charge at Luna, but Xerox flew by them deleting them. He then flew next to her still staring at the viruses, “If you're intent on doing this then fine, but we're doing this right!”

“What do you mean?” Luna asked looking at Xerox.

“Remember my message, that next time we met I would return the favor?” Luna nodded slowly, “Register me as your Wizard!”

“What?! But, why?!”

“Just shut up and do it! Quickly!” Xerox shouted, since the viruses were slowly closing in.

“Okay!” she then began typing on her Hunter VG, and a red light shot out at Xerox scanning him.

“Scan Complete. Wizard “Xerox” has been registered,” the Hunter said.

“Now what?” Luna asked, getting more and more scared by the second.

“This!” Xerox flew into her Hunter VG, and it spoke again.

“Registration with Satella Police confirmed. Transcode 666, codename Zero registered,” as Luna heard this she was shocked.

“This is...” Luna said to herself.

“Snap out of it kid!” Xerox said in her Hunter VG, snapping Luna back to reality, “Now, hold your Hunter up in the air and say 'Transcode 666, Zero!”

Luna nodded, and followed the instructions holding her arm up in the air, “Transcode 666!!! Zero!!!” Luna was then engulfed in a crimson red light. Her body broke up into tiny squares and disappeared into the light. Her body then began to reform in the red light from her feet up to the top of her head, only she was in red body armor similar to Mega Man's. The light disappeared in a red wave and the transformation was complete.

Luna looked at herself and was amazed. She looked similar to Mega Man, only slightly different. The body suit was dark red and accentuated her figure in a very tasteful manner. The breastplate, boots, gloves, and helmet were all crimson red like Xerox's armor. The boots were slightly high heeled, and had dark green diamonds on the knees. In the top center of the breastplate near the collar was a golden capital Z. The ears on the helmet pointed out in three direction behind Luna unlike Mega Man's which only pointed out in one direction. There was a blue visor over Luna's eyes, and much like Mega Man's helmet, it was open at the top letting her long hair flow out naturally. Her left arm had a bright green screen on the top for Xerox to project himself on, and could even turn into a laser sword arm.

Luna Platz had just transformed into Zero.

“I just... EM Wave Changed....” she said to herself, then Xerox appeared on the screen.

“In this form, you are now called Zero.”


“Now, get ready for a crash course on combat!”

Luna, now Zero, looked at the viruses, held up her left hand. It then was replaced with a sword arm with a light green laser blade. When the viruses stepped back, Zero smirked and said calmly...

“Wave Battle... Action!”

End of Chapter 4

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