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The Duel of Love - Newell's Story

The school bell rang, marking the end of another day.
It’s been two days since the Quattor Equi incident, and although Alec and Luna seemed to talk less than they used to, Subaru knew the war was far from over. He had arranged a small meeting with Alec, without anyone knowing, especially Luna. Subaru wanted to know who Alec Newell was and why he was here.

Subaru waited in a small alley, not far from the school he attended. Newell could arrive any minute now. War-Rock was there, too. This wasn’t about Luna. This was about Alec, and both Subaru and War-Rock knew it. Well, maybe it was a bit about Luna, but Alec’s identity was more important right now.

Then, Alec Newell arrived. He wore a pair of shades and a long white coat, which was flapping in the wind for useless drama. “Can’t the guy quit the dramatic act for just a few minutes?” War-Rock asked.
Alec snickered. “I heard that.” War-Rock was startled. “Crap…”

Alec Newell immediately cut to the chase. “You want to know who I am, do you not?” He said. Subaru nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“Well then. First, put on your Visualizer.” Subaru did so. Next to Alec was an FM-ian. Most likely, it was Haven, as his colour scheme seemed to match that of Haven Warrior’s.
Haven was big, even for an FM-ian. Also, his face expression seemed noble and proud. It was a very intimidating FM-ian.

Alec continued: “As you may have already guessed, that is Haven. We met in England. I had no friends, no parents, nobody to make life worth it. Just a boarding school and people who bullied me every day. Then, I met Haven. Being able to merge with him into Haven Warrior made me feel like I was alive. Then, I decided I used our power to help good, just like what you did down here. In a sense, you and I are identical.
However. A month ago, Welneth appeared. He created great chaos back in Britain, and Haven and I kept chasing and fighting him. Then, a week ago, Welneth tried to escape us by fleeing to Japan: a center of communications technology. It was far from my home, and had enough to feed his ‘family’. Sadly, his little plan failed, as I chased him here. I requested the transfer to your school myself. I’m basically only here for Welneth. You could say that I’m acting undercover, heh. Welneth attacked Quattor Equi purely for the fact that he wanted to kill me, if you ask me. And that’s who I am. Happy now?”

Subaru thought to himself: “I’m not too sure of that, but for now, I think I’ll keep it at that.”
Then, he said: “Yeah, that’ll be fine for now. One more thing, though.”
“Yes?” Alec asked.
“What’s the deal between you and Luna?”
“Luna?” Alec’s neutral expression made place for a smile. “She’s definitely not someone I expected to meet during my chase. She’s great, isn’t she?” Alec continued enthusiastically about Luna, until he started to wonder why Subaru would ask such a thing. “Why are you asking about her, anyway? Are you…”
Subaru quickly responded: “It’s not like that! I was just wondering. You two seemed close, you know.”
Alec laughed a little. “I’m sure we’ll end up being even closer. I might even stay in Japan when this all is over. I like it a lot more over here.”
Subaru didn’t like that thought at all. But he quickly found something to use against Alec:
“Wait. You just said Quattor Equi was attacked because you were in there, right?”
“Well, wouldn’t it be best if you fought Welneth directly, or at least go to abandoned places, without anyone else, so as few as possible people get hurt?”
“I tried that in Britain. Welneth used that absence to attack another part of the city, killing a lot of people. It was a catastrophe.”
“Why haven’t I heard of it, then?”
“Because the Prime Minister ordered a news-censorship on the subject. The news wasn’t broadcasted outside of Britain. You’re the first person outside of Britain who heard about it.”
“That’s something…”
“Yes. So I have to act normal, otherwise, even more people would die. It’s a tough choice.”
“Then, at least keep Luna out of it, at least until Welneth is defeated!”
“Welneth already knows too much for that. He’d target Luna instead. And I can’t allow that.”
“Welneth sounds like a calculated foe. But, shouldn’t he know we’re talking right now, and use that as an opportunity to attack the city to feed the viruses? Or attack us, Luna, or anyone else?”
“Welneth is a very unpredictable enemy. I noticed he attacked at the most random times. When he gets a perfect opportunity, he might lay low and do nothing, while he can fall right into the most obvious of traps. If you ask me, he waits until he can get the best fights.”
“He’s interesting, if you’re telling the truth.”
“I’d never lie to you: It wouldn’t benefit me. We’re in this together, Subaru Hoshikawa. Together, we can defeat Welneth. I’m sure of it.”
And with that, Alec Newell and Haven said their goodbyes, and left for places unknown.
War-Rock finally said something, after being quiet for what seemed like an eternity. “Newell’s right, Subaru. Welneth must be stopped.”
Subaru grumbled. “But I won’t lose Luna to him, no matter how right he is!” And so, Subaru and War-Rock left the alley too.

That evening, Misora called Subaru.
“Subaru-kun! Are we still on for the movies?”
“Of course, Misora-chan. You got it planned out?”
“Yes. We’re going tomorrow, 5 PM. Be there, got it?”
“Tomorrow? Isn’t that a bi-“
Misora closed the conversation before he had the time to reply.
“Guess I’m going to the movies tomorrow…” Subaru sighed.
“Women…” War-Rock said.

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