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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 6

Subaru just sighed. He knew the door was unlocked, after all, there was no way she could've locked it, but he knew if he opened it, there was a high chance he'd make it worse. He decided the best course of action was to try and sit in the living room and get back to work until she seemed ready to talk or the crying stopped at the very least.

It seemed his timing was perfect as a loud bell went out from the television, cuing for the video to begin again. Subaru quickly picked up his book and began, but couldn't help being somewhat distracted, his mind focused more on his friend rather than any lesson this teacher could give.

Subaru laid back. The video for the day had finished an hour ago and still no sign of Luna. He felt if she didn't come soon, he should probably check on her no matter what. It was then Subaru heard a loud scream, one he recognized instantly as the very girl he was worrying about.

Jumping out of his seat, he quickly ran to the room and unlocked the door, finding hide blonde-haired friend sitting up, tears streaming down her eyes.

"H-Hosh-Hoshikawa-kun..." Luna stuttered through tears. Subaru quickly took a seat on the bed, not sure if he should even ask.

His eyes widened as the girl fell onto his chest and started crying histerically. "He was there...He came back...he...Father...he..." But she couldn't say much more as the tears streamed down even faster.

Subaru slowly wrapped his arms around the hysterical girl, hoping it'd calm her.

The two soon fell asleep however, in eachother's arms.

"Subaru...Subaru..." Akane whispered, shaking her son.

"Wha..?" Subaru said sleepily. It was then he noticed his surroundings his face quickly brightened. He quickly jumped, waking up Luna, who was still wrapped up in his arms.

"Hey...what is it..?" Luna asked sleepily, before she realized that she was sitting in bed with Subaru. "H-Hoshikawa-kun!" She exclaimed, inching back, her face brightening up as well.

Akane couldn't help but laugh at the two embarrassed teens. "I hope you both don't expect this to be an every day thing. I have to get to work, but after seeing this when I came home last night, I thought it'd be fun to wake you both up." She explained, a playful smirk on her face.


"Subaru, you know I'm still your mother. I have to care. Now, why don't you head to your room? And Luna-chan, I'm sure you'd like to change.

Luna nodded her head slowly as Subaru left the room, Akane following behind him.


"Hello? You're Shirogane Luna's guardian, correct?"

"Erm...Yes...But what is this about?" Came a response back from the phone.

"Your daughter hasn't been at school recently, and we figured it'd be a matter of discussi--"

"What are you talking about? There have been unforseen circumstan--"

"Yes, I understand that, seeing how your daughter has been spotted at the Hoshikawa residence. However, we don't feel this is a reason for her to be missing school..."

"Our Luna is at the Hoshikawa residence?"

"Did you not know?"

"Oh, of course we knew. We were just making sure. I must go now, good bye."

Luna's father hung up immediately and turned to his wife. "Our daughter is alive and staying at that brat's house."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, but it seems she's not attending school. We need to have a big talk with her."

"I agree. Shall we go?"

"Of course. Though, we are filled up so it seems it'll have to wait a while...we'll just get to it when we can."

"Whatever you say dear."

However, on the other line, a smirk crept on the person's face, an evil glint in their eyes.

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