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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 3

Luna sat in the car, her eyes staring straight into her lap where her hands laid, folded. She finally was allowed to leave the hospital just a few minutes ago and she couldn't help but feel more nervous than ever.

Subaru had been staring at her. Luna would occasionally glance his way and would see all the emotion in his eyes. Despair, betrayed, concerned, worried, angry, and the list went on. She wasn't sure why he'd feel a number of those ways as he looked at her, but Luna knew she wasn't misreading, after all, she needed to be able to read her parents' eyes the last few years...

The ride continued, silence still looming. Akane wanted to say something to the two kids, wondering if something was up, but she figured it was something they needed to figure out themselves, after all, they were heading to adulthood in only two more years and Akane knew both of them were incredibly smart.

The ride home didn't last too much longer as the car came to a stop, letting the three out. "Now, Luna-chan, I know it's been a long day..." Akane started as she opened the door to the house. "So, how about we just talk a bit, all three of us, and then you can head to bed?"


"It's the room right before Subaru's. We moved some of your furniture in so it should be perfect for you." Akane explained, reading the nervous girl's mind.

"T-Thanks..." Luna stuttered as she followed Akane to the kitchen, with Subaru close behind her.

"So are you hungry at all, Luna-chan?" Akane asked, taking a seat. Subaru sat beside her.

"N-No, I'm fine. They gave me some food before you two came." Luna explained, taking a seat across from Subaru.

"Would you like to tell us what happened?" Akane suddenly asked, causing Luna's nervous level to rise.


"It's fine, you don't have to tell us if you don't wa--"

"I'd like to hear." Subaru interrupted. "I'd really like to hear." "Ho-Hoshikawa-kun..." Luna said softly, the look in his eyes still giving off the same negative emotions. She almost felt like she wanted to cry, after all, the last thing she wanted was Subaru angry at her and she was pretty sure he was, but she had no idea why.

"Subaru-kun, I don't think she should have to say if she isn't up to it."

"The doctor said it'd be good to talk about it, didn't he? So go ahead, Luna-chan, talk."

Luna averted her eyes, not wanting to look at his glance any longer. "I had been walking down the hall carrying a vase when I tripped and hit my head against the wall and floor. The vase broke which caused the cuts on my wrist." She explained quickly.

"That's a lie." Subaru quickly stated.

"What...?" Luna asked, confused.

"You know what. It's a lie, all these things you've said is a lie. You're parents did this to you and you know it."

Luna's eyes widened. "How..?"

"When I saw your face at the Nurse' office, I decided to follow you." Subaru explained, moving his glance.

" saw everything?"


Akane just stayed quiet, she wasn't sure what to do in this situation and it didn't turn out how she expected at all. Luna felt her anger rising. She wasn't sure why though, maybe it was the fact that he didn't do anything, just left her there, but he did try and help her at the last second, so maybe that wasn't true. Maybe he couldn't do anything. Luna shook her head, it didn't make a difference and he still spied on her. He ruined her trust in him, even if Luna knew deep down he only did it out of care.

Despite this, Luna just rose and headed to her room, frustrated completely. She didn't say a word, trying her best not to tell him off.

Subaru quickly went to go follow her when Akane grabbed his wrist. "I think you were a little hard on her, Subaru-kun."

"But she lied. She kept lying when we could've done someth--"

"You know how she is and I don't think Luna-chan wanted you involved. Just give her time, okay?" Akane explained as she smiled at her son. She then let go and headed down the hall. "I have to go to sleep early due to a meeting tomorrow morning out of town, okay? So don't get into too much trouble."

"R-right..." Subaru said softly as he watched his mom head down the hall. He then decided to follow, figuring he could lay in his own bed for a bit and think for a while.

Luna sighed. She was in her room on her bed, staring straight up. A few loose tears escaped her eyes as she tried to clear her mind.

"Stupid Hoshikawa-kun." Luna mumbled, pulling her knees toward her chest. She looked around at her "room". It was nearly the same, with a few minor differences. Her plush dolls and piano were moved, along with her computer and bed, but most other things were different. She was still happy though, as her favorite things were there.

Getting up from her bed, she decided to go take a shower. Her hair had become messy and it'd been a few days. She just wanted to try and wash away everything, even though she had tried before and knew it wasn't possible, she figured a quick rinse could at least help her feel a bit better. With that though, Luna grabbed a nightgown and headed to the bathroom, knowing towels would be there.

Subaru sighed as he stared up at his ceiling. To his surprise, War Rock had yet to say anything. He had been in his room and it was completely silent for the first time in years.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"

"I don't know. I figured it'd add to the mood."

Subaru let out a heavy sigh and glared at his friend.

"Fine, fine, I'll be serious. You seemed to have added enough issues, I figured I'd be the good guy for once."

"What are you talking about?" Subaru asked, confused.

"Don't you think you were a little harsh?"

Subaru thought about it as War Rock continued on. "She just got out of the hospital and the first thing that happens is you more or less yell at her and give her the 3rd degree."

"I guess I overreacted...I was just..."

"Worried about your girlfriend?"

"For the last time, she's not my girlfriend!" Subaru exclaimed. "Ugh, I'm taking a shower, I'll be back later."

And with that, Subaru left the room, grabbing a pair of pajamas and heading toward the bathroom.

Luna let out a sigh as she cleaned against the shower door, letting the water get rid of the soap that was left on her body. She ended up staying in a lot longer than she expected, but it was helping her clear her thoughts and relax her somewhat.

She began turning the water off as the last of the soap left on her body rinsed away. Opening the door, she started to look for two towels, one for her body, and one for her long hair, however, she wasn't prepared for what she saw next when she looked straight ahead and saw Subaru opening the door and his eyes widen at the sight.

"Luna-chan?!/Hoshikawa-kun?!" The two yelled in unison.

"" Subaru quickly pointed, his face bright red as he tried to advert his stare, but being a 16 year old boy, he couldn't help looking.

That's when Luna's eyes widened as she quickly remembered and hid behind one of the shower curtains. "Pervert!"

"You didn't lock the door!"

"Well, you should've knocked!"

"You should've locked the door!"

Just be quiet and get me two towels please!"

Subaru nodded slowly as he grabbed two towels from a closet and handed them to her. Luna came out a few seconds later with towels wrapped around her. "First you spy on me and now you have the nerve to walk in on me when I'm taking a shower?"

"Sorry for worrying." Subaru mumbled as he watched Luna walk out the door, her pajamas in hand. He just sighed as he began getting ready to take a shower of his own.

Luna laid in her bed, her long blonde hair flowing down behind her. She was all ready for bed and despite trying for hours, she couldn't sleep. It was almost midnight now, and still no luck. She felt scared and alone, not to mention frustrated over the fact that Subaru had saw her in nothing and spied on her, yet, the main reason Luna was still awake was the fact that she felt he was mad at her and she finally knew why. These last few years, every single time he had asked if she was okay or wanted to know what happened, she'd lie and say she was fine or come up with some excuse that made her look to be a klutz.

But Subaru knew right away, because he knew she was a perfectionist who wouldn't fall all over the place and he knew there was more to it that she was letting on. Luna just hoped he would realize that the reason for this. Getting up from her bed, Luna decided to head to Subaru's room. She just wanted to talk to him and be near him. Maybe then she could sleep.

"Are you going to sleep anytime soon?" War Rock asked.

"Maybe." Subaru responded, staring up at his ceiling. It hadn't changed. He was in his pajamas, but still felt as uncomfortable as ever. Not only did he realize just how much strain he probably put on the poor girl, but he had walked in on her before she changed and saw her completely nude. Not that he minded, but Subaru did feel bad about it. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." Subaru called, not wanting to leave his bed. He rose his head just enough to see who it was and widened when he noticed it was Luna. He figured maybe his mom was coming to talk to him about hearing Luna's yelling in the bathroom, but he was wrong.

Luna headed up the stairs to his bed, ignoring Subaru's shocked expression as she took a seat on the edge of his bed. "Can I stay here tonight?" Luna whispered.


"I can't sleep. Can I stay here, please?"

"S-sure." Subaru stuttered.

Luna was surprised, she expected a no from him, but maybe he really was just worried. Subaru moved over slightly in his bed to make room for his blonde haired friend who quickly curled under the blanket. "Thank you."

And with that, despite worrying about their strained friendship right now, the two fell asleep, happy thoughts in their mind.

End of Chapter 3.

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