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Well, here it is. I actually made this in one sitting, I just wanted to write this chapter so bad. It gives us explanation about the FM-ian Alec's with, and a little about what Subaru's been up to in those three years. Just a little, though, but it's major enough.
To all those Misora-haters, she's playing a pretty big role in the fic, and she's not a total ass, and she won't lose at the end of the fic. Avoiding fanfic clichés (that's how I see it, at least) is pretty fun.

And to all those of you wondering, Quattor Equi means Four Horses in Latin, although I'm sure I made a grammar mistake somewhere. Translating Latin? Fine by me, but writing? Heck no.

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Duel of Love - Of Legends And Significant Others

Rockman changed back to normal. Subaru went to sit in a park to discuss the situation with War-Rock. At least, about the things he knew War-Rock should know.

“Alec Newell was in Wave-Form.” Subaru said.

“Yeah, so?” War Rock replied.

“So, there must be an FM-ian he could Denpa Henkan with.”

“Correct. Your knowledge hasn’t gone rusty after those few years.”

“Don’t avoid the question, War-Rock.” Subaru started becoming more serious and serious.

“Who is it, and what can he do?”

War-Rock became a little nervous. He knew the answer to Subaru’s question, but he still refused to believe it himself. A little frightened, War-Rock replied:

“I think, THINK, that he’s Haven. Haven was a legendary FM Warrior, and right hand man to three FM Kings. His skills were unparalleled, and in war, he never lost a battle. Never.”

“That’s quite the reputation…”
“I don’t know for sure. I never met him. After Cepheus took the FM King throne, Haven got fed up with his paranoia, and tried to take down Gemini, as Haven knew Gemini was the source of all this. Gemini survived, and convinced Cepheus to banish Haven from Planet FM. Haven then left, and was never heard of again. That’s what Cepheus told me some time ago, at least.”

“Haven sounds like a good guy.”

“Yes, it’s true. It seems like he travelled the space for a couple of years now, and only recently got to Earth. Otherwise, I think he’d have better things to do than to hang around Earth.”

“Why would he be hanging around Earth, anyway?”

“He probably sensed me and Harp and thought there was trouble afoot, or something. But now that he’s created a pact with Newell, anything can happen…”

“This sounds like it’ll be tough…” Subaru ended the conversation.

“It will be, kid.” War-Rock replied one last time.

Subaru started to walk towards home, which was quite a way, seeing the square was pretty far from his home. Then, a beam of light beamed down, right in front of him. It was Misora, who just left the Wave World. She immediately started talking.

“Sorry, handsome. Guess I’ve missed the fun. Harp, could you give us some time alone, please?”

“She doesn’t take her time, does she?” War-Rock quietly whispered to Subaru. “You know how she is, War-Rock. You’d better go home, too.” Subaru replied. War-Rock knew it was pointless to argue. It was Misora they were talking about. And Misora valued her time alone with Subaru above everything else. “Fine…” War-Rock said as he left towards the Hoshikawa household.

Misora and Subaru started walking together towards Subaru’s house.

“So, what happened?” Misora asked.

“Virus invasion, led by some hyperintelligent humanoid virus that was pretty powerful.”

“Sounds cool. I wish I could’ve been there.”

“Where were you, anyway?”

“I was busy sleeping. Ehehehe… Harp woke me up, but it was already too late, I guess.”

Subaru sighed. “You’ve gotten lazy over the years.”

Misora was a little mad with that comment. “I’ve been busy! The concerts have been piling up lately! Wave-Road travelling doesn’t make touring itself much easier, you know!”

Subaru snickered. “Sorry, sorry.”

“Ah, it’s okay. Say, I’m free the entire week, how about you and I go see a movie sometimes?”

Subaru looked at her for a while. He then said: “As friends?”

Misora looked a little difficult, doubting if she should say the next sentence. “Well…”

Subaru spared her the hard time saying it. “It can’t be more, Misora. We’ve been through this.”


“We tried last year, it just didn’t work out. I tried, I really did. It just didn’t work from my part. I’m sorry.”

Misora dashed into his arms. “But I LOVE you!”

Subaru looked away. “I love you too, but just not like that. And you deserve better than some guy who you love, but doesn’t love you like that in return.”

Misora walked away from Subaru, still a bit sad. “… I understand…”

Subaru tried to cheer her up. “We’re still friends and Brothers, and I’ll never stop treating you like one. I just have feelings for another. I’m sorry.”

Misora looked at him for a bit. “It’s Luna-chan, isn’t it?”

Then, it was Subaru’s turn to look at Misora for a bit. How did she…? Nevermind. It was no use now.


“You know that she’s practically taken, right?”

“Not if I have a say in it!”

Misora laughed. “That’s the Subaru I know! I’m sure you can do it. You caught her heart before, you’ll do it again!”

Subaru was a little amazed. “What happened to the DATE ME NOW Misora I saw a few moments ago?”

Misora let out a faint smile, but looked sad as well. “I’ll try to get over you. It’ll be hard, but I’m just going to have to get used to the idea that I’m not getting you again.”

Subaru smiled a bit. “Thanks, Misora-chan.”

Misora let out a huge grin and said “Thank me after this: That dreamguy Luna is all “OH MY GOD” about, asked her out. Tomorrow afternoon, around 5, at Quattor Equi Café.”

Subaru was pretty amazed by this information. “How do you know this?”

“Luna-chan and I got pretty close after you and I broke up. I guess there’s not much point in disliking each other if we can’t be rivals over you. So we hang out sometimes, and there you have it: Luna told me about the guy.”

Subaru nodded. “I see.”

The two teens walked to Subaru’s house, where they said their goodbyes.

Subaru smiled. “Thanks a lot, Misora-chan. I’ll get Luna. I promise. I can’t think I can ever repay you.”

Misora laughed. “Promise me we’re still catching a movie this week, and we’re cool.”

“As friends?”

“As friends.”

End of Chapter

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