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Author's Notes: Well, here it is. It is a little rushed, so sorry about that. I'm gonna try and do something fun with the languages Alec can speak later on :D Also, wow, I completely forgot to add in Luna's bossy character until now. How sucky can you get? XD

As always, hope you enjoy!


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The Duel of Love - It’s not “Stalking”, it’s ‘Watching Over”

Subaru looked out of his window. Alec Haven was heading towards Luna’s home. Subaru checked the time. “4:45. He’s early.”
“What’s suspicious about that?” War-Rock dared to ask.

“I dunno! It just is!” Subaru answered, a little grumpy.

“Subaru. Put on your visualiser.” War-Rock suddenly commanded.

Subaru did so. He saw an FM-ian following Alec. He was in some sort of armor, wearing a sword on its back, a gun in one hand and a shield in the other.
“Haven, no doubt about it.” War-Rock said. “This will be very tough. However, I don’t think Haven has taken control over his body.”

“How so?” Subaru asked?

“Look at them right now.”

Alec and Haven were talking. Alec was clearly the one in charge. It looked like he was explaining something, and Haven would nod once in a while. What were they discussing? A plan of some sorts, perhaps? Alec was pretty forceful with Haven. Haven only continued nodding. In the end, Haven zapped away like FM-ians zap away, to a location somewhere near the city border, or past it, for as far as Subaru and War-Rock could see. Then, Alec continued to go to Luna.

“This is very suspicious.” War-Rock mentioned.

“Finally realized it?” Subaru replied.

“Yes. Too bad we couldn’t listen in. Haven would’ve noticed us.”
“… I didn’t even think of that. Anyway, Haven’s gone now. Now we decide. Do we follow Haven, and probably find out more about what Alec and Haven talked about, or do we follow Alec on his date with Luna?”

At that moment, Luna opened the front door and started talking with Alec. Alec then handed over another rose to Luna. He hid it in his sleeve so it would be like some sort of magic trick. Then he proceeded to kiss Luna’s hand, the way gentlemen do it. Subaru witnessed all of this.

“We follow Alec.” Subaru stated.

War-Rock objected. “But if we-“
“WE FOLLOW ALEC.” Subaru stated again.

War-Rock knew it was useless to argue. “Well, let’s get going then!”

Subaru nodded. “Denpa-Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!”

And thus, Rockman started to follow the two teenagers to Quattor Equi Café. On the way, Alec acted like a true gentleman, never letting Luna out of his sight, and always keeping her out of possible harm, how minor it may be. Rockman started to get even more frustrated with the kid. But he kept his cool, and continued to follow them.

Quattor Equi was an internet café. Well, part of it. There was still a bar and tables without laptops or anything of the sort, so it was a bit from both worlds. Rockman followed them until he was above a table in the ‘traditional’ part of Quattor Equi. Luna and Alec sat down there, and ordered something to drink. “It’s on me.” Alec said. One of the older tricks in the book. Then, they started a conversation. “So, what kind of school did you attend before your transfer to Japan?” Luna asked. Alec answered: “I was in one of the best schools of Britain. They taught me a lot of different languages.”

“Oh? What kind of languages?”

“Mostly West-European languages. Advanced English, German, French, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish. I also studied classic Latin and Greek. And I learned Japanese from my mother. And now I’m studying Catonese on the side.”

Rockman was eavesdropping at that moment, and could only mention: “That’s a lot of languages.”

Alec glimpsed towards Rockman. “I know.” Was he talking to Rockman?

No time to wonder about that. One of the computers at the Internet Café part exploded.

Luna jumped up. “What was that?!” She asked. Alec responded: “I don’t know, but we’ve got to get out of here. Alec grabbed Luna’s wrist and started leading the girl out of the burning café, to a bench at a safe distance. Alec immediately said: “Luna-san, you stay here. I’ll see if there are still people in the café. Alec ran off. Luna tried to stop him: “WAIT! You’ll only get hurt!” But it was already too late. Alec didn’t respond. Luna was a bit distracted. “Why do I always have to have the self-sacrificing do-gooders for crushes..?”

Rockman, on the other hand, stayed in the café. There were Denpa Viruses everywhere.

“These numbers… Could it be Welneth?” War-Rock commented. And indeed, not too long after, the humanoid virus appeared, using his pickaxe as a walking cane of some sort. “Greetings, Rockman. It hasn’t even been this long since our last rendezvous. Do you think you can defeat us this time?

At that moment, a beam of light appeared between the two. Alec’s wave form appeared from it. “Hope I’m not too late for the party!” He said. “Alec!” Rockman screamed. “Not in the Wave World, Rockman. In the Wave World, I’m known as Haven Warrior!”

And with that, the two human/FM-ian fusions started fighting. Welneth had disappeared, but there were still a lot of viruses to take care of. With the combination of Haven Warrior’s expertise and Rockman’s variety in weaponry, thanks to the Battle Cards, they quickly made toast of the Denpa Viruses.

“We’ll let the fire squad handle the rest.” Haven Warrior noted. “For now, I’m going back to Luna.”
“Hey, I’m going with you.” Rockman mentioned.

“I’ll race ya!” And with that, Haven Warrior dashed towards the blonde-haired girl, the center of all attention for the two teenagers. But halfway there, Haven Warrior suddenly stopped, and changed back to Alec. Rockman did the same, but why would Alec suddenly do that during a little race?

Misora had joined Luna on the bench, unaware of the Denpa Virus threat. The two girls were talking happily. Then, Luna saw Alec, and she rushed towards him, right into his arms. “Alec, are you all right?” She asked. “Yes, I’m fine. I didn’t find anyone, but at least I’m pretty sure there’s no-one in there anymore.”

“You’re such a hero…” Luna started.

“But don’t do that ever again! If you got hurt, I would be responsible. And that’ll blow my reputation!”

In love or not, Luna stayed Luna.

Even though Subaru didn’t like what he saw, he decided to sneak around Luna and talk to Misora. If Luna noticed him, she’d probably find out everything he did.

“So, I guess the mission failed?” Misora said, when they were out of hearing distance of Luna, who just said goodbye to Alec and headed home.

“Yes, but there’s always tomorrow.” Subaru mentioned.

“I just hope it’s not too late by then…” Misora said.

End of Chapter

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