Ryuusei no Rockman

This section includes all hints from the first game and are the hints I consider to be the major part, as even though the anime came out before the game, please remember the game was in developement first and the anime was shown to help get people excited for it.

Total Proof: 109

The Beginning

1. Luna tells Bud and Zack to lay off insulting Geo.
2. Luna talks to herself about how to find a way to get Geo to open up, which shows she's concerned before she even really knows him.
3. He always recognizes Luna's voice 100% (No wondering, just knowing). (And this continues on through each "Arc")

Taurus Arc

1. Luna tells Geo not to stay out too late and to be careful. It's odd for her to be so concerned over him getting home okay when he keeps frustrating the poor girl.
2. Luna offered to give Geo a ride in the car. (I think we can all agree she isn't one to let just anybody in her personal business)
3. Despite Luna and the others annoying poor Geo, he still decided to go along with Mega to save them.

Cygnus Arc

1. Luna keeps following Geo. I mean, she may be a perfectionist and really want him to get to school, but now she's going on a Holiday and this time, it's not just a "coincidence".
2. Is there really a reason for Luna to step that close in front of Geo like that when she's mostly just thinking to herself?
3. Luna pushes Geo aside to tell Mr. Boreal that they're "friends" and classmates, despite at a earlier time saying they weren't really friends (When she was explaining all about brothers to him in an e-mail).
4. Luna's exact quote when Geo talks to her in the Space Sim: "It's almost as if I'm really in space! Isn't that such a romantic thought?"
5. Luna compliments Geo on his right answer about the rings of Saturn.

Lyra Arc

1. Geo asked about Luna's mood since he noticed she seemed to be in a bad one.

Admins Arc

1. Luna gets all nervous and stuttery (Along with a bit insulted) when Geo calls her a "sattelite".
2. Geo's exact quote on a Satellite: "A satellite is a heavenly body that goes around and around, circling a planet! Your name, Luna, means "moon", and the moon is the Earth's sattelite. That's why it's the perfect name for you!"
3. Luna goes into gigantic amounts of denial about how nobody'd want to be a satellite to Geo.
4. Luna wrote a play on MEGAMAN.
5. Luna's line about how some people think Megaman/Rockman is a myth, but that she'll always believe in him because she knows he's always out there and will always come to rescue her, because he's "like a shooting star across the sky" which is where the name of the game "Ryusei no Rockman" aka "Shooting Star Rockman" comes from.
6. Luna quotes a line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, but puts in Megaman's name instead: "O, Megaman! Wherefore art thou, Megaman?"
7. Luna's rant on how much she believes and trusts in MegaMan: "I believe in Megaman! I know he is real and he is out there! And he'll always help people in trouble! Because he's a real hero!"
8. Geo gets all nervous from the play and hearing everything Luna has said.
9. Luna was worried, obivously, by her demanded question of where he was when he "headed to the bathroom".

Libra Arc

1. Luna waited outside the school for Geo.
2. When Geo comments about how Megaman wouldn't have enough free time, Luna goes on how she knows he'll always be there which Mega comments about how much faith Luna has in "him".
3. The only voice Geo hears calling out for him is Luna's.
4. The Admin's Quote about Luna: "That child believes in you. She will believe until the bitter end."
5. Geo's response: "...I want to protect...That girl that believes in me...I want to protect her!!!" Notice he says he wants to proect her, not the other classmates, but her.
6. The Admin clearly says that his strength is being revealed because he is admitting he wants to protect someone important to him.
7. The fact stands that it's Luna who brings out Subaru's true strength.
8. As Geo comes back into consiousness, he yells to the Jammer that he'll protect Luna.
9. Geo recognizes and thanks Luna because of the fact that he got stronger thanks to her faith in him.
10. Geo promises to protect her in return. "Yeah...This is also all thanks to her. Thanks, Luna. I got stronger because of you. Now, it's my turn. I'll protect you. Count on it!!"
11. Luna is the only one to hear him...again. They obivously have some connection, even though they're not brothers.
12. Geo's response to the fact that Mr. Shepar wants to protect his kids: "You must protect them? Well, that's...That's the same as me! I have someone that I must protect too! That's why I will stop you! I must!!" With the above, it's most likely that Geo is talking about Luna.
13. Of all the people she could've spoke to about the play issue, she only spoke to Geo.
14. Of all the classmates she could ask to take over the part of Megaman, she asks (Okay, more like forces) Geo.
15. Luna explained herself to Geo about the "new lines", until she realized she was and got nervous and said there was no reason she needed to.
16. Luna saw the "real" Megaman when Geo came out in the costume, which shows she's relating the two together, at least subconciously.
17. When Geo says the "new lines", Luna's heart starts racing very quickly.

Ophiuca Arc

1. Luna keeps picking up Geo for school. I'm sure we can all agree it wouldn't be Bud's or Zack's idea and that her reasons for why are obivously just excuses.
2. You get an e-mail from Dragon Sky/Leo Kingdom/Pegasus Magic explaining the Starforce to you. At the end, it says: "Use the Dragon Star Force well, and it will help you protect those you love." Seeing how it was is wanting to protect Luna that helped release his power, this proves her really does care for her a lot.
3. Luna waited after to talk to Geo.
4. If you look into Luna's transer before the Jammer attack (And right after when she first gets home), her transer says this: "I just can't get MegaMan out of my head... I´ve never felt like this before." This can imply that she feels much strongly for Megaman than just a "drive-by" crush. (Much thanks to Matze for his help with this one! :D)
5. Geo keeps bossing Luna around to try and protect her, so he is worried about her well-being.
6. Luna dreaming about Megaman and asking him to save her.
7. Geo asks if Luna can handle being alone by herself with all the Jammer Ghost thingys going around while he goes to "take care of it" out of care.
8. Luna comments that he shouldn't be going out there alone, out of worry.
9. Geo promises to protect Luna, face-to face.
10. Luna's heart beats rapidly again, showing that she has some feelings for him and not just Megaman.
11. Geo tells Luna to promise not to leave the room and leaves, making her think of Megaman again who had promised to protect her.
12. Luna admits how she finds Geo kind of cool, lik Megaman, after what he said.
13. When Mega mentions the Jammer is heading to Luna, Geo says they have to hurry back as they promised to protect her.
14. Geo asks about her well-being, concerned by the tone shown.
15. Geo didn't fight back out of worry for Luna's well-being.
16. Geo tells Mega to stop because he promised to protect Luna after Mega's comment about how far Geo would go for Luna.
17. Seriously, how many times did he ask if Luna was okay? :P
18. Geo asks some more if Luna is okay while she starts to wake up and tells her she probably shouldn't sit up yet.
19. Luna yells at Geo for laughing about Megaman because she believes in what he says and know Megaman will save them all.
20. Geo offers to stay with Luna until her parents get home.
21. Geo tells Luna to take it easy after she says there's no reason he needs to stay there.
22. Luna thanks Geo for trying so hard to protect her, but is shown to be somewhat flustered by saying it and just him being there. Quote: "Why am I getting all flustered over HIM!?"
23. Luna goes to ask Geo to do something with her personally. We've seen she can e-mail him, even though they're not brothers, so there's no reason she really had to go over there.
24. Luna was too nervous to ring Geo's door bell to ask for him to go somewhere with her.
25. How fast Luna ran off when she heard Geo was leaving.
26. Luna followed him. You know she can't just be curious due to her other actions and she didn't bother following up on what Zack and Bud were doing, even if they told her a bit.
27. Luna gets jealous that Geo is going shopping with Sonia.
28. Luna's wanting to follow Geo overcomes the fear of bumping into her parents.
29. Geo gets shocked/angry/confused over the fact that Luna's parents want to transfer her and walks over to her.
30. Luna doesn't say anything until her father starts insulting Geo personally.
31. Geo was worried about Luna because of how stressed and upset she looked.
32. How hard Geo tried to stop Luna from letting Ophiuca in.
33. Geo yells for Luna to hang in there when he runs over to her fainted after defeating Ophiuca (With Gemini's help).
34. Luna asks Megaman what to do because she did some bad things, showing she cares about his advice.
35. Luna glomps and CLINGS to Megaman/Geo.
36. Despite this and knowing she'll see him, Geo doesn't shove her off and just panics.
37. Geo apologizes for not telling Luna that he is Megaman.
38. Luna thanks Geo for saving her again, obivously a bit nervous about the whole thing.
39. Luna's exact quote: "W-Well don't get any funny ideas!! I-I have always liked Megaman and I will always like him. But I have ZERO feels for you, got it!?" By the way she says it, it's obvious Luna has feelings for him.
40. Geo smiled about it, obviously having a slight idea she might like him.
41. Geo doesn't become Luna's brother out of pity :D
42. Geo became brothers with Luna right when she asked, unlike with Misora where it took two tries (Mr. Boreal suggesting it with Sonia looking happy then Sonia asking again).
43. Luna asked Geo if Sonia was his girlfriend.
44. Luna is all happy that Sonia isn't Geo's girlfriend.
45. Geo obivously completely forgot about the fact that Sonia was poisoned for Luna's sake.
46. Anytime after you add Luna to your brotherband, you can do this, but since this is when you first get her, I'm putting it here: If you delete Luna from your brotherband (Before Geo actually does it when he gets all pissed off and hates everyone, though you can do this after you add her back too), you can talk to her and re-add her. When you talk to her, she says "Could it be...You want to be brothers again?" The way she says the beginning with a pause shows she's hopeful.

Gemini Arc

1. Geo doesn't start smiling until after he becomes brothers with Luna. Yay for smiling icon picture! :P
2. If Geo goes into Luna's room and into the wave world, when you talk to the yellow robot (As long as it's before the news alert about how something is coming towards Earth and can't be stopped), she says how it seems Luna is in love: "*snicker* Lately, Ms. Luna has been acting kinda strange...She's constantly fixing her hair, sometimes she just has a blank stare, and then all of a sudden turns bright red and gets all flustered...I dunno what's going on with her. Could it be L - O - V - E? If so, I wonder what kind of guy it is who has captured Ms. Luna´s heart...?" (Thanks to Matze149 and their brother for the exact quote!)
3. Geo stops Luna to say Hi and ask if she's walking home.
4. Luna is nervous and is having trouble speaking her mind, along with her heart is beating fast again.
5. Geo asks if Luna is okay again saying she looks a bit ill.
6. Luna tells Geo to be careful, which he tells her Thanks, and promises he'll be back and for her not to worry.

The End Arc

1. Luna tells Bud to stop yelling at Geo about not coming to school again, even if it is bothering her.
2. Luna tries to get Geo to let her along with Bud and Zack help him.
3. Geo tells Luna she shouldn't worry, but she reminds him that they're brothers and she'll worry about him because of that (and other obvious reasons).
4. Luna is the first to suggest leaving as Geo really wants them to go.
5. Luna's reaction to when Geo cuts their brotherband shows she is beyond upset.
6. When talking to Bud and Zack about Luna (When going to apologize), they say she's never been as mad/hurt before as she is right now.
7. Geo is a bit more nervous when asking Luna to be his brother again.
8. Notice the only time Geo yells about any of them is when Luna is taken by the Jammers, in which in response, Luna yells his name back in return.
9. Luna's heart starts beating fast again when Geo says he'll get them down and asks if they're all okay.
10. Luna tells Geo to promise never to cut their brotherband again.
11. Luna is worried about the fact that Geo is going to the space station and doesn't think he should have to.
12. Luna was upset she couldn't change Geo's mind about going. Obivously, she doesn't want him to go.
13. Luna says even with his promise, she will worry about him in a nervous-flustered tone: "W-Well, I'm going to worry about you, but only a little, and as a brother!"
14. Despite Luna saying she's only going to a little and just as a brother, she turns around and cries a bit out of worry and care.
15. Luna tells him that he better come back.
16. If you talk to Luna again, she says "You better...come back!!"
17. Her personal page: "All I can do for him now is pray. ...Come back safely!"
18. Luna's e-mail to Geo when he gets to the space station part: (Subject: Make it home) "I won't be able to lecture you if you don't come back safe and sound, so...be careful, okay?"
19. Luna keeps asking why the heck Sonia is there when she doesn't even go to their school.