Quick note from me, Jen: This is a cross-over between Megaman Starforce/Ryuusei no Rockman and Deadpool, a Marvel character who can break the "4th wall". As most people may not be familiar with that, I figured it's best to make a note on it :P

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction is rated PG13+

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A Helping Hand - The Good Fight

Geo was standing on a platform that was suspended in air as if it was floating through the void of space itself. He would have found that part of being in the Truck's on-board computer thrilling if he were not standing in front of the most menacing thing he had ever seen in his short life.

What was formerly Bud Bison was now a nine-foot tall monster that stood on two hoofs and was decked out with red and silver armor that barely contained the muscle and pure rage of a berserker within it's plating. The sharp horns adorning his head, plumes of smoke rolling out of his nostrils at every breath, and wild red eyes did not help the boy turned beast look any friendlier.

"We don't have to fight Bud! There's nothing to prove!" Geo tried to use reason.

"What does this squirt know? Mow him over, steal the Andromeda Key, and the Prez will see how useful you can really be, my Taros Fire!" said the disembodied voice of Taros, the FM-ian controlling the young Bud Bison.

"RAAAWR! The Prez'll see how powerful I am! AND SO WILL YOU!"

As the mad bull rushed at him, Geo found himself in a state of panic. He couldn't beat this monster! It was ten times his size! He shouldn't even have come here in the first place, what was he thinking?

Time slowed down, and an eternity seemed to pass as Taurus Fire lumbered forward in slow-motion. He closed his eyes, waiting for the end to come.

But it didn't. He heard something hit the ground with a loud thud, and then silence. Geo slowly opens his eyes.

Taros Fire is laying in a heap on the ground. A tall man wearing a skin-tight red and black costume with one leg outstretched. He had tripped Taros Fire up, saving Geo's life. He realized that this must be the same man that had helped him before.

Deadpool's voice rings across the vast void with the hollow tone of death itself:

"Well, that was a close one. If I had waited just a few more seconds for dramatic effect this cow would have turned you ground beef, or whatever you call bits and pieces processed human flesh. Sausage, maybe?"

He, Deadpool, gave Taurus Fire no time to get up.

"It's time to grab the bull by the horns!" He took hold of his opponent's two horns, and using his new found power of flight.

"Damn, this bag of steaks is heavy!" he didn't have long until this bovine slipped from his grasp, "Kid! Use your blaster-thingies to take this thing down!" his captive struggled and growled.

Snapped out of his shock by the order, Geo took aim with his blasting arm and charged up a ball of green energy and let the laser shot go.

The blast hit it's mark, and Taros Fire struggled Even more. The blast was strong enough to make a crack in it's 'metal' plating. Geo's eyes went wide when he realized what he had just done.

"That's good! Keep going!"

"I can't!"

"What do you mean you can't?"

"It's hurting him!"

"What? You think it's hurting him? Don't be silly. Those are tears of joy; he likes getting shot at! Don't ya, big fella? That's what big dumb animals like cows and Spider-Man are for."

"That's not a cow, that's a kid!"

"Little blue boy say what?"

"He's no older than I am! I could kill him!"

'Oh, that's just what I need today,' he thought as the horns started to slip from his grasp, 'An idealist! They always make things more complicated with their morals and such.'

"Look, we don't have time for this!" He rose higher and higher, until all Geo could see was a tiny spec in the 'sky', for lack of a better term.

"So, you anime dudes like calling out fancy attack names? Well, when in Rome... DEADPOOL BOMB DIVE!"

Geo watched as the red dot got larger and larger and larger, until...


For the next few moments, nothing made sense to Geo. A bright red light flashed into his eyes, blinding him temporarily, and the ground shook so violently that he was knocked down by the sheer force of the quake.

His vision cleared, and he could see Deadpool towering over him (Deadpool is about six and a half feet tall, and Geo's only ten years old) holding out a hand to help him up. He took it, and Deadpool pulled him up.

"Hi. I'm Deadpool. Your mom is hot, but we can talk about that some other time. Right now, you've got some friends to look after. The fat kid's fine, by the way," Deadpool pointed in their direction. Geo looked towards the three children. 'He sure works fast.'

"Hey, wait a minute! What did you just say about my mom?" but when he turned to glare at Deadpool, nobody was there.

In Front of Deadpool's House...

"Hey, Min? You there?"

"Yeah. I'm here," she appeared out of thin air, her voice carried a tone of disappointment.

"Something wrong?" he asked reflexively. He didn't really care.

"Oh, I just thought you'd be, well, different."

"Let me guess: you thought I'd be all deep and emo underneath it all?"

"Something like that. I pictured you with more of a multi-layered personality."

"Hey! I've got plenty of layers. There's the epidermis, dermis, subcutis, and then we get into the really good stuff..."

And so the alien wave being Ursula-Min spent the rest of the evening learning more human anatomy than anyone should be subjected to.

Back in the Truck Computer...

Luna's eyes fluttered open. She saw a child, no older than she was, she was certain, and wearing a strange blue garment leaning over her. Her head hurt, and she didn't know what was going on. Through her headache, she idly thought about how she liked the color blue. Everything was very fuzzy. She couldn't make out a face.

"Wha- who are you?" she said weakly.

The boy jumped up to his feet like he'd been bitten by a snake.

"I- I mean me, that is to say- I am..." he stuttered incoherently. She would have giggled, but even through her pain she realized that that would be very un-Prez-like behavior.

The boy paused too take a deep breath, and then with an air of finality said:

"I am Mega Man."

Seconds later, she lost consciousness again.

End of Chapter 3

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