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Behind Olive Eyes - Chapter 2

Luna entered her house, her heart pounding. She was afraid what they were going to do to her. Luna felt chills go up her spine, as she heard her parents arguing. Despite the loud banter, she wasn't able to make out what they were saying.

"I-I'm home." Luna called out, her voice shaking with every word.

"Oh, very goo--" Her father began, but stopped as he noticed his daughter, standing before him. "What the hell are you wearing, Luna?" He snapped.

"I-it was cold so..."

"So?! How many times have I told you that it doesn't matter how it is outside? You have to look responsible, ready for action, at all times. This? This is just a bunch of rags!" He continued yelling, sending a slap across Luna's face as she backed toward the wall.

Tears streamed down the mid-teen's face as she put a hand to her cheek. Subaru glared from above, not sure what he could possibly do, it almost felt like his body was frozen, possibly because they were real people after all, he couldn't harm them.

"Crying now? You're weak. You need to grow up." He yelled, giving her a kick to her legs, causing her to fall to the ground. "You know, I was actually going to credit you today. You didn't let the nurse check you out which showed that you were keeping our little promise, but this? I can't forgive you for going out like this! What next, are you going to be a fucking prostitute?! Nobody would want to see a girl like you in clothes like that."

"I won't be like that! I was just col--"

"Don't talk back to me!" Her father yelled once more, kicking her in the stomach."

Luna curled over, holding her stomach. "Look at me, when I'm talking to you." He said sternly, kneeling down to pull her chin up. "Come on now, you're a lovely girl, aren't you?" He began, moving his hands slowly down her. Luna twitched as she felt shivers go up her spine.

"Don't even start! Nobody cares what you have to say, you need to listen. I'm just showing you I love you! But you? You're just a stupid little bitch if you can't even think of your future." He snapped, grabbing her arm. Luna yelled in pain as her father's fingernails dug into her arm.

"S-stop it...please..." Luna said softly, tears flowing faster.

"I said not to talk back to me!" He yelled again, taking hold of her throat. "Now you can't talk back to me.

Luna struggled for air as he clutched her neck. She began to kick, hoping to get any last breaths. There was so much she needed to do, so much she needed to say... Subaru fled her mind as she managed to kick her father, causing him to lose his grip.

"You pathetic bitch. I'll show you." He declared, grabbing a vase by a nearby table, and with that, he slammed it on the poor girl's head, shattering it to pieces as blood trailed down her face and the girl fell unconscious.

"Oh my god..." Her mother began, who had been watching since the beginning. "Did you kill her?"

"If I did, it was only a good thing. She needs to learn."

"But what if they..."

"You're right. Do something and let's go. We have things backed for our next trip any way."

"R-Right." Her mother stuttered, quickly running into the kitchen and getting a knife. "This should help get the blame off us."

She ran back in soon later and knelt down by her daughter, slowly slicing the girl's left wrist. "There. That should do it."

"It's a good thing you have gloves on or it wouldn't have helped at all." He remarked. And with that, the two left, leaving their daughter to bleed to death.

Subaru quickly went down as soon as he saw they left. "Damn it, War Rock..."

"Well, it's not my fault you didn't do anything!"

"What are you talking about?! You told me not to!"

"Yeah, at first! But you should've done something when he began to choke her!"

"I didn't know what to do! Besides, I couldn't just harm anyone..."

"I still say you should've done something."

"Look, this isn't the time to argue!" Subaru quickly exclaimed as he began dialing for an ambulance. He quickly changed back, letting the green light engulf him again before they picked up.

"Hello? What's your emergency?"

"I...umm.." Subaru paused. He shouldn't have even been here to witness what happened. Finally, he thought of some kind of excuse. "I was checking in on a friend who was sick today during lunch and well..." Subaru quickly moved his wrist downwards, showing the bleeding blonde haired girl.

"We'll be there as soon as possible." Came the reply on the transer. "For now, try and get the bleeding to stop."

"R-Right..." Subaru replied as he hung up. They had learned about it in Health, so he just had to hope he could do this correctly. Cradling the injured girl in his arms, he took his red jacket off, revealing a white t-shirt underneath. Wrapping it around her wrist, he quickly added pressure. There wasn't much he could do about her head, but he had to do what he could.

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and Luna was quickly carried out. Subaru headed into the back where Luna was being laid as many people began checking her out and making sure to get all the bleeding stopped.

Subaru sighed, as he took a seat. He felt useless and his heart was pounding. He felt his eyes tearing up. Subaru knew how it felt to lose someone he truly cared about, he didn't need it to happen again, especially not to Luna. Subaru quickly put in his house number and Akane answered.

"Subaru? Shouldn't you be in school?" A voice came, a small teasing smile on her face, however, she quickly became concerned when she noticed the look in her son's eyes. "Subaru-kun, what is it..?"

"Mom, meet me at the hospital, okay?"

"What?! Are you alright?!"

"Y-Yeah...I'll explain when you get there, okay?"

"Right, I'll be there as soon as possible."

The two hung up as a man headed over toward Subaru, ready to ask him a few questions.

"About this girl's parents..."

"They abandoned her." Subaru quickly said. "They don't care about her so she lives alone."

"Erm...right, do you have any idea what happened?"

"No idea...I just came in and saw her like that."

It was more or less true. He couldn't say they were alive or that he had seen them doing this, after all, there was no way he should've been there and he probably would've been hurt too if he was.

"Could you let me know anything else?" Subaru asked.

"Not until she goes and sees the doctor."

Subaru sighed, but luckily, the hospital wasn't too much farther.

Luna laid in the hospital bed, several machines hooked up to her as more blood went into her body. Subaru sat next to her, looking over in concern as Akane stood next to him, worried about not only her son, but Luna's well-being as well.

The doctor came in a few minutes later, a chart in his hand. He scanned the two people in the room, and figured there wasn't much a choice. "Normally I would not be able to tell non-relatives about the situation, but if what this boy says is true, there is not much else I can do and as the young girl is unconscious and not yet eighteen, I can't really ask her either..." The doctor explained. "What is your relation to our patient, anyway?"

"I'm her classmate." Subaru explained. "She's also one of my best friends."

"And I'm his mother." Akane stated.

"Alright then... Well, since you found her..." The doctor began, motioning to Subaru. "It's only right to let you know."

"If it wasn't for you, young boy, this girl would've probably been dead. Besides a few outer injuries, she had several others as well which opened up. She has lost a lot of blood, but should be okay."

Subaru and Akane took a sigh or relief, happy that Luna would be alright. The doctor continued. "However...there are quite a bit of mysterious issues for this..."

"Like what?" Subaru asked, as he grabbed one of Luna's hands.

"Normally, due to her wrist, we would think of this as a suicide attempt... seems her head injury came first and it was definitely strong enough to knock her out. The idea of her then cutting her wrist is impossible, which would mean someone else did this to her."

Subaru gulped. He didn't know what to do and he didn't want to say anything before at least talking to Luna.

"The thing is, we think something may have harmed her from her house and judging from the rest of her body, this isn't the first time." Subaru felt his anger rise as the doctor continued. "Because of this, we feel it's best she should stay somewhere else...however, it seems the only people I can ask for her to stay with are you two. Would you be okay with it?"

"Well..I'm not sure..." Akane started.

"Please, mom! We can't let her go back there..."

"I guess we do have a room opening, so it should be alright."

"Good, but of course, it's up to our patient ultimately..."

At that moment, Subaru felt a grip to his hand. He turned to see Luna beginning to move, finally waking up. "W-what...? Where am I..?" Luna asked, her voice full of fear and pain. She began to move, but quickly yelped, agony rushing through her body.

"Be careful! You shouldn't move too much..."


"Hi, Luna-chan."

"Well, it seems she's awake." The doctor stated, a smile on his face. "Your friend here found you in your house. You have quite a few injuries, so you should take it easy, and I'd recommend going home with these two pe--"

"Injuries? I'm in a hospital?! My parents?! What are they going to say?!"

"They left, Luna-chan. They left you there." Subaru said softly.

Luna turned, a bit confused. 'Did he see...? She thought to herself. "Excuse me, what do you mean you think I should stay with them?" Luna quickly asked, turning back toward the doctor, gaining her composure back.

"We think going back home may be too much for you with injuries like this..."


"It's no problem for us." Akane said, smiling at the girl.

Luna had to admit, she was scared. She was terrified. Did her parents really leave her to die? "O-Okay..." Luna stuttered.

"Would you like to tell us what happened?" The doctor asked. Luna just looked down however, not saying a word. "Still nervous, then. She should be good to go tomorrow, but like I said, she'll have to take it very easy. I would also recommend a lot of company."

"But what about school?! I can't miss school!"

"You're in no condition to go to school right now, honey." The doctor explained.


"Don't worry. We can use the online teaching technique and I can do it with you, okay?"

"Subaru..." Akane scolded. "You know you shouldn't make decisions before asking me."

"Well, can I mom?"

"Only because of Luna-chan."

"Thanks." Subaru smiled, turning back toward the blonde haired girl. His expression quickly turned into surprise as he felt a tight hug come from Luna.

"T-Thank you...Hoshikawa-kun..." She stuttered.

"H-hey...Take it easy, okay? Just relax for now." Subaru said softly, as he urged Luna to lay back down, his face tinted pink.

Akane just smiled as did the doctor. However, Luna couldn't help but still feel nervous. She was afraid they'd come back, especially if they really did just leave her...

End chapter 2~

Yep, that's the end of Chapter 2. Poor Luna :( Next chapter will really go into things...

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