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His Biggest Secret - More Than Brothers

Subaru was about to speak, but Luna unknowingly interrupted him.

“Ne, Subaru-kun, we’ve known each other for a long time, haven’t we?”

Subaru nodded, glancing up into space. “Yeah. Four years… Things sure have changed since then.”

Luna giggled slightly. “I still remember what it was like, though. I remember you always used to call me Inchou. You haven’t called me that for two years now.”

Subaru chuckled lightly as he looked at his Transer. “I remember when WarRock was my biggest secret. Thing were sure simpler back then…”

“Subaru?” The boy turned to face the girl at the slight hint of sorrow in her voice. Concern and caring for the boy was etched on her face. “You mean something’s wrong? Why didn’t you tell me?! I could-”

“Ah! N-no!” Subaru responded quickly. “Nothing’s wrong! My secret… well, things are just more complicated now.”

Luna relaxed slightly, and even giggled a bit. “Something more complicated than an alien you fuse with to save the world?”

Subaru rolled his eyes and grumbled a bit. “You have no idea…”

Luna looked down. “No. I… I don’t.”

Subaru’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know what it’s like…” Luna continued hesitantly, “but, that… that doesn’t make me worthless to you, does it?”

“What? Of course not!” Subaru felt shocked that Luna was even considering this. She had helped him so much, in both life and his fights as Rockman… more than anyone else; she was always the first to help him, and the one who cared the most. That was why… but that wasn’t important at the moment. How could he make it clear to Luna?

“Luna, you… you could never be worthless. If it weren’t for you, I could have died many times over, if not for my promise that I had to survive, had to protect you…” Subaru’s voice lowered, and Luna leaned in a bit closer to catch the last sentence, “That kept me from giving up, for who would protect you if I wasn’t there for you?”


“Shirogane-san, I… we’re Brothers, aren’t we?”

“Of course, Subaru-kun!” Luna agreed.

“Brothers are the people you are closest to, those who you can entrust your friendship, your secrets, and even your life to…” he continued, almost mechanically repeating the words to himself.

“T-That’s right, Subaru-kun… why are you telling me this?” Luna asked, quietly. Luna knew all this, she was perhaps the most enthusiastic person about the BrotherBand system that Subaru was friends with, and his father had been the one to create it.

“I need you to know my secret…” Luna nodded in agreement, wondering why he seemed so worked up about it, and reached a hand down for the red Transer on her arm. Before she could open the cover, however, Subaru had held his arm out to the girl, the blue Transer on it reflecting the moonlight slightly.

“I… I don’t… you don’t have to do that, I can just check your page myself.” Luna said quietly, reaching to open her own Transer once more, feeling her face flush. Looking into someone’s Transer was very personal, and Luna wasn’t sure if she should invade Subaru’s privacy like that… even if he said she could.

“No.” Subaru said firmly, pushing his Transer into her view again. “I… want you to read it on here.”

Luna raised her head slowly to look at the boy’s face. Despite the resolve in his voice, his head was turned slightly away from her, and a slight red tinge touched his cheeks.

“If… if you’re sure, Subaru-kun…”

“Hai.” He answered quietly.

Luna gingerly opened his Transer, and quickly went to his Brothers page. Swiftly glace the page over, she soon found what she was looking for, and delicately pressed the section of the screen that read ‘Secret’.

The girl took a sharp intake of breath at the sight before her. Subaru blushed, and his arm twitched slightly, but he didn’t pull it away.

On the Transer, it read: “I’m in love with Shirogane Luna”.

“S-Subaru…” Luna whispered, “Did… are you serious?”

Subaru turned to face the girl, eyes displaying his soul to her. “Completely. I… I love you Luna, and…”

Before he could continue, the girl had flung her arms around his neck, her face inches away from his own. Her eyes glimmered with unshed tears of happiness.

“I love you too, Subaru-kun!” Subaru’s face lit up, and his arms, previously hanging limply, wrapped around the girl and he held her in an embrace.

“H-how long…?” The girl allowed the end of her sentence to drop off as she looked questioningly up at the boy.

Subaru sighed. “I’m not sure… I know I’ve loved you for a long time, but when I was younger…” he shook his head slightly in uncertainty. “I’m not exactly positive when I realized it. I don’t think I was even sure what love really was for a while.”

“I remember.” Luna said quietly, and the boy looked at her, slight puzzlement on his face. She smiled up at him. “I remember exactly when I realized I loved you. It was when you protected me as yourself, not Rockman… at the school, remember?”

Subaru smiled sadly back. “I remember. I was so afraid…”

“I knew you’d make it through okay!”

“Not that!” Subaru objected. “I was afraid… afraid for you. For what he might have already done to you, for what he might do to you once I was unconscious… for what would happen if WarRock forced me to fight back.” His eyes locked with hers, the severity of his feelings clearly conveyed. “I couldn’t allow you to get hurt, not for my sake. I couldn’t live with myself if I survived only for you to… to…” Subaru took a shuddering breath, and slowly let go of Luna, though she quickly scooted closer so she was sitting directly next to him. “I guess I’m lucky Misora-san came when she did.”

Luna frowned slightly. “Did you have to bring her up?”

Subaru chuckled slightly, and wrapped his arm around the girl. “Misora’s my friend, Luna, and I don’t think that will ever change. But… she’s never been anything more than a friend and a Brother to me, and I can’t imagine her as anything more. While you…” He turned to look at her, and gently raised her chin an inch with his hand. “You’ll always be more than a Brother to me.”

As he leaned in closer, Luna felt their lips connect, and she could not imagine being any happier than she was at that moment.

Luna woke up the next morning, touched with slight giddiness as she remembered the events of the last night. After she received her first kiss, the two had stayed to watch the stars for a bit longer, before Subaru walked her back home. Humming softly to herself as she softly stepped out of bed, she continued on to her normal morning routine. Just as she was about to place her breakfast dishes in the sink, the sound of the doorbell caught her ear. Wondering who could be there at this time, she hurriedly set her dishes down on the counter and rushed over to the door.

“Subaru-kun!” She called out, slightly surprised. “Why are you here?”

The boy put his hands in his pockets and shifted nervously. “I was hoping we could walk to school together… I mean, I know we usually do, but it’d just be nice to have a little time to ourselves before Kizamaro and Gonta show up… Is that okay?”

“Of course!” Luna assured him as she slipped on her shoes and stepped out of the door. Subaru smiled at her, and the two headed off to school.

“Hey, Subaru, Inchou!” Gonta called out as the two stopped by his house to pick Kizamaro and him up for school. “Sorry I didn’t catch you at Hibiki Misora’s concert last night, Subaru-kun! Man, Misora was in top form last night, wasn’t she?”

“I wouldn’t know, I didn’t go to the concert.” Subaru said evenly, as Luna rang the doorbell to Kizamaro’s house. The small boy hurried out just in time to hear Subaru statement.

“You didn’t go to the Hibiki Misora concert?” Kizamaro asked, obviously dumbfounded.

“Boy, you missed out, Subaru!” Gonta agreed, just as confused.

Instead of responding immediately, the boy just slipped his hand into Luna’s, and exchanged smiles with the slightly blushing girl.

“Nope,” he said with finality, “I know for sure I didn’t miss a thing.”

Authors Notes: Hope this wasn’t a bad last chapter. Anyway, I decided to post this today in honor of Emi’s (Rini124 here. -grin-) 19th birthday. Happy birthday! Hope… aw man, I’m no good at a personalized message… let’s just say I wish you the very best, hope you have a great birthday and year as a nineteen-year-old, and keep loving LunaXSubaru forever! (Hope you liked this chapter, too. -sweatdrop-)

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