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Stars, Moon, and Sky - Chapter 2

Pale is the moon tonight; ashen…

Seeking to dim waves of passion.

As in the park I stroll,

Have my feelings become null?

She smiles at me always,

Except I’m Rockman those days…

Why will she never admit

He is me, can’t accept it?

How is it specifically

I differ from that entity?

Can’t I be seen as I am?

The normal me lending a hand.

For all my heart two will fight;

For the boy they have in sight.

But they fight not for that within.

My outside; what they strive to win.

Those two struggle for control,

Both of them with all their soul.

How can I shun one; love the other.

Can’t we get along together?!

There is one I love better.

I don’t know how to tell her,

Though I see her every day.

I pray once she’ll look my way

Inchou… no, my Luna-chan,

Hear something not in your plan.

I love you, I want you to see

Please accept… love me for me

Author’s Note: The final installment shall arrive soon.

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