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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 4

Luna moved around slightly under the blanket before stretching. She looked around and blinked a few times, before remembering last night. However, Subaru was nowhere in sight. Thinking back some more, her face flashed red with both anger and embarrassment. She quickly lifted the blanket, and scanned her body. Everything seemed fine, unlike past experiences at home, where it seemed her father did everything except actually rape her. Luna shook her head once more, she knew Subaru wouldn't do something like that ever, but she couldn't help and feel somewhat frustrated either way. Getting out of bed, she decided to see exactly where the boy happened to be.

Subaru set the pancakes out on the table along with other things to set it up ready for eating. His mother had already left and Subaru knew Luna would be up soon, after all, she was an early riser. He knew she'd usually be up earlier, but after what she had been through, he figured any extra sleep she took was probably a good thing.

His thoughts were confirmed as the young blonde haired girl stumbled through. Her olive eyes met his chocolate pools, only for her to quickly look away, not saying a thing. "You're up early." Luna said softly, breaking the haunting silence.

"Well, my mother had to leave early and I was told to watch out for you."

"You could've woken me up."

"I figured you needed the sleep."

"And you didn't have to make breakfast."

"It'd be wrong not to, and I didn't have to do that much anyway..." Subaru said softly, holding out a card.

"And I don't need a babysitter anyway!" Luna exclaimed, her tone slightly aggitated. "Don't you have school?"

"I'm staying here with you."

Luna felt her cheeks heat up, as she looked down toward her feet. "Just don't get into habit, I expect you to go back to school."

"I don't need a baby sitter either, you know."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You've acted like one for me for six years now. There was a reason I called you a satellite."

"I told you not to call me that again!" Luna yelled, her face now red with anger.

Subaru laughed, but held his arms out in defense, not sure if she'd actually hit him, which there was a high probability of, knowing Luna. Once again, he was correct as he felt a sharp pain to his head.

"Idiot!" Luna snapped, taking a seat at the table. "And never call me that again."

"I won't, I promise." Subaru said earnestly, but he couldn't help and smile.

"Then you shouldn't be smiling." Luna took a pancake and began to cut it up as Subaru let out a sigh. She still had that heavy shield up and wasn't letting down, even if he could tell things weren't perfect just yet. "And I haven't forgiven you for last night."

"But I apologi--"

"That doesn't change that you've been a pervert for the last six years."

"I told you, I wasn't trying to be a pervert than!"

Luna just huffed as she went back to her food, while War Rock snickered. Sometimes their arguments made up for the lack of words Subaru would let War Rock get in.

As they finished, Luna went inside to change. Subaru began setting up everything for their virtual lectures when a call from his transer came through.


"Subaru-kun! It's Misora!"

"Hey, Misora-chan."

"Where are you? Class starts soon."

"I'm going to be doing the virtual lectures again for a while."


But Misora was cut off as she heard Luna's voice. "Hoshikawa-kun?"


"Are you finished?"

"More or less. We can start it soon, okay?"

Luna nodded, then realized he seemed to have been talking on his transer. "Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, Misora-chan."

"Oh...really?" Luna asked softly, the tone of her voice completely different, her eyes showing some feeling of sadness.

"What is she doing there?!" Misora exclaimed over the transer.

"Erm, the teacher should explain it to you..."

"Why can't you just tel--"

"Hoshikawa-kun has to go. Bye Hibiki-san." Luna said curtly as she turned Subaru's transer off, hanging up on the girl.

Subaru just blinked, somewhat confused. It seemed both girls' attitude had changed within seconds of finding out about the other. It still confused him over why they seemed to dislike each other. Most of their classmates just assumed Luna was jealous of Misora's fame, but Subaru knew that wasn't the case.

" shall we start?" Subaru asked softly. He just received a nod as Luna took a seat next to him.

A few people have asked about why I use the term "transers when Subaru has new kinds of things like the Star Carrier and other kinds may even come out. To put it simply, they technically are transers. Just different types.

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