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His Biggest Secret - Stargazing

“Vista Point? But Subaru, I’ve been here before, remember?” Luna asked at the two walked into the small grassy area.

“I know.” Subaru said as he sat down on the metal platform and leaned against the fence, motioning for Luna to do the same. “I know you’ve been here before, but have you ever come here just to look at the stars?”

“Well, no.” The girl admitted.

“Well, then,” Subaru nodded towards her. Luna awkwardly sat down next to him, blushing very slightly and keeping her eyes pinned on the sky above. She turned her head slightly to regard Subaru out of the corner of her eye, who was happily and obliviously watching the stars. She turned her vision back to the sky, trying to keep her thoughts from wandering. Subaru loved to come here, and she knew a few years ago he had frequented it every night. However, for most other people, Vista Point was mainly… well, a romantic place… somewhere you would take your significant other. But, of course Subaru didn’t think of it that way. It was just a place that held special significance to him, and he wanted to show it to his friend.

Luna drew her attention back to where she was looking at.

“The moon’s really pretty tonight, isn’t it?” Luna asked, as she fixed her gaze on the large silvery orb.

“Yeah.” She heard the boy agree, but she was somewhat lost in her thoughts.

“I’ve always liked the moon,” She continued quietly. “It’s kind-of sad… how it can’t give any light of it’s own. All it can do is reflect the light that was supposed to be there, that had been there before… that everyone has to see. Few people take the time to remember that it has no light itself, and think that it’s the light itself.”

Subaru cocked his head at her. “Shirogane-san?” he asked.

“Ah, sorry.” She turned at him and smiled. “Guess I didn’t need to tell you that, huh? You know so much about space already.”

“Well, yeah.” Subaru blushed slightly as he grinned.

The two regarded the sky once more.

“S-Subaru-kun…?” Luna spoke hesitantly, breaking the silence once more.

“Hmm?” Subaru turned his head.

“A-Anou…” The girl hesitated slightly; the question had been nagging at her for some time, but she wasn’t sure if it was her place to ask it… or how Subaru would respond.

Gulping slightly, the girl continued in a quiet voice. “Y-you… when I first met you, you would come here every night, but now… it seems like you only come here occasionally. I was just wondering why…”

The brown-haired boy gave her an odd look. “You noticed that?”

Luna shrugged as best she could, and fought to keep an embarrassed blush off her face.

Seeming to suddenly notice her discomfort, Subaru gave the girl a reassuring smile. She smiled slightly in response, and the boy continued.

“You know the reason I always came here, right?”

The blond nodded. “Your father.” She answered, her voice a whisper.

“Right. I always came here because I wanted to reassure myself that he wasn’t dead… that he’d be coming back some day.” He turned his head to gaze at the dark night sky once more, a soft smile playing on his lips. “But now… now I’m sure he’ll be coming back. I hadn’t truly believed that before, and was just trying to fool myself that I believed that…. But I don’t have to do that anymore. He’ll be back someday, I know that. I can trust him.”

The young Shirogane’s face was lit up with happiness for her friend… but suddenly it faded, and she stared at the metal floor in front of her feet.

“It… it must be nice to be able to count on your parents like that…” She breathed, half to herself.

Subaru heard, however, and his head turned sharply to the girl as he caught the connotations in her words.

“Shirogane-san, do you mean your parents are still…” Subaru allowed his voice to trail off; both teens knew what he meant. Luna’s memories flashed to that time four years before, and she closed her eyes in pain.

“No, they aren’t. But…” She gulped back her pain, forbidding her voice to waver. “But,” she repeated, the hesitancy in her voice gone, though it was still quiet. “they still are never around… and while they don’t treat me like a doll, it almost seems like they don’t care at all anymore…” her voice suddenly dropped even softer, and Subaru had to strain to hear her words. “A forgotten doll…”

Suddenly, Subaru felt his head burn with anger. “That’s not right!” He nearly yelled the statement, causing Luna to jump slightly. She looked at the boy for the first time since they started talking about her parents, and was surprised to see his teeth gritted, and… tears forming in his eyes?

He turned to face her, a look of almost pleading on his face. “That CAN’T be, Luna-chan! I… I always thought that at least one good thing happened during the mess with Ophiucus, that you were reconciled with your parents! I thought you might finally be happy for real, that you wouldn’t have to pretend you’re happy and put up a false smile! I thought… I thought that I was finally able to see you smile for real…”

“You have.” Luna said, surprising even herself with this revelation. “I’ve never had to put up a false smile with you, Subaru-kun.”

The two locked eyes for a second, and Subaru could tell what she had said was true. Subaru smiled happily.

“I… I’m still not happy about your parents, but… I’m glad.”

Luna grinned back at the boy, and suddenly something hit her.

“You called me Luna-chan, Subaru-kun…”

Suddenly, the boy’s face blushed a bright red. “I-I did? Sorry, I… it was…” Subaru turned away and stared at his knees, stuttering as he tried to find an explanation. He couldn’t tell her it was because that was who he always thought of her by.

“It’s fine.” Subaru looked slightly startled, and turned to face her. The girl was staring at the sky once more, but she was smiling, and a faint blush spread over her face.

He called me Luna-chan…

Subaru grinned a smile that could be called idiotic if it was on anyone else’s face and he gently stroked his Transer with two fingers.

Now seems like a good time to tell her…

Author's Note

Yup, that IS the actual question Luna was nervous about. I’m debating with myself whether to compress it to only three chapters. The only bad thing I think about that would be there would be less LunaXSubaru fluff, but I’m not sure what I’d put there exactly. (And the third chapter would be extra long… for the chapters for this story, anyway.)

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