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Ryuusei no Chibis - Show and Tell

“And this is a sidimintry rock!” Subaru beamed, holding up his stone. “You can find these anywhere.” He leaned forward. “Eben dough it’s called sidimintry, it sure don’t taste like it!”

Luna and Misora giggled.

Hikaru rolled his eyes. “It’s pronounced ‘sedimentary’, baka.”

Sticking out his tongue, Subaru glared.

“Hikaru,” The teacher frowned. “You shouldn’t talk to your classmate that way.”

“We’re in school, and in school you’re s’pposed to be ed’cated. How is he s’pposed to learn if you don’t correct him?”

“Do not call him names.”

Hikaru rolled his eyes.

The teacher turned to Subaru. “Thank-you very much for that wonderful presentation.”


Subaru grinned and plopped down between Luna and Tsukasa. Leaning forward, he looked around Tsukasa to Hikaru. The boy noticed his stare from the corner of his eye, and returned with a corked eyebrow. Shifting his gaze between the boys, Tsukasa cringed.

As Luna walked up, Subaru humphed, and turned away from Hikaru.

“Subaru-kun…” Tsukasa whispered.

Hikaru tilted his head toward his brother. Tsukasa stiffened, shivers running up and down his spine.

“Your friend is asking for trouble.”

Sweat beaded on Tsukasa’s brow. The next moment, Luna began her presentation, and the boy sighed.

Luna squeezed her large pink stuffed animal, her face glowing. She held out the bear for everyone to see.

“This is m’ belov’d friend, Chiy’kichi-kun!” Her eyebrows raised into their usual knowledgeable position. “He was shipped all de way from ‘Merica!”

“That’s very nice, Inchou.” Subaru encouraged.

“Of course!”

The teacher surveyed the group of children. “Who’s next?”

“Come on, Gonta.” Luna returned to her mat.

The boy shifted his gaze around the room, then ambled up, his hands behind his back. “Um, well…” he straightened. “I broud the bigges’ lunch box in de world!”

He whipped out a 1ft.x 1ft. orange metal box, earning a series of “ooo”s from the children. A favored game character posed on the front.

Subaru gawked. “Sugoi!”

Kizamaro adjusted his glasses.

“It’s size proportional.”

Misora jumped up and pointed at Hikaru. “You, be quiet! I think it’s cool!”

Gonta pumped his fists. “Yeah! If you crit’size me, I’ll pound ya!”

Tsukasa buried his hands in his head. Hikaru eyed the teacher’s frown from the corner of his eye, and didn’t respond. Giving his brother a sidelong glance, Tsukasa interpreted Hikaru’s blank expression, and buried his face, again.

Kizamaro was next. The little boy shuffled up to the front and adjusted his glasses. “I have invented a way to grow!”

“Really, Kizamaro?” The teacher prompted, “What is it?”

“This!” He held up a glass vial. In it, green liquid swished. “It’s my growth serum!”

As his classmate’s eyes widened, Kizamaro grinned. Hikaru corked an eyebrow in interest.

“It is a simple mix’ter of chem’cals. I will dem’strate.”

He popped of the cork, raised the tube just above his head, then poured dark concoction into his mouth before the teacher could inquire of the contents. As Kizamaro sucked it dry, the kids stared.

“Be careful, Kiz’maro.” Luna warned.

The boy wiped his mouth. “Now you just have to wait a few minutes.” He explained the base of his experiment, and the different chemicals involved. “It is my conc’usion that when the chem’cals mix with the acids in my stomach, they’ll…” He paused, the color suddenly draining from his face. Clutching his stomach, he kneeled over.

“Make you sick. “Hikaru finished.

The teacher hustled Kizamaro out of the room, yelling over her shoulder, “Please continue, children!”

After a moment of awkward silence, Misora jumped up. “I will go next!” The little girl sashayed up to the teacher’s desk, then struck a pose. “I will play for all ya my newes’ song!”

She began to strum the guitar, moving her fingers up and down the stem in no apparent pattern. The offbeat music caused many to cringe, but no one wanted to be rude, and for once, Hikaru didn’t comment. Instead, he leaned towards his brother while she sang.

“What did you bring?”

“Well, uh…”

Hikaru’s eyes narrowed. “You didn’t bring it, did you?”

Tsukasa scowled and puckered his lips. “Yes, I did.”

However, his stern expression melted as Hikaru gave him That Look. Tsukasa hugged his backpack close.

Hikaru rolled his eyes, and shuffled through the contents of his backpack. As Tsukasa looked in, he gave a small cry.

“Nee-san! You didn’t-”

Hikaru clapped a hand on Tsukasa’s mouth, and growled, “Keep your mouth shut!”

He shrunk back, nodding his head vigorously.

Misora held her final note out for nearly a minute; at least it seemed as such to the chibis, who wished for the off-key singing to cease. A light, scattered applause followed the end.

“Um, nice song, Misora-chan.” Subaru smiled wryly. "You have a... undev'oped, hidden talent.

"Keep working on it!" Tsukasa encouraged.

Misora beamed. Her singing must be improving.

The teacher walked in. “Kizamaro will not be joining us until after snack time.”

Luna frowned. “Is he alright?”

“Yes, yes.” She looked around the room. “Who’s next?”

Subaru turned to his friend. “You’re up, Tsukasa-kun.”

Avoiding Hikaru’s glare, the boy hurried up with his backpack. “I…” he began in a small voice. Subaru winked, and Tsukasa smiled. “I brought somethin’ that’s bery special to me.”

He pulled a thin light blue blanket from his pack. Everyone smiled.

The teacher held it up for everyone. “Did you your parents write that?” She pointed to his name embroidered in the corner.

Tsukasa looked down and nodded. Hikaru glared. The teacher sweatdropped.

“Um, well, that’s very nice, Tsukasa.”

Tsukasa stuffed the cloth back into his pack, then sat back down, scooting closer to Subaru.

Clapping her hands, the teacher smiled. “Okay, only one left. Hikaru, what did you bring to share?”

He smirked and hauled his bag before the class. Pulling out a small red stick, he stated, “This is dynamite.”

A series of gasps filled the room.

“Hikaru…” the teacher cautioned.

“Unfort’nately, it’s only a tiny stick. I couldn’t find a bigger one.” He held it up. “It’s made of sawdust soaked in nitroglycerin,” he drew out the word to ensure correct pronunciation. “If done right, it makes a really cool bang.”

Before the teacher could react, Hikaru whipped out a match and lit the wick.

“Hikaru!” She swiped the weapon, rushed to the window, and chucked it. The next second the air vibrated with a resounding ‘Boom!!’

Hikaru grinned. The girls covered their mouths. Subaru and Gonta awed. Tsukasa fell over

The teacher turned to Hikaru. “Young man, that is extremely dangerous! What were you thinking lighting that?”

“It’s called “Show and Tell.” Hikaru crossed his arms. “If you didn’t want me to demonstrate, you should rename it.”

Acknowledgements: Thank-you Loverly Light for your ideas on what Kizamaro should bring, and also thank-you rini124 for your ideas on Luna's presentation. They are much appreciated. -

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