Ryuusei no Rockman: Tribe

This section includes all hints from the second season of the anime and are the hints that while I don't consider 100% official, they are what most people look for. Even though it is obivously shown that Luna is in love with Megaman/Rockman, we will be including those plus her affections shown for Geo/Subaru.

Total Proof: 38


1. In the opening, Luna has her hands on Subaru's shoulder and arm, showing she's getting more comfortable around him and the fact that he is Rockman.
2. Subaru has a look of surprise (which turns into a small smile) and blush on his face when Luna's hands are on his shoulder and arm.

Episode #1

1. When asked to materialize something, Luna asks for her "Beloved Rockman-sama", obivously still in denial about Subaru being Rockman.
2. Subaru only says Hi to Luna.
3. When Subaru says Hi to her, she starts to blush, and immediately thinks it's Rockman...even though she is right, but in denial.

Episode #2

1. Subaru isn't surprised at all that Misora is at his house, while when Luna was (See episode 46), he was surprised and quite nervous most of the time. If it was strictly because he didn't like her, he'd mostly have been annoyed rather than confused or nervous.

Episode #3

1. When Subaru misses the "bonus target", you can tell by Luna's reaction that she seems worried/concerned, despite her feelings earlier when they first saw him at Amaken.

Episode #5

1. Luna is the only one who seems to care about when Subaru gets a call, obivously curious about who it is and where he is going. Seeing how Gonta and Kizamaro seem to be more "friendly" with him (See hint for Episode 3), it's odd how Luna is the only one who keeps trying to figure out where he is going off to.

Episode #11

1. When Luna shows up, the first thing she notices is Subaru and she asks about him, not about the crowd, and despite being a fan of Misora in the anime, she doesn't notice her at all at first (And if you were a big fan of someone, they'd be the first person you'd notice), only Subaru.
2. Subaru runs over to Luna when he sees her. If he didn't care or didn't like that she was there, he wouldn't have ran over to her, now would he? Afterall, remember, in the 2nd episode of the first season, he hid from her.
3. Subaru was concerned for Luna when the bird landed on her head.
4. Subaru was happy and smiling for Luna (Though somewhat surprised/nervous as well) when she was announced to be chosen by God because the bird chose her.

Episode #12

1. The only person Luna asks for an opinion about telling Gonta and Kizamaro about being chosen by a God as soon as she gets back is Subaru. If she is such a huge fan of Misora and whatnot, wouldn't it make more sense to be asking her? Especially if she has such an issue with Subaru.
2. How Luna quickly perks up as she sees Rockman, despite the mechanic-like bird.
3. How quickly Luna listens and runs off when Rockman tells her to go hide.
4. How fast Luna runs out of hiding when she knows Rockman has been hurt, no matter the danger.
5. Subaru's reaction to when Luna's taken away: He quickly gets up, his face is full of anger, and the way he yells "INCHOOOOUUU!" while extending his arm out, as if hoping to reach her.
6. How determined Subaru is to save her and says how they have to hurry.
7. Quoting Luna, "My heart belongs to Rockman-sama!"
8. The fact that Subaru tells Cancer to stay and watch out for Luna while he goes and takes care of everything. It shows he cares enough and he doesn't want her to be alone after what happened.
9. Quoting Luna again, "I don't want anyone but Rockman-sama looking after me!"
10. How Luna runs all the way down towards where Rockman falls to make sure he's okay, even after the whole incident.
11. How quickly Luna runs over to Rockman after the battle. She's the front of the pack.
12. Luna GLOMPS (Tackle-hugs) Rockman.
13. Luna called Rockman her one and only God which led to Rockman being considered the God of the town.
14. The fact that Subaru lets her and doesn't even push her off, despite the fact that it looked like it probably hurt a bit... XD
15. How quickly Luna tries to hug Rockman/glomp him again before he leaves...despite failing.

Episode #13

1. Luna and Subaru sat next to eachother on the train. Despite her acting like she dislikes him a lot, she sits next to him on the train rather than with Gonta or Kizamaro, friends she's had for a long time. Similar can be said for Subaru who seems to get along with the other two more in the anime, yet sits next to Luna of all places.
2. Luna stays near Subaru throughout pretty much the whole walk to the Ninja place and most of the actual training, despite usually being between Gonta and Kizamaro or being in the middle.
3. Luna is once again the only one who cares who Subaru is talking to and where he might be going.

Episode #15

1. Subaru actually wanted to try Luna's baking. He's obviously getting more accustomed to her cooking/baking.
2. Luna told Subaru she'd give him one later, rather than saying he couldn't get any or wouldn't be allowed to.

Episode #16

1. Luna's sadness about how she can't get "Rockman-sama" to eat any of her homemade sweets. Or well, find a chance to give him one...as Rockman.

Episode #17

1. How Luna gets hearts in her eyes the instant she sees "Rockman-sama".

Episode #21

1. When Kizamaro and Gonta are going on about how the viruses keep on coming, Luna remarks "Quit complaining! Hoshikawa-kun is using everything he has to fight for us!" even though he's currently Rockman. Quickly, Gonta and Kizamaro question it, but she "denies" it and says "My mistake. It's Rockman-sama! I meant Rockman-sama!", nothing else and starts blushing. This shows she only pretends to be in denial and really does have feelings for Subaru as well. Not to mention she has a lot of faith in him and supports him completely. (Contributed/Tipped off by ToadMan.EXE))
2. Right after the above scene, Luna looks toward the portal to Mu and says "You can do it, Hoshikawa-kun!" to herself. This proves she really does accept Subaru as Rockman, she just doesn't want to admit it to Gonta and Kizamaro (and of course, Subaru too).
3. Luna is the first to notice Rockman/Subaru and that he's okay.
4. Luna is the first one to greet Subaru, even though she usually didn't or acted like she wasn't happy to see him.