Quick note from me, Jen: This is a cross-over between Megaman Starforce/Ryuusei no Rockman and Deadpool, a Marvel character who can break the "4th wall". As most people may not be familiar with that, I figured it's best to make a note on it :P

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction is rated PG13+

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A Helping Hand - Say Goodbye, World Peace: Deadpool's Back!

"Well, I see you've done your research." His wave form looked like him in his old costume (which he had burned a long time ago) without his weapons and utility belt. He was standing on the wave road over his bed with Min. OK, so Min was floating, but you get the idea.

"Thanks, I try. Now, I'll have to warn you: I'm one of the weakest FM-ians. That's why I needed a strong human." Deadpool narrowed his eyes.

"That would have been useful information before I agreed to this shit."

"Hey, don't look at me like that! I just didn't think about it."

"Riiight. Sure. Wish I had a Zenny for every time I've heard that one."

"I'm serious!" she huffed, "What's shit, anyway?"

"I'll have to show you sometime. So, do I have any powers in this form?"

"Besides your own powers, you can fly now. I'm one of the only FM-ians who can give that power."

"Well, I guess I can work with that. So what now?"

"I don't know. We have to wait for a distress signal. Until then, you can do whatever you want, I guess."

Deadpool thinks for a minute, and closes his eyes to help him concentrate.

"So, nobody can see me- right?"

"Not unless they have a special device, no."

A scarlet aura, similar to Min's, engulfs the Anti-Hero, and he begins to hover above the wave road. He opens his eyes and gives the world in general a sinister grin.

"Then I know exactly what I want to do..."

Hope Stelar was going to take a shower. This is a rather simple activity that is supposed be relaxing and peaceful. But for some reason she did not feel comfortable with dropping her towel. She felt like she was being watched, and she could of sworn she heard someone chanting, "Drop it like it's hot, Drop it like it's hot..." in the back of her mind.

Her eyes darted from left to right. She half expected to see some perverted old man staring at her. No one was there.

'The loneliness must be getting to me. It's all in my head,' she tried to convince herself, 'Probably...'

"I'm just being silly. No one could be watching me, people just don't do that kind of thing anymore!"

So she drummed up a bit of courage, dropped her towel, and quickly got into the shower.

Deadpool was sitting on the edge of the wave road that just happened to be above the very shower that Hope Stelar just happened to be using. This was in no way a coincidence.

"Oh, yeah! Work it right, Hot Mama, you know how the 'Pool likes it! Scrub that money maker, make that thang shine!" He was pointing and laughing like a maniac, which also wasn't a coincidence.

"Oh, I haven't had this much fun in decades. I usually don't get this view, y'know, cause the water proof camera I secretly installed is in the shower head. Besides that, a camera's all fine and dandy, but there's just something about a live show that pitches the old tent, know what I'm saying?"

"No, I wouldn't," Min said, using that sweet, yet venomous tone, that women use when they want to rip out your spine, wrap it around your spleen, and force feed the results to your eyeballs (if you're lucky) and your choice of beverage on the side. In Deadpool's history with the opposite sex, he'd heard it many times.

"Oh, right, never mind then. My bad."

"It's not like that human is even that attractive... wait, I'm getting a reading, somethings near here! An FM-ian!"

"Uh, yeah, you are."

"I mean besides me you idiot!"

"Isn't your boss here?"

"Well, I mean besides him. I sense Omega-Xis is close to this other one. We've got to hurry!"

"Right, but before we go, I've got a question."

"Well, OK, but hurry."

"Do I get a giant robot?"

"It's going to fast for me to wave jump!" This was Geo, in his human wave form.

"Then we'll have find a way to slow it down." This was Omega-Xis, or Mega, Geo's FM-ian partner.

"Are you Geo Stelar?" This was Deadpool, hovering above them. I can't tell you what Deadpool is, because I'm trying to keep this T, for the most part.

Geo raised his blaster (which was in the shape of Mega's head), "Who are you!" Mega just groaned.

"Well! Is that how heroes act toward other heroes these days? Glad to see some things never change. I'm Deadpool, and I've just spent the last twenty minutes ogling your mom while she was taking a shower."


"But before we get into that, I see you're in some trouble here. When I stop the truck, you jump in. I'll be right behind you." And in a flash of light, he below them in the solid world.

"We are so screwed..." Mega moaned.

"Why?" Geo was very confused, it was all happening so fast!

"If we live through this, I might tell you..."

Deadpool was in the middle of the road in his boxers. It had been a long time, he reflected, since he had done something as stupid as what he was about to do. It was very refreshing.

"What are you doing?" Deadpool ignored Min's question. His eyes where locked in front of him. He got into a generic martial arts stance, making sure that he had good footing.

"You can't be serious!" His muscles began to enlarge as braced himself for impact.

"Of course I'm not serious. I'm Deadpool. You said it yourself."

"Yes, but this won't work! You can't do it!"

"I think you'd be surprised at what I can do."

Time moved slowly as the Truck rounded the corner. The main difference between the Deadpool he is now and the Deadpool he was is that now he can focus to some degree. And he concentrated all of the focus he had into stopping that truck.


He was able to keep standing through shear willpower, but the grille of the truck was exerting tremendous force on Deadpool's chest. The pain would have been unbearable for anyone else.

The truck's spinning tires kicked up the asphalt and the resulting dust obscured Deadpool from everyone's view. Then a black smoke started to darken the asphalt cloud. Soon after that, the truck sputtered and died.

The smoke cleared to reveal Deadpool lying there on the ground and panting. There were two cracks in the blacktop where his feet had been. Every one was staring at them. You'd think they'd never seen a man stop a truck with his bare hands before!

And then, suddenly, he stopped panting and got up.

"Geo? I know your up there standing around like an idiot. Get a move on! We've got aliens to atomize! You ready, Min?"

"Uh, sure!"

"Then I guess all that's left to say is:

EM Wave Change!


On the air!"

End of Chapter 2

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