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This section includes all hints from the official Ryuusei no Rockman websites, merchandise, and all other official things and are the hints that can be found from wallpaper and profiles and all that fun stuff =D

Total Proof: 5


1. The only reason Luna and Misora would battle it out in that game is because of Subaru. Enough said.
2. Just LOOK at this wallpaper. I believe it says it all. The drama and emotion and EVERYTHING. T~T


1. In the November-December wallpaper, Luna is annoyed in the background seeing Misora and Subaru together. (Contributed by Subaru Stelar from DATs/GRN :3)


1. The Luna Pencil Board has her holding a Rockman plushie very delicately, while blushing slightly and an expression that makes her seem to be deep in thought.
2. In 'Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works', there are multiple group pictures and three of them in particular are pretty interesting in regards to Luna and Subaru-- with the illustration of them all as Chibis, Luna is the only one actually almost touching Subaru in a way while all the others are clearly floating, she's "sitting" on his hand and blushing. Luna also blushes while looking at Subaru/Rockman respectively in both the cheering and thumbs-up illustrations.


1. For April Fools Day 2012, Rockman Unity had an announcement of a pop idol group being made up of Luna, Roll, and Mayl which further confirms Luna's role as the more Roll-focused support like Mayl was in Battle Network.