Before you go any further and check out the images, please read this important warning. Doujinshi tends to have images that hint to "sexual behavior" and some even feature that. While I have not included (And I never will so do not ask) any hentai scenes (I delete these on contact or ask for them to be removed for me), there are some scenes that might be considered "perverted" or "sexual innuendo". Because of that, if you are under 13, you should probably not view this page unless you are familiar with doujinshi.

Image Gallery

Welcome to the Doujinshi Gallery! These are images from Doujinshi (fan manga) of Subaru, Luna, or of them together. This gets it's own gallery as while it is "fan-made", in a way it is not fan-art.

Note: Most images can be clicked for a bigger view. Also, if you know the artist's name who drew one of the images from a doujinshi below and they do not have credit given, please let me know and I'll give them credit~

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