Ryuusei no Rockman 2

This section includes all hints from the second game and are the hints I consider to be the major part, as even though the anime came out before the game, please remember the game was in developement first and the anime was shown to help get people excited for it.

Total Proof: 85

The Beginning

1. How well Luna knows Geo. She goes on how he'd stay inside if he could because he likes playing with machines and gazing at the stars more than anything.
2. How Luna worries that he isn't going outside enough.
3. After Luna realizes the noise that interrupted her piano practice stops, she says this: "Geo, you took care of that noise, didn't you? Or perhaps not you but MegaMan?" in which he replies "Um... well...", so Luna says "I see...You can always count on him! ...Hm? It's not like I'm trying to give you a compliment or anything!! MegaMan! He's the one you can count on!" And as Zack points out, Luna's face is all red when she says this which causes her to tell him to be quiet, showing she does have feelings still for both Geo and MegaMan.
4. Luna's background of her Personal Info Card is a headshot of her surrounded by a bunch of stars, which Subaru's name means.
5. When Luna announces a trip to see the movie as Geo has never been there, Geo is about to say he wouldn't want to go when he sees Luna getting mad and decides to say he'd be happy to.
6. Luna tells Geo if he's going to go Stargazing tonight, he better dress warmly, further showing she is very concerned for his well-being.

The Dark Phantom Arc

1. Luna continues to worrying about what Geo may not know.
2. When Luna gets out of her seat because of Dark Phantom's speech and the picture disappearing, she is now next to Geo, despite sitting between Zack and Bud previously.
3. Despite Geo constantly saying he doesn't want to fight, the minute Luna is taken away, he says "I have to go after him." which causes Mega to comment that "This is a new you. You're not scared?" So, Geo responds "I am, but... Prez is in trouble so I don't have time to be scared."
4. Geo's statement above is continued with this: "And that's not all. I know if something happened to me, Prez would be the first one there trying to rescue me." which shows they really do have a big trusting relationship.
5. Geo keeps worrying and hoping Luna will be okay.
6. Geo keeps asking if Luna is okay and making sure she's not hurt after he saves her and is really happy when she says she's fine.
7. Let me just quote this as this whole conversation is full of awesome. Luna: "Um...You...How should I say it? You...Y-You were awesome.", Geo: "Huh?", Luna: "Let me rephrase that! MegaMan was awesome. Got that?!", Geo: "Why are you embarrassed?", Luna: "I'm not. You're the one who's embarrassed. It's not like I was complimenting you! I was complimenting MegaMan.", Geo: "My mistake...", Luna: "Why would I say you were awesome!? Aargh! Now I really do feel embarrassed!", Geo: "So what should I do?", Luna: "Forget it! Just transform already. I want to say thanks to MegaMan directly.", Geo: "I don't know...", Luna: "But, um... You did a good job, too. You were a tiny bit awesome. Just a little, tiny bit. Oh, that's right!", Geo: "What's right?", Luna: "I guess to show my thanks I should...", Geo: "??", Luna: "You know...It's the next step in our friendship. Usually the boy asks the girl though.", Geo: "Um...Wait, what?", Luna: "Aargh!! You are so thick! BrotherBand! You and I are going to form a BrotherBand!", Geo: "Oh, oh! That!", Luna: "I can't believe it. This is something I shouldn't have to ask for.", Geo: "I-I'm sorry...", Luna: "Whatever. Anyway...Thank you. Seeing you go that far to save me, well... You'll always be an important friend to me.", Luna: "I wish I could form a BrotherBand with MegaMan though...", Geo: "What!?", Luna: "Ha, ha. Just kidding! Anyway, thanks, Geo!"
8. Geo's reaction to when Luna says how she wishes she could form a BrotherBand with Megaman instead could be taken as him getting jealous.

The Taurus Fire Arc

1. As soon as Luna sees Geo's face, she can tell something is bothering him.
2. Geo can also immediately see how Luna feels.
3. Geo continues to go on trips with Luna when he sees she's getting mad and says how he'd be glad to join her. Not Bud and Zack as well, but Luna.
4. Luna compliments that the handle "Geo" chose is a cute name for him.
5. As this is the soonest you can read Luna's secret, I'll put it here: "There is a boy I like almost as much as I like MegaMan."
6. Geo worries about making Luna angry by being late because he doesn't want to make her mad.
7. When Geo examines Luna's bed: "T-This is the Prez's bed...It smells really good.", Mega: "It looks nice and fluffy. It makes me want to take a nap.", Geo: "What!? This is a girl's bed! You can't just sleep in a girl's bed!", Mega: "What's wrong, kid? You look a little red in the face.", Geo: "I don't know what you're talking about!"
8. When Geo examines Luna's vanity: "A vanity... So this is where that impeccable stylishness all begins."
9. Despite both Bud and Zack going crazy over Amy, Luna only yells at Geo, saying "Aren't you supposed to be investigating the snowslides in Foodtopia? Instead I find you here asking some girl to go on a date!" So while Bud tries to explain, she tells him to stay out of it and says "I wanna know why he's asking girls on dates!" in which Geo responds "H-Hold up! I wasn't doing anything like that, Prez!", Luna: "I can't believe you'd go off to meet a girl when we're trying to investigate these snowslides!", Geo: "I didn't!!", Geo then tries to explain that she saved him which is why they were talking, so Luna says "So she pretended to save you just to get close to you. I've heard that one before.", so Geo tries to tell Luna she's got it all wrong, but Luna asks if he's covering for her now, then. Zack tells Luna she should calm down and Luna responds saying he's too short to enter the conversation. She then ends saying "Just...for...get...about...it!! All three of you have gone gaga for this girl!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! If you all like her that much then you can just go and spend the rest of the trip with her! Humph!!" and runs off. Obviously she's quite jealous :( Mostly due to Geo doing so (and then Bud's and Zack's butting in makes it worse).
10. If you talk to Bud, he mentions Luna is up in the Suite sulking. He tells you that she'll be sulking for a while and it's best to not bother her which shows she's really upset.
11. While Bud and Zack think they should go straight to Foodtopia for the Event and the Eating Contest with Amy there, Geo is the only one to suggest checking on Luna first.
12. Bud mentions how he needs to win the eating contest to show Amy what he is good at which causes Geo to respond "I know how you feel..." as Sonia feels Geo is fine/good with whatever, this could only really refer to Luna who criticizes Geo a lot to bring the best out of him.
13. When Zack says they shouldn't check on her, Geo says he wants to check on her anyway.
14. Once again, Geo is the only one mentioning Luna about cheering her up while Zack says they should just get to the room because it's getting dark.
15. Luna makes Geo sleep on the couch--seeing how Bud and Zack got the beds, chances are if Luna wasn't all jealous due to Geo talking to Amy, the two would've probably shared the giant bed. (Contributed by ZC)

The Yeti Blizzard Arc

1. Once again, Geo is the one hoping Luna is feeling better today and worrying about her.

The Queen Ophiuca Arc

1. Mega's comment about what Luna would do if she heard what Sonia was saying to Geo.
2. How upset Luna gets when she finds out Geo went to Wilshire Hills with Sonia.
3. Luna is the one who shouts out "MegaMan" when she sees he's in trouble.
4. Out of the four that fell into the hole, the one Geo managed to save before it closed was Luna.
5. Luna cried in front of Geo when she thought he was just going to give up.
6. Geo feels Luna becoming Queen Ophiuca again is all his fault and says sorry to her several times (both earlier and before the fight).
7. Geo says he doesn't care what happens to him as long as Luna gets back to being herself.
8. Geo: "Thank heavens! You're OK!". Obviously Geo was really worried.
9. Geo didn't use his full power as to try and not hurt Luna.
10. You already have that in the Queen Ophiuca arc Geo holds back his power in fear of harming Luna, but I think it should also be noted that he was never stated to have done the same with his fight with Bud or even Sonia when he fought them, implying that he cares more for Luna then either of them. This is especially important with Sonia ;) as it just about proves that Luna is the more important girl to Geo. (Contributed by King of Everything)
11. Geo says even if he's hurt, he'll make sure to protect her.
12. Luna keeps wanting to help Geo and refusing to just stand back, despite him telling her to do so.
13. How Geo begs for Luna to get out of there so he won't hurt her.
14. Luna says she won't leave because he showed her how to have courage and so she's going to be brave for Geo/MegaMan.
15. Luna's speech when Geo is trying to take control and how he still wants to make sure he doesn't hurt her: "Geo!", Geo: "Th-That voice...!" Luna: "Don't give in! I'm here for you! You've gotta be strong!", Geo: "It's too...", Luna: "MegaMan!", Geo: "Prez...You gotta get outta here! I don't want to hurt you!", Luna: "I'm not leaving. I'm going to be brave just like you! I'm going to fight with you till the end! I'm going to fight by your side! MegaMan!", Geo: "Prez, you've given me power! Link Power!"
16. It's thanks to Luna's belief in him and wanting to stay by him forever that Geo finally gets control of the OOPart. As Geo said, "Prez...You've given me the power to control it! This is what real Link Power is!"
17. As Hollow says, Geo wouldn't have been able to take over it if it wasn't for Luna.

The Plesio Surf Arc

1. Geo and Luna became closer causing his Link Power to go up.
2. Luna actually complimented Geo on his thinking :P
3. Luna told Geo if he ever wants to watch International TV, he can come and do so whenever he wants.
4. Luna trusted Geo and rather than just changing the channel (which she probably would have), she left it on for him.
5. Luna continues to trust Geo, despite worrying about him backing out.
6. How Geo won't leave Luna, even though she's really mad.

The Terra Condor Arc

1. When Luna is going with Zack as Geo tells them to go find somewhere safe and stay there, she stops and turns back around and says: "Be careful, Geo..." which shows she is still really concerned for his safety.
2. Geo told Mega to stop commenting on what Luna was doing as Luna was really embarrassed about it.
3. Luna's the one who waited for Geo while Bud and Zack headed to the tent.
4. Luna worries that Geo may not be okay because he isn't going with them to the plane.

The Hollow Arc

1. Quoting Luna: "Since I can't get you on the phone I decided to send you a mail. I heard you've been depressed since you got back so I decided that we would all come and check on you. It's not like I'm really worried about you." More denial, quite a bit of persistance, and more worry. She really does care, even if she wont' say it openly 100% :P
2. It was Luna's words that caused Geo to cheer up and make him want to go try and get Sonia back.
3. Luna explained Sonia's motives, despite obviously not being a huge fan of her (as showing from how she was in certain moments of the game).
4. When Geo is naming his friends to Solo, he says "Prez" first.

The End

1. Luna stayed in Geo's room at his bedside waiting for him to wake up.
2. Luna promises to stay by Sonia for Geo.
3. Luna tells him he better come back in one piece.
4. Luna saying how she'll never stop praying for Geo to return safely.
5. Luna makes Geo promise to come back which he agrees to (in which she cries): Luna: "Geo...Promise me something.", Geo: "Uh...sure. What is it?", Luna: "Let me warn you. You'd better not break this promise! I'll breal our BrotherBand if you do!", Geo: "OK...", Luna: "You'd better...You'd better come back.", Geo: "OK, I promise I will come back."
6. When you talk to Luna after, she says "You...You better come back... Got it? *sniffle*"
7. Out of everyone, Luna is the one who calls Geo to help him with everyone else to stop Le Mu from making Mu crash into Earth.
8. Luna kept calling and yelling out MegaMan when Geo got disconnected.
9. Luna's worry and whatnot: "G-G-Geo!! Are you hurt? Are you OK?!", Geo: "Prez..."
10. How relieved Luna was: "What a relief... I'm so glad...! *sniffle*"
11. Zack said Luna couldn't stop crying until she knew Geo was back and that her eyes are still all red and puffy.
12. Once again, Luna is the first: "Geo, there's something I want to say.", Geo: "Hm? What's that?", Luna: "...Welcome home!!"
13. And again, Luna is mentioned first when Geo lists the four of them.


1. Luna's job is the only one Geo is interested in to HELP her. The conversation between Mega and Geo, Mega: "Kid... Seems she needs help.", Geo: "Yeah, and she's always looking out for me...". With Sonia's, he isn't too interested, with Bud, it's Mega who wants to help because there is a chance Bud could turn into Taurus Fire again, and with Zack, it's just Geo's curiousity about the pirate ship rather than Zack needing help.
2. Geo and Luna's Help Conversation: "Prez?" "What is it?" "You don't know how to cook, do you?" "What!? Who told you that!?" "It doesn't matter...Let me help you!" "I'm fine! I'm more than capable of doing it myself!" "Come on. You always help me so let me return the favor. What do you need?" "... Well, I guess I need some "bananas first.", "Gotcha! I'll go get some!"
3. How eager Geo is to help her: "Here you go! Bananas!", Luna: "Thanks...", Geo: "Anything else? How else can I help?", Luna: "....I guess now I need some "coconuts".", Geo: "Gotcha! I'll go find some!"
4. Geo's continuing eagerness: "Here you go! Coconuts!", Luna: "Thanks...", Geo: "What's next? How else can I help?", Luna: "....Let's see...We've got the "bananas and "coconuts". Now we just need the recipe.", Geo: "Gotcha! I'll go find the recipe!"
5. And still more continuing eagerness: "Here you go! I got the recipe!", Luna: "Thanks...", Geo: "Alright. Anything else I can do to help?"
6. ...Just look: Luna: ENOUGH! Enough already! Stop helping me!", Geo: "Huh?", Luna: "Oh, you jerk! ...I wanted to cook for YOU!", Geo: "What?", Luna: "I wanted to cook something for you by myself!", Geo: "Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't...", Luna: "Just forget it! Here! *Luna gives Geo the cookie* It might not taste the best, but I made it myself. You'd better appreciate that!", Geo: "Thanks!", Luna: "It should have turned out much better! Hmph..."
7. Luna clearly says the person she wanted to cook for for Geo. Not for Megaman, but for GEO.
8. The Cookie's description: A cooking shaped slightly like a heart. When you put it in your mouth, a feeling of love as well as a bitter fragrance envelopes you. White chocolate decorations spell out OLSISKEYHIUMC. (Thanks so much Capcom for ruining the cookie with a code thingy).
9. When Geo is fighting Queen Ophiuca IF in the other dimension, she starts out asking who he is. Geo pauses, before answering "MegaMan" simply. The pauses with the ... can imply he was hurt slightly from the fact that she didn't know him--even if he knew this wasn't Luna right now.


1. When you update data and a brother's "Geo" has just arrived, it says "I just arrived at Wilshire Hills with the Prez and the gang. He only mentions Luna specifically.
2. When you update data and a brother's "Geo" has friended Luna, he mentions getting excited to know the secrets she has which can more or less say he wants to know her better.