Ryuusei no Rockman

This section includes all hints from the first season of the anime and are the hints that while I don't consider 100% official, they are what most people look for. Even though it is obivously shown that Luna is in love with Megaman/Rockman, we will be including those plus her affections shown for Geo/Subaru.

Total Proof: 128

Episode #2

1. Sure, they didn't have the best meeting and yet Subaru still lets Luna drag him along without doing anything until Kizamaro decides to be rude and frustrate poor Subaru.
2. The only things Subaru flashed back to before saying that he didn't need friends were things Kizamaro and Gonta said and did.

Episode #3

1. Subaru quickly recognized Luna's scream.
2. Subaru didn't decide to do anything and was originally going to call the police until he saw Luna.

Episode #4

1. Subaru says to leave the Wave Viruses as they need to go save her, which in this situation can only be Luna. Even if she's the only one hanging out, technically, Kizamaro and Gonta also need saving.
2. It's love at first sight for Luna.
3. And despite supposably disliking them, Subaru still makes sure she's alright.
4. Subaru has a little smirk/smile as Luna blushes and is all nervous.
5. Luna pushed Police Inspector Goyoda away to compliment Rockman on saving Gonta and Kizamaro. Seriously, we all know how Luna is when it comes to adults, for her to push him aside like he's a piece of trash meant getting over to Rockman was insanely important to her.

Episode #5

1. Luna was day-dreaming about Rockman during P.E. class. Again, Luna isn't the type to not pay attention.
2. Luna speaks about Rockman as her "beloved".
3. Luna uses the suffix "sama" which is often used to show respect, so she highly respects Rockman.

Episode #7

1. Luna blushes and has a lovesick look on her face every time she cheers Rockman on.

Episode #8

1. Luna said "Hoshikawa-kun, you're finally coming to school!" with stars in her eyes, which, if she wasn't happy to see Subaru there in general, she would've said something more about her "status" or something similar to what the teacher had said.
2. Luna is still following Subaru around, even though she got him to school.
3. Subaru just lets Luna drag him off again.
4. The first place Luna brought Subaru to was the School Planetarium, and he loves space. How would she know unless she did a little research on him? (And even I think that is going over the standard President procedures)
5. Luna offers to let Subaru try the planetarium room out. Seeing how Luna tends to...boss others around, the fact that she asked if he wanted to try and let him shows some kind of consideration.
6. Gonta say Luna's being much nicer to Subaru than she is to him (and implying Kizamaro as well), who are both Luna's friends.
7. Gonta was jealous of Luna's and Subaru's "relationship" and the way Luna acts around Subaru. Again, if somebody has to be jealous, there has to be something that triggers it, so Luna being nicer than usual and to Subaru no less, says something.
8. The only one who paid attention to anything that Subaru had to say during the fight between War Rock and Ox and when Ox took over Gonta is Luna.

Episode #9

1. Luna's eyes turn to hearts as she sees Rockman.
2. As soon as Rockman tells Luna and Kizamaro to leave, besides being completed exhausted seconds ago, she quickly gets up, salutes, and runs off with a new boost of energy.
3. Despite being in peril and clutched in Ox Fire's hand, Luna turns around quickly with hearts in her name as soon as she hears Rockman's voice.
4. Despite still being in trouble, Luna yells at Ox Fire for hurting Rockman and continues to do so, even to the point of hitting Ox Fire's hand.
5. Luna calls Rockman hers.
6. Rockman catches Luna again, leading to her blushing once more in his arms.
7. When Subaru catches Luna, he smiles at her--and not a "Thank god I caught you smile", a real smile.
8. Luna runs over to Rockman to say Thank You, blushing and flustered once again.

Episode #10

1. Subaru was surprised by Luna's attitude towards him and watched her pass him, until Gonta and Kizamaro continued to be stupid jerks.

Episode #11

1. Subaru held Luna's bags and went along with her shopping trip.
2. Subaru woke Luna up and asked if she was okay.
3. Luna identified Subaru's voice to Rockman and was about to give Subaru her hand to help her, but remembered he wasn't Rockman and quickly smacked it away. (Denial, much?)
4. The only one that Subaru tried to help up was Luna.

Episode #12

1. Luna invited Subaru to come with them to the art museum, and she said "If you like", so she wasn't trying to force him in any way.
2. When Subaru passes the museum and sees part of it blow up, he says "Uh-oh! Luna and the guys are in there". The only one he names is Luna (Well, not by her name, but by Class President as usual in the original), which can show he thinks of her as a bit more important than Gonta and Kizamaro.
3. The only one Subaru greets when he sees the trio is Luna.
4. Luna stayed lovestruck for hours, even after Rockman was gone and finished and despite her being hurt and twisting her ankle/foot.

Episode #19

1. Luna is thrilled and blushing when she sees Rockman at the door delivering a package.
2. Subaru doesn't pull away and lets Luna drag him in for tea, even though he's in wave form and could easily escape.
3. HOW many pictures did Luna take of Rockman?
4. Luna thinks Rockman looks wonderful at any angle.
5. When Luna practically becomes a rubberband and throws herself on Rockman's lap, Subaru puts his hand behind her back so she doesn't fall until she's still.
6. Subaru let Luna stay on his lap to take a photo and didn't push her off.
7. Subaru SMILED in the photo, even though he is obivously a bit embarrassed.
8. When Subaru leaves, he says to make this place last, which implies he will be back and also says that he will spend some more time with her before she stamps.
9. Luna didn't leave the room and kept watching the window to see where Rockman went.
10. How upset Luna looks when she thinks Rockman may have left.
11. Luna calls a whole team of butlers to look for Rockman.
12. How happy Luna was to see Rockman back there.
13. Luna kissed her signature for Rockman.
14. Subaru GAVE Luna the souvenir which he didn't have to at all.
15. When Subaru is flying off, Luna yells his name and he looks back towards her and smiles.
16. Luna made several package requests hoping that Rockman would come back and deliver again.

Episode #22

1. Luna asked about where Subaru was first before Tsukasa. (There was a pause before she even asked about Tsukasa as well)
2. Despite being in danger minutes before, her eyes turned into stars upon seeing Rockman.
3. In response to why she came back, Luna replied that she wanted to see him (Rockman).

Episode #23

1. Luna continues to faithfully listen to Rockman and cheer him on, no matter what.

Episode #24

1. Luna just stood in the middle of a street watching Rockman and cheering him on.
2. Luna ran over to see if he was okay and try to help when Rockman got blasted away and fell.
3. Luna got incredibly jealous when she saw Rockman get helped up by Harp Note and Rockman protecting her.
4. Luna lost her appetite due to seeing Rockman with Harp Note.
5. Luna has a photo of Rockman next to her bed.
6. Luna brought to the picture to her heart and curled up, obivously upset from the whole thing.
7. Thinking of Harp Note with Rockman quickly brought more anger to Luna, again.
8. Luna gave Subaru a hard pat on the back and barely said anything, except that he should walk up straight, anger in her voice, obivously due to still being upset.
9. Subaru recognized the change in her attitude and said her...well, status, in a concerned tone.
10. Luna was over-the-top perfectionist with her class president job due to being upset.
11. Kizamaro says when Luna is in this bad of a mood, one of the ways to cheer her up is to get Rockman to visit her.
12. Luna sat next to Subaru. I'm sure we could all agree it'd usually be here between Gonta and Kizamaro.
13. Subaru watched Luna walk off.

Episode #25

1. Luna doesn't ask for anybody else to save her other than Rockman.
2. The reason why Luna fuses with Ophiucus is so she can see Rockman.
3. Luna's love for Rockman is stronger than Ophiucus' will to destroy War Rock.
4. Luna calls Harp Note a thief and says she hates her because Harp Note "stole her Rockman-sama".
5. The only one Luna really tries to hurt is Harp Note.
6. Luna nuzzled up against him as she...wrapped him up with her tail.
7. Luna yells for them to stop staring at one other, again, jealous pursuing.
8. Subaru helps carry Luna out. He didn't have to and he didn't ask for anyone's help either.
9. Luna gets all flustered and pushes Subaru away when she sees him holding her.
10. Luna continues calling for Rockman even after he's gone.

Episode #26

1. Luna explains they need to find Rockman.
2. Luna asked Subaru for suggestions and stuck her face right up to his.

Episode #28

1. Luna is still rooting for Rockman, no matter what, even when he's late.
2. Luna paired up Subaru's voice with Rockman.

Episode #29

1. Luna chased after Rockman to the danger that lies ahead, just out of happiness that he was there.

Episode #34

1. Subaru walked with Luna home and listened to her rant.
2. Subaru let Luna know he had to leave rather than just ditching her.

Episode #35

1. Unlike Kizamaru, Subaru didn't seem happy about any of the whole "Luna-Gonta" thing.

Episode #40

1. The way Luna gets the moment Gonta asked if they thought Harp Note was Rockman's girlfriend.
2. How Luna confronted Gonta and chased him down when he said Harp Note definitely had to be.
3. Subaru is the only one who tried to calm Luna down.
4. Luna's anger towards Harp Note.
5. How angry Luna gets upon seeing the drawing.
6. How happy Luna gets when she thinks it's a love note from Rockman to her...and how upset she gets when she sees it says Harp Note. Cancer really gets under her skin in this episode :(
7. Luna gets even more pissed off from the "fake electric wedding" thing.
8. How hard Luna seems to be sleeping when Cancer whispers in her ear and how sadly she says Rockman's name.
9. How Luna kicks Cancer's butt for how he made her suffer.

Episode #41

1. When Subaru's mother asks if a girl like Misora is Subaru's type, he flat-out says no, but when she asks if he likes somebody more like Luna, Subaru's face goes red and he stutters, not even giving a flat out answer and just saying "He's not interested in that kind of stuff". Please realize, while he said No to Misora, he never did to Luna.
2. The whole war and things Misora says, plus along with everything else, makes Luna "fearfully angry", as Cancer says.

Episode #46

1. How happy Luna is just looking at photos of Rockman.
2. How many photos she has of Rockman.
3. Luna tries to learn to cook just for Rockman.
4. Each time Luna fails, she doesn't care because she just wants to try her hardest to make something edible for Rockman that he'll love.
5. How much time Luna spends trying to learn how to cook and studying up on it just so she can make something for Rockman.
6. Luna drew Rockman's face on the bento.

Episode #47

1. Luna obivously would stay for hours just waiting for Rockman to give him the lunch.
2. Subaru sat down and watched her look for Rockman.
3. Subaru offered to turn into Rockman for Luna so he could have her lunch and her efforts wouldn't go into vain...of course then trouble hit, but he was going to do it, no trouble at all.
4. Subaru called after Luna to not go because it'd be dangerous.
5. Luna didn't listen to stay back until Rockman told her too...even though Subaru and Rockman are the same person and she's seen him transform twice, she's still in denial.
6. Luna stands up for Rockman after he got hit by Cancer, despite not being able to do much, if anything.
7. Rockman/Subaru and Luna went to a park together after the iceberg exploded.
8. How flustered and nervous Luna was to give it to him.
9. How upset Luna was when she saw the bento got all messed up.
10. How Subaru made Luna feel better about it.
11. How Subaru stayed there eating the whole bento for Luna.
12. How Subaru responded each time Luna asked if it was good.
13. How Luna practiced cleaning Subaru's room so she could clean for Rockman.
14. Akane (Subaru's mother) says at the end "It's more fun when things are noisier around here" which can imply she likes Subaru and Luna being together.

Episode #51

1. Luna tries to run off to help cheer Rockman on.
2. The only way that they are able to make Luna stay is by saying that Rockman would have to fight differently if she was there because he'd have to protect her.
3. The fact that Luna ripped a piece of cloth with her teeth out of anger that Harp Note was there.

Episode #54

1. Gonta and Kizamaru both had to stop Luna from chasing after Rockman. Obivously, she puts him before any danger of herself.
2. How quickly Luna ran over to him when she saw Rockman fall.
3. Before fainting, Luna smiles that Rockman is Subaru.

Episode #55

1. Luna keeps denying Rockman is Subaru due to her affections for Rockman.
2. Luna's face gets all red in anger, but it quickly turns into nervousness/shock when Subaru runs by saying good morning.