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The Duel of Love - All In A Day’s Work

But first, there were the Denpa viruses. Subaru and War-Rock hurried off to the square, where there was nothing but chaos. Everything that had something to do with radio waves, which was basically everything, had gone haywire. Subaru put on his visualiser, and what he saw there was disastrous. There were Denpa viruses everywhere. This was about the biggest Denpa virus attack he ever saw.

Subaru looked up to the sky, and that didn’t really bring his hopes up, either. There was a second wave of viruses coming. “This is just impossible.” War-Rock said. “Denpa Viruses live in solitude, or in small groups. Never in packs or even armies like this. There’s something, or someone, behind this attack. If we can take down the source, the viruses will be significantly weakened. Also, it’ll stop more Denpa viruses from coming down to Earth.” “Sounds like a plan!” Subaru agreed. Then, he shouted the words he hadn’t spoken in a long time: “Denpa-Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On Air!”

When Subaru opened his eyes, he was on the Wave Road. Only he wasn’t known as Subaru anymore. He was now Rockman, for the first time in at least 2 years. In front of him, there was a strange, humanoid figure, resembling a Metenna virus, only with a torso, arms and legs, standing on the wave road. Around him, there were Denpa viruses floating around everywhere. It wasn’t hard to guess he was the leader of the bunch. He spread his arms. With a mechanical voice, he said: “Greetings, warrior. I am Welneth, of the planet FM.”

“Welneth?!” War-Rock shouted. “War-Rock, you know about this guy?” Rockman asked.

“Yeah. This creep is a failed experiment. They tried to fuse FM-ians with Denpa Viruses. The only subject mutated and turned into a hyperintelligent Denpa Virus. The exact one you see before you.”

The Denpa Virus snickered. “You’ve done your homework, War-Rock."
War-Rock replied: “Why are you doing this, Welneth? There’s peace between Earth and FM. You have no reason to attack us!”

Welneth shook his head. “War-Rock, War-Rock. We are separate from Planet FM. We are the only collection of viruses that has numbers higher than ten. To be exact, my tribe, as I like to call it, hold 23872 viruses. Those are a lot of mouths to feed, War-Rock. Believe it or not, Denpa viruses need to eat too.”
“What do they eat?” Rockman wondered.

Welneth replied: “Radio waves. That’s why Denpa viruses always get stuff to malfunction. They eat the radio waves that try to enter and exit the object they’re near. Without radio waves, the device won’t know what to do, and then they malfunction. Easy as that.”

Rockman stared at him for a few seconds. “So that’s why. You know, that’s pretty interesting to know.
Welneth laughed. “Good to hear you were interested! But it’s a pity that you will die now.” Welneth pointed towards Megaman: “Attack, my children!”

Rockman started firing away on the flow of endless Denpa viruses that started attacking him. Fortunately, the viruses weren’t that strong, but there were just too much. He tried everything, from Cannon-battle cards to swords, Gatling guns, everything. He managed to keep the viruses away for the time being, but he knew that, in the end, he would either have to run from the viruses, or face defeat and death.

Then he came.

Out of nowhere, Rockman could hear someone scream: “ENERGY BOMB!” Before he knew, a large part of the viruses that were heading right towards him were faded away, just like that. There were more viruses left, but Rockman was surprised by the moment.

“War-Rock, what just happened?”
“I don’t know, but according to my readings, the source of that attack is nearing at a large speed! Be on guard!”

A beige-ish figure appeared in front of Rockman. His right hand was a sword, his left hand a shield. He started jumping towards the viruses, slashing them down, one after another.
“War-Rock, I don’t thing he’s our enemy. For now, let’s just help him out with these viruses.” Rockman said.

They started fighting, but it didn’t make much of a difference to the mysterious warrior. Soon, he shouted:

“Form change! Sniper Form!”

The sword in the mysteryman’s right hand transformed into a Gatling gun, and soon, he was shooting down viruses left and right.

War-Rock mentioned: “He doesn’t seem to need help, really.”
Rockman replied: “Then we go after Welneth!”

Rockman looked around, and saw Welneth, still standing at the exact same spot they found him, completely relaxed. Wasn’t this guy able to show emotions or something? But there wasn’t any time for that now. Rockman ran towards him, got a sword card out and jumped to get a finishing jump-slash. However, Welneth jumped right out of reach, and then made his personal weapon appear: an oversized pickaxe.

However, right at that moment, a Metenna virus dropped right next to him, and he saw that his ‘children’ would all be deleted if he didn’t retreat fast.

“We’ll meet again, Rockman.”

And with that, he disappeared, along with all the viruses, including the gigantic wave headed towards Earth. Rockman smiled. It was over for now.

Then, the mystery warrior ran towards Rockman. On the way, he changed his ‘Form’, as he called it, to carry no weapons at all, and just have hands. He stopped when he wasn’t that far away from Rockman, saluted him, said the words “Greetings, Mr. Subaru.”, and disappeared.

Rockman knew the identity of the mystery warrior.
It was Alec Newell.

End of Chapter

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