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Mega Man Star Force: Zero - Xerox

In outer space, a blue light, an orange light, a green light, and a purple light were chasing a red light. The five of them were colliding together like they were fighting. At closer inspection, the lights were actually EM beings, and they were fighting.

The green light was a green EM being with green armor, armored wings, red eyes, and a head shaped like a bird.

The orange light was an orange EM being with orange armor, big arms, red eyes, and a head shaped like a saber toothed tiger.

The blue light was a blue EM being that was shaped more like a mermaid with blue hair, red eyes, and a golden staff.

The purple light was a black and purple EM being with black body armor, red eyes, and the head shaped like a wolf.

The red light was a red EM being with red and white armor similar to Omega-Xis, with red energy wings on his back, green eyes, and a head shaped like an eagle.

“Give up Xerox! You can't escape!” the green EM being said in a deep voice filled with authority, showing that he was the leader.

The red EM being, named Xerox was holding his arm and breathing heavily. He looked up and around at the team surrounding him. “Damn it, I can take one of them, but I can't take all four of them,” he said to himself.

The orange EM being broke out in heavy laughter, “You see this Harpuia? He's actually afraid of us!”

“Don't underestimate your opponent, Fenrir,” the black EM being said in a dark and quiet tone.

“Oh please, look at him! There's no way he can keep this up for much longer!” the blue EM being said pointing her staff at Xerox, “Let me do it Harpuia! Let me deliver the final blow!”

The green EM being, identified as Harpuia just sighed, “As you wish, Leviathan.”

Leviathan prepared to strike, but Xerox just looked down and smirked, “Do you really think it's gonna be that easy?”

Leviathan was confused, but suddenly there was a bright light coming from Xerox, who expelled a large amount of energy from his body meant to stun all of them.

“AH!!!” Leviathan screamed as she covered her eyes. Fenrir, Harpuia, and the black EM being all did the same. When the light cleared, Xerox was gone, “What the heck was that?!” Leviathan asked.

“EM flash, only meant to be a diversion,” Harpuia stated.

“EM what?” Leviathan asked, clearly annoyed by what just happened.

“EM flash, a move that sends a bright light from his body to stun his opponents. I didn't expect him to go that far,” Harpuia said, actually impressed by Xerox.

“So, where did he go?” Fenrir asked looking around.

“The EM flash must have exhausted him, so he escaped by free falling to the nearest planet,” Harpuia said looking down at the nearest planet, Earth.

“That's the planet the master wanted to take over,” the black EM being stated.

“That's right Phantom, we can kill two birds with one stone. Capture Xerox and prepare the planet for the master's arrival. Go and search for Xerox, I'll return to Planet FM and report to the master,” Harpuia then flew off to Planet FM, leaving Phantom, Fenrir, and Leviathan to just float there over Earth.

As Harpuia stated, Xerox was falling to Earth. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care. Just as long as he was away from the Four Guardians for a while. His eyes closed, he just left his destination up to fate.

Luna had gone back to Vista Point that night and was lying down on the grass. She was now wearing a long blue skirt, white shirt, a green jacket, and red high heels. She had the Visualizer on and was staring up at the night sky like usual. She then saw something red falling down towards her.

“Huh? What's that?” she asked looking up at it. When it was close enough for her to realize that it was about to hit her she got up and ran out of the way screaming as it hit the ground next to her. She hid behind a tree afraid of what she would see when the smoke cleared. She then saw Xerox lying down on the ground. “Is that... an AMian like Mega?” she asked slowly walking over to him, “It sort of looks like him, only bird based,” she pulled the Visualizer down slightly just to see if this was an AMian. Just as she expected, the part of her vision not enhanced by the Visualizer couldn't see him. She pulled out her Hunter and scanned Xerox, “Noise levels... minimum?!” she was shocked. This AMian just landed in Vista Point and left a bit of a small crater in the actual ground, meaning either this guy had a ton of Noise, or he was just that strong. From the looks of her Hunter VG, it was the latter. Xerox groaned slightly and was trying to get up, “Don't try to get up too fast!” Luna warned. When Xerox saw Luna he was actually surprised to see her.

“You can see me? Humans shouldn't be able to,” he breathed out, staring at Luna. The sound they heard next was one that neither one of them was ready for, sirens.

“Satella Police?” Luna was clearly worried, and Xerox took notice of that. Luna then turned to Xerox, “Get inside of my Hunter!”

“Huh?” Xerox was shocked to hear that, “Your what?”

Luna showed him the Hunter VG on her wrist, “This machine is an EM interface, that means you can go inside of it, right?” Xerox looked down, and then turned into a red light and flew into her Hunter VG.

No sooner than that, two familiar figures ran up to her. One was A. C. Eos, or Ace, the other was Ace's powerful and strict Wizard, Acid. “Luna!” Ace called out cheerfully, “What's up, what's up, what's up?” he continued as he walked over and hugged Luna, who was really taken aback.

“Um...” she looked down.

“Oh shoot, stupid question!” Ace said stepping away from Luna, “So besides you-know-who how are you doing?”


“Don't tell me that was a stupid question too!” he looked down really aggravated with himself. Acid floated next to him.

“Ace, I think for the sake of what little dignity you have left, it's best that you stop talking, now,” Acid told Ace.

“But I-” Ace tried to protest, but was cut off.

“Now,” Acid insisted, and Ace stepped back. When Luna saw these two together, she often wondered which one of them called the shots. Even though Acid was the Wizard, it looked like Ace took orders from him on occasion. She just took it as they were just partners who knew each other really well, sort of like Geo and Omega-Xis.

“Um, is something wrong?” Luna asked, trying to get back on topic.

Ace and Acid both turned to her, “That's actually what we want to ask you, Miss Platz,” Acid said.

“Um, okay...” Luna always got nervous around Acid, especially when he turned into officer mode.

“A few minutes ago, Ace and I detected a very powerful EM wave in this area. Apparently it fell from outer space and landed here in Vista Point. Miss Platz, you have been here all night, correct?” Acid asked, making Luna jump.

“Um, I guess...”

“So surly you saw what it was right?”

“Of course not Acid, you can't see EM waves,” she tried to play it off, but Acid floated up to Luna.

“Miss Platz, do not insult my intelligence. We are aware that before Mega Man left four years ago he gave you his Visualizer, and we are also aware that you come here every night hoping that you can find Mega Man should he ever return,” Acid continued, not noticing how emotional Luna was getting.

“He will come back!” Both Acid and Ace stepped back a bit when she shouted, “And his name is Geo, not Mega Man!”

Ace knew how upset she was getting, and decided to intervene, “Hey, I think that's enough, Acid.”

“Ace...” Acid knew what he was doing, and it annoyed him slightly when he did this.

“She didn't see anything, and it's not right for us to keep pushing her like this. Besides, look at her. She's an emotional wreck,” he was right, she was trembling.

“I see, I apologize Miss Platz, I was out of line,” Acid apologized.

“You're just doing your job Acid, I understand,” Luna said calming herself down, “Um, I have to go,” she said running off back home. Ace happily waved to her as she ran.

“Ace, you don't seriously believe her story, do you?” Acid asked crossing his arms.

“I know she was lying. I saw her hide the Visualizer behind her back before we arrived,” Ace was nodding with a sense of achievement.

Acid just looked at Ace for a second, but then asked, “So why did you let her go?”

“She's gone through enough. I know she has her reasons. Besides, she has her head on tighter than a lot of people I know, so I trust her judgment.”

“I just hope that doesn't come back to bite us in the rear later,” Acid said shaking his head.

“You worry too much Acid,” and with that Ace pulled out a Mega Snack and chowed down in a way only Ace could.

“I seriously think you eat way to many of those things.”

Luna didn't even say good night to her parents. She ran right up to her room, and fell onto her bed. Xerox came out of her Hunter and was floating next to her bed looking at her, “Why did she help me like that?”

“Geo...” she said in her sleep.

“Geo?” Xerox was confused.

“Please come back Geo... I miss you...” Xerox looked and saw that she was crying in her sleep a little. He flew back into her Hunter VG, typed an E-Mail to thank her, and flew out over to her window.

“I can't put that girl in danger. She seems to have enough problems as it is, she doesn't need my problems,” he then flew onto the roof of the building and looked at the full moon, “But I think I might hide out on this planet for a while, at least until I find a human to Wave Change with.”

As he looked up at the moon, he wasn't aware that up in the sky, someone was watching him. Phantom smirked, “I'll capture you before that happens, devil...”

End of Chapter 3

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