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Hey all! This has been delayed a bit, but I hope y'all like it anyway! I'm apologizing ahead of time as this chapter is going to seem rushed (after all, the story ends next chapter) as will the next--so I'm going to explain some things.:
1. The reason this story and chapter seems rushed is because if it -wasn't-, you'd more or less be reading the same thing for several more chapters. Nobody wants a bunch of repetition.
2. The "big event" that leads to something in the next chapter is because Subaru isn't completely clueless, he has ideas, and he felt he had to do this for a special reason, which will be explained more at the end of the next chapter.

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction is rated PG-13+ and this is the BIG PG-13 chapter.

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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 7

It had been two weeks since last time he heard Luna scream with her cheeks stained with tears. While she had still been worried about things, Luna had been finally calming down. The doctor mentioned she could probably head back to school a bit before Christmas which wasn't much further away. And best of all, it was just the two of them, as Akane was away at a conference. Subaru watched as she darted across the kitchen checking things, a smile across his face. She was smiling and having fun--and it wasn't a fake smile like the ones in photos of her room or the ones he had seen for years, but a true smile, a smile he hadn't seen for almost 3 to 4 years now. It was only a few minutes later as Luna placed a meal in front of Subaru. He stared, a bit uncomfortably as Luna waited patiently.

"Come on, Hoshikawa-kun! Try it, please?" Luna begged, her eyes sparkling.

"I'd try if you made something normal that didn't look like a giant mountain of dirt." Subaru responded, poking it with his fork.

"Hey! Just because it looks a little weird doesn't mean it tastes weird." Luna said, folding her arms across her chest. "And you've underestimated before, you know."

"Yeah, but at least it didn't look this weird."

"Just stop being picky and try it!" The girl demanded, causing Subaru to smirk. Even if she could be bossy and arrogant, he missed this quite a bit.

"Fine, fine." Subaru responded, giving in. Scooping a bit of food, he placed it in his mouth. It was good, but he wasn't too surprised, he just enjoyed playing with her a bit--she needed more humor in her life. "You're right, it's good."

"See, and you kept trying to make a big deal. You should have more faith in me."

At that moment, the doorbell rang, causing Luna to perk her head up and turn towards the door. "I'll get it!" She exclaimed, heading towards it. "I expect you to finish your dinner."

As Luna opened the door and she froze. She felt her skin pale as her eyes widened, tears starting to form.

"F-fat-father?!" Luna stuttered softly, just above a whisper.

"Oh, sweetheart, didn't you miss us?" Her father said, only loud enough for Luna to hear.

"Luna-chan, who is it?" Subaru called from the kitchen, a bit concerned.

"And it seems your little boyfriend is here too, hmm?"

Luna quickly panicked. The last thing she wanted was something happening to him too. "Subaru, get ou--" Luna began to scream, but was quickly cut off as her father's hands clasped around her throat.

Subaru quickly got up and ran towards the door, a large worried feeling returning. His eyes widened at the sight before him and without another word, almost as if he couldn't control himself, he ran towards Shirogane Naruo, tackling him to the ground causing the man to let go of his daughter. "Luna-chan, run now and call the police." Subaru instructed, as he tried to keep the man down."

"B-but Subaru-k--"


Luna nodded, despite not wanting to leave him behind, and ran towards his room, dialing 110 on her transer as she ran.

"You little brat! Get off me!" Luna's father yelled, reaching toward his pocket.

"Subaru, now." War Rock instructed.

Subaru nodded as he quickly rolled off Naruo. "Hoshikawa Subaru, on air!"

"Where the fuck are you?!" He yelled, looking around for the young boy, holding out a gun. He quickly began shooting around, hoping he'd manage to shoot the boy.

Subaru shivered as a bullet went through him, thankful that he was in wave form. With a quick shove, he pushed Naruo right into Yuriko, causing them to fall over outside the door. Locking the door, he quickly went to the windows and ran down the hall, making sure to check each room for Luna.

Luna sat on Subaru's bed, her legs to her knees as tears streamed down her face. "Stupid, stupid, stupid..." she mumbled to herself. Subaru could be dead for all she knew and all she could do was stay there, as if she was frozen--and she knew if anything had happened to him, it was all her fault. Her worry for Subaru ran through her mind, but she also kept asking herself "How could I be so stupid...?"

Hearing the door open, the poor girl began to shake as she darted her eyes to see who it was. There in the doorway stood a blue figure who within a blur, went to her. "H-Hoshikawa-kun...?" Luna managed to choke out as a green light engulfed him, revealing her school mate.

"Are you okay?" Subaru asked as he took a seat next to her and wrapped his arm around her. There was no response, just tears. The arm wrap quickly became a tight hug which lasted until the police arrived a few minutes later.

"Are you sure you're both okay?" The officer asked once again. Many trucks were in front of the house and Luna's parents had been taken away. Many things had gotten broken from Shirogane Naruo's gunshots. The two nodded softly, but Luna had yet to speak, at a loss for words. "I know this probably isn't the best time, but you'll have to go to court to file against them completely if you want them to stay in jail. We can only hold them in contempt for so long."

Luna didn't answer and just stayed staring down onto her lap while Subaru gave the man a look. "I'm sorry! But we have to tell people these things. She'll probably get a break, being only 16 but..." The officer looked toward the wrecked up girl and back to Subaru. "I'm going to go give your mother a call for now. We'll be leaving in a few minutes."

Subaru nodded as the officer left the room. Less than a minute or two later, Subaru got a call on his transer.

"Subaru?! Are you alright? And Luna? What about her? I just heard. How could you not call me?" His mother continued rambling until she realized he couldn't respond otherwise. "I'm sorry, I was just..." "It's alright, mom. We're both okay...but..." Subaru trailed off. Akane knew what he meant though. Luna was beyond shaken up.

"Look, I'll be on my way home as soon as I can. You two just stick together, alright?"

"Alrigh--" Subaru quickly paused. "Wait, as soon as you can?"

"There was a snow storm here. I'm stuck here for a bit...You know I'd be home immediately otherwise, but we can't even open the door, let alone the windows. We're just lucky we have plenty of stuff here to keep us healthy until we can get out and that transers have such good signals. We just have to wait for somebody to get here."

"Well, I could--"

"Don't even think about it, young man. I think we both know you have something more important to care about right now."

Subaru just nodded. "I better get going though. Call me if the situation gets worse, alright?"

"Right. See you soon."

Akane smiled as she hung up, but still couldn't help but worry deep down.

It was pure quiet now. The police cars were gone and night had begun to set in. Neither of the two had left their spot--Subaru out of worry and Luna out of anguish. Finally, Luna opened her mouth to speak. "I'm...I'm so sorry...Hoshikawa-kun..." She whispered.

"Sorry? What are you sorry for, you have no reason to be sorry." Subaru explained, his head turned toward the girl. He watched as she looked toward him, her olive eyes swollen from crying and with a pain he wished he could take away."

"You could've been killed! How could you do that?! If you were gone, I don't know what I'd have done..."

"Well, I couldn't let you die, I wouldn't have forgiven myself!"

"Stupid! You have Hibiki-san, Kizamaro, Gonta, your mother...War Rock, and you know your father is out there somewhere watching over you." Luna glanced away. "My parents are waiting for my funeral."

"Well, everybody cares about you too!"

"Why? I can't do anything. I'm not the perfect class president...I missed all these days. I'm not naturally talented, I have to work so hard to try and be good enough for my parents, let alone you."

"You're perfect just the way you are, Luna-chan."

"No, I'm not! I'm not good enough for anything, if I was, none of this would've happened. I deserve to be alone. Cold and alone. I'm worthless. I just feel empty and dead."

"No you're not!"

"Nobody could love someone like me."

"I do."

Luna's eyes widened as she turned toward the boy. She could tell he meant it and she felt her heart begin to beat quickly. "Hoshikawa-kun..." She whispered softly and to her surprise, she felt herself move closer to him, putting her lips to his. Just as quick as they appeared though, she moved back, feeling nervous. "I love you, Subaru-kun."

The two slowly moved back together, their lips connecting. The sweet kiss quickly became more passionate as the two fell back to bed and as things began to heat up, so did that special kiss, which slowly became much more as things began to disappear leading to a passionate night neither would forget...

End of Chapter

For those wondering, 110 is 911 in Japan.

Also, for those not understanding the why the passionate scene occurred, Luna felt cold, alone, hated, and like nobody could truly care for her--what Subaru did was his way to show her warmth, feeling, and that someone did truly care for her--him. (This is shown a bit more in the next chapter too).

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