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Stars, Moon, and Sky - Chapter 3

Lies and doubt keep you apart.

Please let go, get a new start.

You love him and he loves you.

Understand, she loves you, too.

Beneath this canopy of stars,

You wonder where each other are.

The sky is endless, viewed twice.

Listen now and take this advice

A secret love will never show.

Let go, you must let him know.

Pride and insecurity:

With those you struggle, surely.

He speaks your name; you donít hear.

The strife within abounds on fear.

Allow his help, he does want you.

Doubt no more, his love is true.

Without your push, she makes no move.

Tell me, what will you now do?

You love her, she loves you back.

Canít be denied, itís a fact.

She needs only help to express

Her feelings for you, what a mess.

Take the lead, be reassured.

Doubt no more, this love from her.

You meet and stare, quite a pair,

LunaÖ SubaruÖ each cares.

Realize the truth; end this strife.

Love each other; live your life.

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